By on April 30, 2009

A member of our Best and Brightest found this 107-mile Pontiac G8 for $26,664. I called and verified the vehicle and price, although these things should always be verified in person. Has anyone else seen low price G8s? And how low will they go?

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39 Comments on “Pontiac G8 GT Prices Cratering?...”

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    Let’s hope so. I’m currently in the market for one!

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    Steven Lang

    Ebay completed listings…

    Here’s one that sold for about $700 less.

    The prices are good… they will get far better…

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    Is that a GXP???

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    G8 prices might get really good soon. Unlike a Saturn dealer, or a dealer of any Chrysler products, Pontiac/Buick/GMC dealers actually have a possible future with the Buick/GMC part.

    A Saturn or Chrysler dealer would probably rather hold onto all his cars until he goes bankrupt instead of selling the cars at a loss that doesn’t cover his floor plan financing loan on that car, while a Pontiac/Buick/GMC dealer is probably still hoping not to go bankrupt, and will take the loss to get rid of the Pontiac inventory before it becomes even more worthless.

    At least that’s my theory since yesterday when I was looking at Challengers and Hybrid Vues (my girlfriend) the prices sucked, but the prices on G8s were really good.

    Also, there are still ’08s.

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    I wonder how long it will take for this to trickle down to the late model used G8’s?

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    superbadd75 This GXP sold on ebay for $4000 under sticker, some dealer in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. $37,988

    It’s a completed listing so you will probably have ot sign in to ebay.

    Our dealer down the block isn’t that bright they tend to over charge no matter how low the real market is.

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    Check out Ebay item#: 350190975104

    09 G8 GT that sold for $25,943 with 67 miles on it. No sunroof, but it had leather.

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    Bubba Gump

    My buddy bought one two days ago for 24,500 out the door. V6 mid level. You can’t beat it for the money and theres a good chance I hear that the G8 will live on as a chevrolet cop car package. Thats what I paid for my Cobalt SS Turbo last year.

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    I have to admit, but this may become quite tempting. The hood scoops and OnStar are turnoffs, but the debadging would be easy.

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    Dead cost (freight in) on a base GT in Canada is $28.500 CDN (Cash Purchase) which is about $23.500 USD…

    Any dealer who has one will gladly let it go for about $500.00 over cost as he probably has had the car for over 6 months in inventory

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    GTs are selling at $29K CAD right now and there’s room to negotiate lower. It has been this way for months.

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    Damn I wish I were in the market!! The G8 is such an awesome car, sucks that GM’s killing it instead of making a Chevy out of it. Oh well, maybe a used one in a few years when the values really tank.

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    A friend of mine got quoted 28k OTD for a G8 GXP over the phone…a little over 10k off.

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    John R

    Man, if low mile late model G8 GTs start to go for under $20k next year I may be kicking myself. I really wish I was in the market too.

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    My Uncle attempted to purchase one Sunday. The salesman even broke out the 4 squares….

    It ended up (with 3000 off) $1K more than the cars sticker price.

    I have never seen a salesman attempt a scam that hard. It was obvious the salesman was even confused. Oh well I guess. My Uncle went next door and bought an Accord.

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    I have to admit, but this may become quite tempting. The hood scoops and OnStar are turnoffs, but the debadging would be easy.

    I looked into this: you can buy Commodore hoods, albeit at a bit of a premium, and it gets rid of the damn scoops. The cheap option is to buy a black car**, on which they’re not visible.

    I’ve seen V6s for $24,000 Canadian before bargaining. That’s unreal for something that’s reasonably nice inside and can discomfit a 528i.

    ** I dislike black as an exterior colour. It scratches, looks dirty quickly and sucks up heat if not polished to a shine. But I dislike hood scoops even more.

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    Keep waiting, they’ll go lower. I got my ’09 G8 GT (sport, premium, sunroof), 12 miles, for $26,164 + TTL including $395 for Motorola IHF1000 bluetooth kit installed back in February. So, $25,769 without the Bluetooth. I was offered a manual GXP for $34,550. If the GXP price above is right, that is a steal. I would’ve considered one for that price. It’s not worth $8K over the GT I got, imo.

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    I feel sorry for the inviduals that just bought a Pontiac before the announcement and/or are selling one now…I remember the beating Oldsmobile values took when GM announced they were closing.

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    Dave M.

    I dislike black as an exterior colour. It scratches, looks dirty quickly and sucks up heat if not polished to a shine.

    Agreed. But I got a black car last year (limited selection) and damn does it look fine. When clean.

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    bumpy ii

    You can buy every part you need (sheet metal, badges, interior trim) to convert a G8 back to a Holden Commodore or a Chevy Lumina.

    Or buy the Lumina nose and add some Impala SS badges found in a dumpster behind a closed Chevy dealer.

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    The last time I wandered by the local Pontiac dealer (a couple weeks ago), they mentioned that just about all the available inventory of G8s in Canada had just been bought up by Hertz. That included the G8 GTs.

    If even GTs are going to the fleets, then yeah, prices should crater nicely.

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    The dealer around the corner has the V6 models with $19000 red tags. The V8s at $24000. No GXPs on the lot.

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    I’d love something like a GXP or SRT, but I also want AWD.

    Any late vintage modern muscle cars with an AWD option come to mind? Preferably something that is about to be “misfitted”?

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    There’s a good thread at the G8 forum that chronicles the prices people report having paid (or been quoted) on G8’s.

    It seems that some dealers seem more than willing to, when confronted with possible suckers in their showroom, keep up the lie that these cars are still valuable, rare and hard to get.

    The flip side appears to also be true, that there have been many, many $8,000 off sticker deals made over the last six weeks, so expect even lower in the coming months.

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    The flip side appears to also be true, that there have been many, many $8,000 off sticker deals made over the last six weeks, so expect even lower in the coming months.

    I would consider the possibility that Wunsch’s point above applies to the future of all Pontiac models — they may get swallowed by massive fleet purchases in fairly short order.

    The task force will want to get as much operating cash as possible. Inventory is an obvious way to get it. Since the losses are a sunk cost that belong to the “old” GM, they may as well just take the money, because those losses aren’t their own.

    All that might impact the G3/ G5/ G6 cars more than the G8, though. I would think that the G8’s would have to be cheaper than Impalas for them to have too much fleet appeal.

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    @ Zammy

    The Dodge Magnum came in AWD with the RT package. The SRT8 would be cooler, but no AWD.

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    I wish for all the world this car was smaller. I’ve been tempted by it since inception, but I just can’t justify a 196″ vehicle as a single driver. Even my 190″ Malibu is a bit cumbersome to park, and this Pontiac extends almost half a foot more in all directions.

    And I wish the GT had a stick. Impressive as the GXP is, for that money, a mildly used 335i is more interesting.

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    Not a lot of manual transmissions in the U.S. rental fleet.

    I’d consider a GXP at an S. Lang approved price so long as it came with a Gov’t backed warranty and/or a third party service contract.

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    I’d like to pose a question to anyone who cares to ponder, any concern about the long-term viability of the G8 after Pontiac goes away, i.e. parts?

    If it were a true Pontiac, I wouldn’t be concerned but being from the land down under I wonder about body, trim and interior parts availability, especially if there are no more Holden rebadges coming to the U.S.

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    If a new GXP hits that price, I would have a hard time resisting.

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    I wonder about body, trim and interior parts availability

    Actually I’ve been musing about that too, but I think that the Holden connection will actually be a plus in the time of the internet. Most parts will be available.

    Still, you might want to pick up examples of some of the more vulnerable GTO-unique small trim pieces at the parts department if you plan to keep your car. If nothing else, if there IS a shortage later, you’ll be able to cash in from owners on eBay. Put them in a safety deposit box somewhere.

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    Along the lines of rpol35’s question does any one know how many parts are sharded with the new Camaro. I know the engines in both cars are different(aren’t both v8’s made in the same place in Mexico) and the bodys are completely different but what about other hidden parts, suspension, brakes, etc. They are both Zeta’s the Camaro being a slightly modified platform.

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    Is anybody seeing the same price cratering effect for Solstices? I don’t need or desire a G8, but my commute (now) lends itself nicely to a little convertible. I’ve driven a few used, and actually kinda like the little bugger…what are you guys seeing in terms of sale prices for these (if anything)?

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    No, that is not a GXP. It is a G8 GT GM “program” car purchased from a GM sponsored dealer only auction. That is not a factory delivered dealer stock unit. Most likely a product evaluation car.

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    When I was in the market for a car last year, the G8 was on my initial consideration list, but when I found out that the hood scoops were fake, I did not even test one [and in fact, the one Pontiac dealer I contacted was not even interested in getting me to take a test drive].

    I never thought about retrofitting Holden parts, which is truly brilliant — but I noticed when I followed the link that bumpy ii posted that there is also a variant with front grille scoops. I wonder if those are functional? It sure looks like it, but I would be interested to know for sure.

    The combination of this retrofit with a cheap GXP would be a real winner in my book, except for the awkward fact that I already have a new car that I love beyond all reason, and will be servicing the debt for that love for the next few years!

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    Who would want even a world-class orphan.

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    There is a manual version availible for the Commdore/G8 in Australia/New Zealand but numbers run about 98% in favour of the auto also its not very good.

    My stepfather runs a parts dept at a Holden dealership in NZ. If anyone was interested in prices for anything, I could check.

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    law stud

    On beay I saw a new one for 24,9xx about 2 months ago.

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    Did any of you folks take note of the similarity between the interior of the G8 and the Volkswagen Phaeton?

    Specifically, the center screen and related buttons, the little screen between the instruments, the interior door handles, and passenger side dash. Oh yeah, the sunroof dial is a tracing paper sloppy-copy if I ever saw one. The most significant difference I see is the placement of the window switches (that’s an improvement). Oh yeah, the Pontiac’s cup holders look like they may actually hold something smaller than a ale stein.

    It would seem that GM has a Phaeton in its design studio for inspiration. And they’re really getting their money’s worth out of it…..

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