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bmw-6-h.jpgWhen the E63 platformed 645i first debuted I personally had high hopes. Like all car guys, I irrationally loved the 633CSi. In my mind's eye, I pictured a lean, mean touring machine. Instead BMW dished out an average-powered porkapotamus with very questionable looks, awkward handling and far too many electrical gizmos and doodads. And guess what? They've sold over 80,000 of them and the E64 convertible. Not wanting to mess with (relative) success, Motor Authority is reporting that the next generation 6-Series will have it's shark-suit looks toned down. While the face will look more like the CS Concept, much of the Bangle will be brushed out. They also claim that the new 6 will be longer and lower than the current car. Expect an 8-speed tranny with (of course) paddle shifters and the usual litany of iDrive-themed overkill. One last thing — the next M6 should get a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V10. Insert Tim Allen-like snorting here.

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4 Comments on “Motor Authority Speculates on the 2011 BMW 6-Series...”

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    I still miss my beloved `83 633CSi E24. I’d venture to say it was my favorite car I’ve owned.

    The E63/64 just makes me go “errrgh” though. Car bloat at its finest (worst?). Only the M6 is remotely droolworthy!

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    Theres a guy that lives around me that has an all black late model 635csi turbo. It is so freaking awesome.

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    The old E24 was never particularly lean, but it had an adroit combination of posh and mean. The E63 looks expensive, which is probably why it sells well, but it doesn’t look good. Totally lacks any intrinsic desirability, even compared to the strange Z8 roadster. Maybe by the time I have the money to afford one, they’ll have fired Chris Bangle and worked something out.

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    “The E63 looks expensive, which is probably why it sells well, but it doesn’t look good.”

    Can I steal this line sometime? It’s quite an astute analysis. Same thing could be said about the 7. It is impressive, imposing, looks expensive, yet is somehow not that attractive.

    Looks like BMW is keeping this imposing, expensive look, while actualy incorporating some style in their next gen vehicles.

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