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Note: this video showed a salesman pretending not to understand a Spanish speaking customer. It was removed after someone sent the dealer principal the link to TTAC. His mea culpa comment is below.

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23 Comments on “Welcome To The Dealership Experience...”

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    Rich Little, Business Manager at Frank Myers Auto Maxx has grown far too familiar with his customers and should be fired. Then we’d all laugh.

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    They didn’t “Press 2 for Spanish….”

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    THERE is a reason to cancel a franchise.

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    Domestic Hearse

    I don’t care what one’s view is on immigration, every human being, especially one that happens to be your customer, deserves dignity and respect. Shameful. I hope the guy who owns this dealership visits TTAC or YouTube, sees his salesman in action, and responds with some karmic justice.

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    The Anam Cara

    I think that douche should be 86’d.

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    Samuel L. Bronkowitz

    So someone just happened to be recording a video when this person called in?

    Whatever the explanation, it begins with the phrase “these salespeople were so damn bored they were videotaping themselves at work…”

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    This guy must work for Microshaft, looks & act like Steve Balmer. Even lazier is that he didn’t check for her if the plates were in.

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    1st time someone’s ever asked about their license plates? Guess the car salesman stereotype is justified.

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    What a fat assed jackoff who needs his backside handed to him.
    Don’t worry lady, you’ll get the last laugh cause that great big fat f*ck should be keeling over from a massive coronary at any moment.

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    Tip of the iceberg…

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    I am anything but surprised.

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    Not surprising given the emotional intelligence of the average car salesidiot. What do you do when you’re not intelligent enough to work in fast food? Sales.

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    After reading the notes about the video on the youtube I’m still baffled as to why this was created, or why they thought it was a good idea to post. Are they really that stupid? Who is this intended to appeal to? Are they trying to go for the redneck xenophobe demographic that would get a laugh out of this?

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    I am the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx and I appreciate the person that brought this sick and pathetic video to my attention. Yes, it was made at my dealership but I can assure you that this type of behavior is NOT tolerated when it is known about. It is unfortunate that the “good guys” in the industry are not spotlighted more and this is the type of news that makes the headlines. I have called and personally apologized to the customer for this fiasco, I have had it removed from Youtube, and the people involved are being dealt with according to our strict company policy. In addition, all employees will be attending a mandatory sensitivity class. Once again, I owe anyone that had to sit through this embarrasing video an apology from the bottom of my heart and “thank you” for bringing it to my attention.

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    I don’t get it. He doesn’t speak Spanish and he didn’t understand what she was asking. He didn’t insult her. He stayed on the line and figured out what is was she was trying to do.

    So… what was the bad part. Please explain.

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    Frank Myers, you’re a stand up and take responsibility type of person for logging on to reply to this video.

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    frankmyersauto :

    Thank you for standing up and dealing with this Frank.

    yankinwaoz :

    I don’t speak Spanish either, but she was very clearly asking about her plates right from the start… in English! He displayed willful ignorance and overall poor customer service skills. Then to go and post the video and potentially embarrass the customer in question (along with proving stereotypes about car dealers) was a poor decision as well. Frank did right in getting the video pulled.

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    “mandatory sensitivity class”


    I hate that phrase.

    It rankles me.

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    The video has been removed by the user.

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    obbop…not that it matters, but I also dislike the phrase “sensitivity class”. However, that’s not what I named it. That’s the official name for it at the community college.

    Bancho & OldandSlow: Thank you for the words of encouragement. This event has rattled the dealership and I WILL do everything in my control to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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    Sounds like maybe you’re a stand up guy. I wish more dealers would do the right thing, and maybe people would like to shop to buy a car. My closest Ford dealer has done some incredibly stupid things, and the owner lives a few doors away from me. Boggles my mind what he does to a neighbor and acquaintance, can’t imagine how he treats someone he doesn’t know. He hired his idiot BIL to be his service manager, who was extremely condescending to my wife… over their mistake. Funny thing, I’ve bought two new cars since then, neither from his dealership.

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    Rick Korallus

    Good for you Frank! In Illinois, if you fire a Salesperson for repeatedly abusing customers, the salesperson can still collect unemployment bennies because their actions weren’t “willful or deliberate”. Apprx. 50 pages of documentation to substantiate the abuse and unprofessionalism wasn’t enough according to the Judge from the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

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    Fire that lard assed piece of trash who thought he was cute. Better yet, send him to me. I’ll send him back 200lbs lighter, or dead. I really don’t give a damn which it is when it comes to smart ass f&I punks. They’re a dime a dozen.

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