International House Of Pinkies

The affliction for pink cars knows no bounds, and TTAC’s word-wide correspondents hunt them down. Here is a small selection of pinkies that arrived in our pink mailbox at North Bay, Ontario, is populated by people with eclectic tastes – for pink Hondas.

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It's Pink Sunday!

I am tickled you-know-what to see our pink mailbox at flow over with seas of pink. We have so much that we make this weekend a pink twofer, with pink oodles to spare.

I bet reader russty1 did not take that picture of Connie Kreski on a pink Shelby GT 500, ca. 1969.himself. If he did, well, time will have taken its toll on Connie and Shelby by now. Good that we have another one from the glorious days of 69.

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Open Season For Pinkies!

They say they are all pink inside. A surprising number is pink on the outside, as our weekly hunt for the crimson cars certifies, so much that our mailbox at is all pink inside…

This time, the hunt starts with a big game trophy. Reader Kevin Jaeger bagged this pink cement truck in Ottawa, Canada. “Not something you see at every construction site,” Kevin says, and we agree. There are more …

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Shoot The Pink: It's Open Season For Rosy Cars

See a pink car? Shoot it! This glorious metallic pink Hummer comes all the way from Scarborough Ontario, courtesy of Russty1, who says:

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Shoot The Pink: Hunt The Calamine Car

This picture of a pink Mini was sent from Shanghai by longterm TTAC correspondent Daveinchina.

When I saw the picture, my eyes fixated my palm, palm accelerated in the direction of my forehead and smacked it so loud that Frau Schmitto-san came running from the other room, inquiring (to the best of her Japanese abilities :) “Are you alright?”

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Shoot The Pink: Flesh Colored Nizzan

Out of my private collection: A winged pink Nissan 350Z, entering the expressway in an interesting neighborhood of Dongguan, Guangdong province, China.

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Shoot The Pink: Elise Does Dallas

Don’t mess with this Texan pinko. Writes reader Red5:

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Shoot The Pink: No Bag Limit!

Welcome to Shoot The Pink, where TTACers bag pink cars. The rules can’t be simpler:

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  • Snickel Fritz I just bought a '97 JX 4WD 4AT, and though it's not quite roadworthy yet I am already in awe of it's simplicity and apparent ruggedness. What I am equally in awe of, is the scarcity of not only parts but correct information regarding anything on this platform. I'm going to do my best to get this little donkey back on it's feet, but I wouldn't suggest this as a project vehicle for anyone who doesn't already have several... and a big impressive shop with a full suite of fabrication/machining/welding equipment, and friends with complimentary skillsets, and extra money, and... you get the idea. If you don't, I urge you to read up on the options for replacing anything on these rigs. I didn't read enough before buying, and I have zero of the above suggested prerequisites... so I'm an idiot, don't listen to me. Go buy all of 'em!
  • Bryan Raab Davis I actually did use the P of D trope, but it was only gentle chiding, for I love old British cars of every sort.
  • ScarecrowRepair The 1907 Panic had several causes of increased demand for money:[list][*]The semi-annual shift of money between farms and cities (to buy for planting and selling harvests)[/*][*]Britain and Germany borrowing for their naval arms race[/*][*]San Francisco reconstruction borrowing after the 1906 earthquake and fire[/*][/list]Two things made it worse:[list][*]Idiotic bans on branch banking, which prevented urban, rural, and other state branches from shifting funds to match demands. This same problem made the Great Depression far worse. Canada, which allowed branch banking, had no bank failures; the US had 9000 failures.[/*][*]Idiotic reserve requirements left over from the Civil War which prevented banks from loaning money; they eventually started honoring IOUs illegally and started the recovery.[/*][/list]Been a while since I read up on it, so I may have some of the details wrong. But it was an amazing clusterfart which could have been avoided or at least tamed sooner if states and the feds hadn't been so ham handed.
  • FreedMike Maybe this explains all the “Idiots wrecking exotic cars” YouTube videos.
  • FreedMike Good article! And I salute the author for not using the classic “Lucas - prince of darkness” trope, well earned as it may be. We all know the rap on BL cars, but on the flip side, they’re apparently pretty easy to work on (at least that’s the impression I’ve picked up). On the other hand, check the panel fits on the driver’s and passenger’s doors. Clearly, BL wasn’t much concerned with things like structural integrity when it chopped the roof off a car designed as a coupe.