Europe's Top Ten Cars Euro-Trashed In April

Yesterday, we brought you the bad news about European auto sales in April. You are a gearhead, you don’t care about market share and percentiles, you care about cars! Here is how cars fared in Europe in April. Are you safely buckled-up?

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Europe In April 2012: Car Sales Down 6.9 Percent

Listening to the news from Europe, one thinks that there is chaos in the streets of Europe. Not yet. But Europeans are clearing room for chaos by buying fewer cars. 1,017,912 new passenger cars were registered in the EU, or 6.9 percent less than in the same month of 2011. Four months into the year, new registrations in the EU were 7.5 percent lower than a year earlier, the European manufacturers association ACEA reports.

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Porsche Comes To Screeching Halt In April, Guess Where?

The tempo of Porsche’s global growth slowed to 7.2 percent in April on sales of 12,588 units. This is down from the 12.6 percent gain the folks from Zuffenhausen racked up from January to April. “What do you expect, European malaise,” is the knee-jerk reaction.

The surprising malaise is elsewhere, further east, much further east.

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Chinese Car Sales Make People See Double

Some of you are probably tired of the continuous reporting on car sales in China. Executives of the world’s biggest carmakers think otherwise. Without China, their companies would be also-rans. General Motors for instance says it sells more cars in China than back home. January through April, GM reports 972,369 sales from the Middle Kingdom, versus 821,707 in America. Getting a firm hand on sales in the world’s largest car market is important, but difficult. The tear out from a table published by Reuters illustrates this vividly – to the numerically unchallenged.

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China In April 2012: So-So For The Month, Still Down For The Year

Vehicle sales in China were up a tepid 5.19 percent in April, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) reports. From January to April, overall auto sales, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles, fell 1.33 percent year-on-year to 6.42 million units. Want better news? No problem!

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Two Toyota Hybrids Top Japan's Best-Selling Car List - Full Table

For the 11th straight month in a row, Toyota’s Prius topped the list of Japan’s best-selling cars in April. Toyota’s new compact hybrid, the Aqua, known in the U.S. as the Prius c, was a close second.

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Reading The Chinese Tea Leaves: April Market Not As Strong As It May Appear

News of strong April results of key players in the world’s largest auto market China may indicate than China’s rest and recuperation period is over. SAIC’s auto sales are up 12.6 percent, says Reuters. GM reports record sales from China, up 11.7 percent for the month. Toyota told Reuters that its April sales in China were up a whopping 68 percent. Is the Middle Kingdom turning the corner to another episode of hyper growth? Let’s take a look.

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Germany In April 2012: Was, Ich Worry?

Germany defies the European downtrend of car sales. In April, Germans bought 2.9 percent more cars than in April 2011. Europe’s largest car market most likely has cushioned the fall in other EU countries again, which will be evident once ACEA numbers for the EU are published in a week or two.

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Japan In April 2012: Post Tsunami Syndrome

Sales of cars in Japan nearly doubled in April. Sales of registered vehicles rose 92 percent to 208,977 units from 108,824 a year earlier, the Japan Automobile Dealer Association reports. Sales of separately tallied mini vehicles rose 96 percent, according to data provided by the Japan Mini Vehicles Association. Consolidated, the market rose 93.7 percent. This does not include imports, which will be reported at a later date.

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Grade The Analysts: Jessica Caldwell Scores A SAAR Bulls Eye And Wins

Our analysts did a stellar job this month. The panel of 15 analysts polled by Bloomberg came very close to the final results. Our perennial winner, Jessica Caldwell of Edmunds, came even closer and takes a very well deserved top spot.

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  • FreedMike $27,000 adjusted and the heater was optional? Wow, how things have changed...
  • Zang I’m sorry but does anyone desire GMC products? Looks are subjective but across the board GMC kinda makes a case for taking home the ugly trophy. Their full size trucks look like a parody of full size trucks- like they couldn’t figure out anything original so they came up with… that. I get they’re playing for an upscale image but cmon son, with the Terrain and Acadia on the lot we all know you ended up here after the Lincoln/Cadillac/Toyota dealer encouraged you head to their pre-owned section. Combined with the zero credibility they have with the off road / overlanding crowd (you dont take the current Canyon off road unless you want a quick way to empty your engine of oil), GM’s reputation for building crappy vehicles, and the fact even their white trash customer base prefers RAM … who is this for?
  • FreedMike This car looks terrific from the front. Then we have the back end...I don't think the "very expensive halo car" approach is a bad one at all (though I'd price this a LOT lower than $300,000), but the "ugly $300,000 halo car" approach is going to fail. And I think the Lyriq - which has the same horrid rear-end treatment - is going to fail too. Is it too late to restyle this car? God, I hope not.
  • Corey Lewis This is a great idea, and I like it on the regular Bronco.Don't care about it on the Bronco Sp, where it's very fake.
  • FreedMike By the time you add in the inevitable dealer markup, you might as well find a nice old-school Bronco, like this one.