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Not as scarce as you'd thinkDid you miss out on the chance to reserve a Challenger SRT-8 during the pre-production feeding frenzy? Don't worry– they're still available. It turns out the "sold out" production run wasn't. While many of the first 6.4k built were pre-sold, "a quarter of the cars were set aside for dealer orders." The Detroit News reports they're available at some dealers; in fact, one Michigan dealer has nineteen of them for sale. Jim Simpson, sales manager at Dick Huvaere's Richmond Chrysler Jeep Dodge, said "I wish I had 50 of them." So far he's sold one; he currently has two on the lot with 17 more expected later this month. A quick scan of inventory at Dodge dealers in the metro Atlanta area turned up five on dealer lots. So if you're interested, you might be able to find one in your area too. Or you can wait a few months until dealers have milked the "market price adjustment" and they're willing to talk turkey (so to speak) to get them off their lots.

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16 Comments on “No Challenge Finding Challengers...”

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    I remember when PT Cruisers were going for 2k,3k above sticker… I believe the end of the second year, they were 2k,3k off sticker. Nowadays…
    Just curious about the value when they go to trade them in on Camaros. This should be a decent indicator of how much Camaro prices will be above sticker initially.

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    Personally, I’d put one in the garage and just occasionally drive it. If only I had the garage space (and an understanding wife)… as it’s probably going to be one of the last great muscle cars.

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    There are hundreds of Chargers sitting in a parking lot in Windsor. Of course they are dwarfed by the thousands of minivans next to them.

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    Alex Rodriguez

    I pulled up to my local Blockbuster last night and there was orange SRT-8 just like the one above. I of course pulled right next to it.

    All I can say is HOLY CRAP! The pictures do not do it justice and the car already looks great in pictures. The proportions are breathtaking. I walked around the car, simply amazing. I looked inside, and the interior was definitely an upgrade from the Charger/300C, it was visibly more supple and detailed. Maybe still not what people expect for a 40K car, but definitely an upgrade from the previous gen LX.

    I waited to see who was driving the thing, and out comes some short chubby oriental-American dude and 2 little girls. :-)

    The engine sound was different than I expected. I was expecting the more traditional V-8 burble, but it was very refined, almost muted. He gunned it leaving the parking lot and the sound was pure sweetness.

    Amazing car.

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    Seth L

    Vehix tells me there’s five challengers available in all of Portland and Seattle. Two are listed at over $70,000.

    I’m at a loss for words…

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    Ironic, isn’t it, that muscle car production will get axed for the second time, for exactly the same reason?

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    The Challengers are all sitting there waiting to have the graphics installed. They do that in Windsor at a little shop. Once that bottleneck is overcome there will be lots of supply.

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    Good for those of us who want one. Except I’d like a manual and no mark-up so I’ll be waiting.

    All of them here in my area sold so far and they aren’t getting any more in I can look at in person for awhile.

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    Daft Punk

    Alex Rodriguez Says:
    I waited to see who was driving the thing, and out comes some short chubby oriental-American dude and 2 little girls. :-)

    Oriental is a rug. Asian is a person.

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    So is the Orient some kind of big rug?

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    Alex Rodriguez

    Sorry I was going to put Chinese dude first, and then tried to think of what the politically correct word was. Looks like I wasn’t politically correct enough because the PC police is out in force. Asian-American.

    Anyhoo, back to the car….

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    The dealers ordered these without a pre-order from a customer (so it still gets recorded as the entire run has been sold) because they want to offer them to whomever is willing to pay the “market adjustment” markup over MSRP. If the dealers hadn’t ordered them without a customer pre filling an order first I still think they would have sold out. Most of them will sell even with the markup. There is a dealer who got 8 of them and sold them in 3 days. I don’t want this one. I want the 2009 with 6 spd manual at the more “reasonable” price. Woo hoo!

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    Asian-American…How do we know the guy was an American citizen. I think Asian would suffice. Just sayin’
    OK, to the car.
    The casino that I’m assigned to has an SRT in the lobby. The thing is no joke. The interior is leaps and bounds beyond the current Mustang.

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    Jeff in Canada

    While driving East on the 401 Hwy (near Brampton, where these are built) last Friday, I easily saw at least 5 fully loaded Car Carrier trailers full of Challenger goodness! It was a great sight.

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    Deja vu man… it is like 1974 ALL OVER AGAIN!


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    I think it’s more like 1970, 2009 or 2010 will be like 1973-74.

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