Chevy unveils 2025 Equinox

These days, given customer preferences and the current state of our car market in this country, the announcement of a new Equinox is as important to GM’s bottom line as was rolling out a new Impala back in the day.

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Lexus Stuffs GR Engine Up the Nose of a Small Crossover

You know what’s great about gearheads being at the helm of a car company instead of dour bedwetting accountants? Entertaining product tends to crop up, that’s what. And while the machine shown here is not intended for the North American market, we think there could be a case for it on this side of the pond.

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Toyota Rolls Out Crown Signia

Making good on its promise to show an SUV variant of its new Crown sedan, Toyota introduced the Crown Signia yesterday at an event in Los Angeles.

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Honda Posts Pricing for Passport

Sitting as Honda’s entrant into the brutally competitive midsize two-row crossover game, the Passport walks a decent line between the smaller CR-V and three-row Pilot. For 2024, its prices creep slightly northward – except for one trim which will force customers to open their wallets just a little bit further.

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Toyota Teases Yet Another Crossover

It seems Toyota is bent on covering every single niche in the crossover segment, currently slinging vehicles ranging from the pert Corolla Cross to the jumbo Grand Highlander. Now, another bundle of joy is on the way – but they’re not telling us its name.

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Nissan Updates Rogue, Adds Tech and Tweaks Styling

As the calendar flips to 2024, Nissan is throwing some revisions at its bread-and-butter crossover. Appearance, in-car tech, and cabin materials are all getting a critical eye.

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Mercedes-AMG Unveils New GLC Coupe

Yes, we know – news of a crossover with ‘coupe-like’ styling isn’t likely to raise the pulse of many commenters, especially one painted approximately the same color as the pavement on which it is driven. The new GLC Coupe may be a stern German shown in a dour shade of paint, but its 671 horsepower and 752 lb-ft of torque make it anything but boring.

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Nissan Prices Murano for 2024, Drops Base Trim

As the calendar flips into 2024, Nissan is staying the course with just a few tweaks to its midsize Murano crossover, a machine that has been on sale largely unchanged for about the last 10 years.

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2024 Toyota C-HR Debuts Elsewhere: Does Our Market Care?

Toyota has released the second generation of the C-HR subcompact crossover and looks to have made numerous improvements to the vehicle. But it doesn’t sound like we’ll be seeing it on our market after the original model failed to resonate with North American consumers.

We also have the Toyota Corolla Cross available for purchase, resulting in some troublesome overlap. While still extremely slow in its base configuration, the Cross ended up being significantly quicker than the C-HR and offered improved utility for a little less money. However, with the new generation having addressed some of the discontinued model’s shortcomings, one wonders if the new C-HR would have a better chance were it to be shipped stateside.

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Kia Refreshes Seltos for 2024 – We Think

Like those occasions when yer Significant Other changes their hairstyle and ya don’t notice, Kia has applied the slightest of visual changes to its little Seltos. On tap is an expansion of the X-Line, first seen on other models, and a few more horses – plus a pricing update.

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IIHS Grouses About Passenger Safety in Rear Seats

The crash test dummies at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have been doing great work in ratcheting up the difficulty of their impact examinations, often requiring automakers to return to their drawing boards in search of the elusive Top Safety Pick+ designation. Now, the group is increasingly casting an eye toward how backseat passengers fare in a wreck.

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Hyundai Shows New Kona

Just when you thought it was impossible for Hyundai illumination to get any thinner, along comes the new Kona. Unveiled today in Korea, this subcompact crossover will seek to build upon the successes of its predecessor – a model which sold over 90,000 units in America even during the topsy-turvy 2021 calendar year. 

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Make Trax: Chevy Revamps Its Little Crossover

Now that the Spark hatchback has shuffled off this mortal coil, the Trax serves as Chevy’s lowest-priced vehicle. For 2024, the bowtie brand is giving it an overhaul by binning its awkward appearance and overhauling the drivetrain. Will better looks and lower price but less power and half the driven wheels prove a winning formula?

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The New RX: A Prescription for Lexus Crossovers

Those of you with checkered shirts in yer closet and a few pogs still kicking around may recall it was the original Lexus RX from the late ‘90s which arguably kicked off the “tall wagon” car-based luxury crossover craze. Sure, the first Ford Explorer put us all on a path to what we see in suburban driveways today, but it was the RX which placed them in the hands of moneyed types.

Lexus introduced a new RX yesterday near its home base in Texas, expanding the number of powertrains and (finally) dumping the ill-advised three-row model. And, oh yeah – we need to have a conversation about that grille.

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Mercedes Teases New GLC

Automakers remain enamored with slowly teasing new and upcoming products, choosing to release dribs and drabs of information rather than smacking us in the face with all the details at once. Cynics in our audience will (rightly) point out it gives us a news story to run. Congratulations, Sherlock – you’re totally onto us.

Next up is a shadowy image of the next GLC crossover from Mercedes-Benz. That’s the bite-sized machine that serves as a gateway drug introductory model for many customers to the three-pointed star lifestyle in an endless quest to one-up the neighbors.

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  • RobbyG $100k+...for a Jeep. Are they selling these in fantasy land?Twin turbo inline 6 paired to an 8-speed transmission. Yet still only gets 14mpg.Whatever money you think you would save over a V-8 will be spent 2-3x amount fixing these things when they blow up.
  • Alan Well the manufacturers are catching up with stocks. This means shortages of parts is reducing. Stocks are building around the world even Australia and last year had the most vehicles ever sold here.
  • Larry You neglected to mention that the 2024 Atlas has a US Government 5-Star Safety Rating.
  • Alan Why is it that Toyota and Nissan beat their large SUVs (Patrol/300 Series) with an ugly stick and say they are upmarket? Whilst they are beating the vehicles with an ugly stick they reduce the off road ability rather than improve it.As I've stated in previous comments you are far better off waiting for the Patrol to arrive than buy an overpriced vehicle.
  • Alan How many people do you see with a 4x4 running mud tyres? How many people do you see with a 4x4 running massive rims and low profile tyres? How many people have oversize mirrors for towing once in a blue moon? How many 4x4s do you see lifted? How many people care what tyres they run to save fuel? The most comfortable tyres are more or less the most economical.