TTAC Video of the Week: This Dealer Will Fight for You

When I worked as a service writer, an upset customer threatened to kick my ass right then and there in the service drive. If I recall correctly, he was upset because there was a language barrier and the price for the service came in higher than he'd expected.

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Video of the Week: John Force's Wild Ride

I missed this craziness during last week's NYC madness, but famed drag racer John Force had himself a not-so-fun ride last week.

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Video of the Week: When Tires Attack

It all started with a video I saw over the weekend in which a Kia Soul gets launched into outer space (not literally, don't @ me) by a surprise attack from a tire that decided it was ready to roam free.

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TTAC Video of the Week: Holy IndyCar Crashes, Batman!

As I've stated on these pages before, I am a semi-casual racing fan. Meaning I watch NASCAR and IndyCar and F1 and IMSA here and there, I know most of the big-name drivers, and I understand the basic rules and such for each series, but I don't watch every race or know every driver. I do tend to watch more races this time of year since baseball hasn't yet revved up (oddly matched pun fully intended).

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Video of the Week: Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer

The IndyCar season starts this weekend in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Honda is previewing the hybrid tech we'll see in the series in 2024 with a CR-V-based race vehicle.

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TTAC Video of the Week: Don't Go Showing Off

We all know that when you try to show off, you often end up in a ditch.

It's a lesson many of us learn as kids -- we try to do a trick on our bikes or take a turn too fast, and we get a dose of humble pie. Yet, we don't fully learn, because we get our driver's license and do the same dumb stuff while driving a car.

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TTAC Video of the Week: Hapless Shop Employee Does Three Stooges Routine

In the span of less than a minute, a repair-shop employee managed to injure the foot of a customer/coworker and then injured the poor guy again.

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Video of the Week: Rodney Dangerfield's Guide to Auto Repair

Reading about yet another yahoo automotive technician destroying a sports car on a joyride today, I was reminded of this classic.

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Video Time: Where One Can Peek Into the Car Ads of the 1990s

I’ve always enjoyed the healthy dose of nostalgia which accompanies old advertisements. This is doubly so when any of them are car-related. The style, the jingles, pricing, long-dead nameplates – it’s all there. And through an accidental YouTube discovery, hundreds are in a single location.

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  • SilverCoupe I am generally a fan of Hyundai/Kia styling, but those wheels make it look like one would be driving on octagons that would go clunk, clunk, clunk as one drove.
  • Lorenzo Electric motors provide instant torque, that's why locomotives use diesel-electric power plants, for maximum efficiency. Save the natural gas for cooking, and build EV's with locomotive power!
  • SilverCoupe As I see more of these on the roads, I am starting to warm up to them, though yeah, they should just have been called the "Mach-e" (not to be confused with the Mercury "Marquis.")
  • SilverCoupe For better or worse, younger folk do not have an internalized understanding of history. My father's generation, who fought in WWII, would not by Japanese cars, but he did not try to stop me from buying a German car for my first vehicle purchase.
  • FreedMike If you want an EV, buy one. If you don't, don't buy one. Y'all have fun on this thread. Peace, out.