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Automakers remain enamored with slowly teasing new and upcoming products, choosing to release dribs and drabs of information rather than smacking us in the face with all the details at once. Cynics in our audience will (rightly) point out it gives us a news story to run. Congratulations, Sherlock – you’re totally onto us.

Next up is a shadowy image of the next GLC crossover from Mercedes-Benz. That’s the bite-sized machine that serves as a gateway drug introductory model for many customers to the three-pointed star lifestyle in an endless quest to one-up the neighbors.

Adding a dose of aggressive illumination to the original teaser photo helps reveal some details, such as a typical two-box crossover shape and a set of angry new slashes in the jowls of the new GLC’s rear bumper cover. Its taillights are notably slimmer than the current model, though the DLO (Sajeev would be proud of us using that word) remains virtually identical to what’s on sale today, especially as contained in the rear side door.

We will note there is no fuel door on the left flank of a present-day GLC, suggesting the model shown in this teaser has either switched sides for that portal (unlikely) or gained a door for charging the Mercedes gubbins of a plug-in hybrid system (very likely). Right now, Americans can select from a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-banger or a twin-turbo V6 bearing an AMG badge. The latter mill is good for nearly 400 horsepower.

Another detail in the bumf is a note that the next GLC will have “standard-fit 4MATIC all-wheel drive”. While that turn of phrase is suspiciously Yurpean, it comes from the American media page and suggests the front-drive GLC is headed for the bin. That model is currently on offer for $43,580 with all-wheel drive costing an extra two grand. Of course, if the engineers at Merc decide to append an extra electric motor in there somewhere, the mandatory presence of all-wheel drive will be easily explained.

The company will unveil its new GLC on June 1st at 11:00 am Eastern on its variety of (where else?) social media properties.

[Images: Mercedes-Benz]

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13 Comments on “Mercedes Teases New GLC...”

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    Quoth my sister, the doctor, “If it’s smaller and cheaper than a C-class, it’s not a real Mercedes.”

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    SCE to AUX

    I’m ashamed to say how long I thought “4MATIC” meant it had a 4-speed automatic transmission.

    I think my confusion stemmed from the (maybe) fact that the term was introduced at the same time as MB was using 4-spd automatics. Many years on, I realized that either MB was way behind in transmission tech, or else 4MATIC meant something else.

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    Is it just me that thinks of the wonderful Mazda GLC from the late seventies whenever I see one of those MB GLCs. Perhaps they should have used some different letters.

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    Matthew, there are NO front wheel drive GLCs. They are all RWD or “4matic”. I got mine in 2019, and considering the list of “basic equipment” compared to other small SUVs, it was worthwhile to me. Nowadays, the upscale trims of CR-V, RAV4, Tucson, etc. are ringing in close to $40K. If people say “its not a real Mercedes”, well, its not a KIA either…

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    The good:

    We leased a GLC. The ride was REALLY good as was the interior and that Burmester stereo was outstanding. Very good fuel economy and I liked not lugging around awd when we don’t need it.

    The bad:

    The front seats were not comfortable after a 45 minute drive. Driver and passenger seats needed help for support and adjustments. Merc needs to work on their 4 cyl engine note. It sounds like a tractor. Our CX9’s 4 cyl sounds better.

    I get why these are so popular. If you can get a lease deal (lease deal in 2022, lol), these are very nice drivers.

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    Forget how it drives and how it looks and so on. There seem to be only two things these future leasers care about:

    Does the front badge light up?

    Does the screen cover the entire width of the dash?

    Because we all know what’s important these days.

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    This site is declining. Matthew Guy, the author here, seems to be thinking that he’s writing about the GLA subcompact crossover and not the GLC. The GLC has never been front wheel drive and certainly isn’t “bite sized” unless you consider the similarly sized BMW X3 and Audi Q5 to be the same. A little bit of research goes a long way but then again this site never seems live up to its potential.

    • 0 avatar

      Yes, Mr Guy likes a snappy turn of phrase, but as I’ve pointed out several times recently, his auomotive knowledge approximates to zero. And Mr Healey protests that there’s too much to remember. Add those two winners to Mr Posky, the world’s leading opinionator on everything, and the truth ain’t what you get here these days.

      Hilarious! Dope City. Amazing what jobs you can hold down these days without having a clue what you’re nattering on about. I pop in everyday to see if they can surprise me AFTER I’ve read C/D news. Not much hope of that, and can’t say I’ve ever been surprised.

      On the other hand, I now know more about obscure cars of the past than I did before, not that it’s what you could call definitive treatments, more of the Boys Car Spotter and Guide book variety that used to be popular before the Internet. Semi-wobbly facts that are fun to scan over a cup of coffee. At least someone tries to put out semi-decent copy. But the paid editorial staff can pretty much be summed up as dunces.

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    Cool fake vents bro

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