Japan In April 2012: Post Tsunami Syndrome

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
japan in april 2012 post tsunami syndrome

Sales of cars in Japan nearly doubled in April. Sales of registered vehicles rose 92 percent to 208,977 units from 108,824 a year earlier, the Japan Automobile Dealer Association reports. Sales of separately tallied mini vehicles rose 96 percent, according to data provided by the Japan Mini Vehicles Association. Consolidated, the market rose 93.7 percent. This does not include imports, which will be reported at a later date.

To put the huge jump in perspective, one has to realize that we are comparing with post-tsunami Japan. In April 2011, sales of registered vehicles had crashed by 51 percent while Japan was digging out of the rubble and battled with parts shortages. On top of this base effect, sales in Japan are helped by subsidies given to buyers of fuel efficient cars. Customers receive subsidies between Y70,000 ($875) and Y100,000 ($1,240) per new vehicle until the budget runs out.

Sales of registered vehicles, Japan, April 2012

ManufacturerApr’12Apr’11YoYYTD’12YTD’11ChangeDaihatsu18847300.0%1,04889716.8%Hino2,2141,16689.9%14,63710,91534.1%Honda30,56118,92361.5%192,537124,43954.7%Isuzu3,0101,70976.1%21,40613,03064.3%Lexus3,4561,656108.7%15,60512,16428.3%Mazda10,3066,59856.2%62,12246,51833.5%Mitsubishi2,2853,515-35.0%22,52118,25823.3%Mitsubishi Fuso2,2421,28175.0%12,0277,81653.9%Nissan26,39617,41351.6%202,870136,54748.6%Subaru5,2373,80637.6%34,43023,67745.4%Suzuki7,6354,28878.1%33,67426,85225.4%Toyota102,55035,557188.4%611,981345,95076.9%UD Trucks681291134.0%3,1682,25540.5%Other12,21612,574-2.8%75,39058,68328.5%Total208,977108,82492.0%1,303,416828,00157.4%

In the registered vehicle department, Toyota nearly tripled its sales in April. YTD, Nissan and Honda are neck-on-neck.

Sales of mini vehicles, Japan, April 2012


As far as mini vehicles go, Toyota’s kei car division Daihatsu leads YTD and in April. Honda has the biggest percentage jump.

Consolidated sales (ex imports,) Japan, April 2012

ManufacturerApr’12Apr’11YoYMS Apr’12MS Apr’11Daihatsu52,66624,465115.3%14.6%13.2%Hino2,2141,16689.9%0.6%0.6%Honda55,50827,089104.9%15.4%14.6%Isuzu3,0101,70976.1%0.8%0.9%Lexus3,4561,656108.7%1.0%0.9%Mazda13,4459,76237.7%3.7%5.3%Mitsubishi7,9148,700-9.0%2.2%4.7%Mitsubishi Fuso2,2421,28175.0%0.6%0.7%Nissan39,42124,07063.8%11.0%13.0%Subaru8,8478,7241.4%2.5%4.7%Suzuki53,80528,62388.0%15.0%15.4%Toyota104,19735,557193.0%29.0%19.2%UD Trucks681291134.0%0.2%0.2%Other12,22512,579-2.8%3.4%6.8%Total359,631185,67293.7%

Consolidated, the Toyota Motor Corporation companies lead the market by a wide margin, albeit with a little less than the mythical 50 percent market share.

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  • Mr_muttonchops Mr_muttonchops on May 02, 2012

    Too bad we didn't get THAT version of the bB/xB here. Good to see they're all making comebacks. It's gotta be rough to deal with that sort of thing: imagine if a US factory got hit by a tornado or the like.

  • Mullholland Mullholland on May 02, 2012

    Looks like Mitsubishi is toast in it's home market too.

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