By on April 16, 2012

Don’t mess with this Texan pinko. Writes reader Red5:

“This travesty of both the eye and Collin Chapman was seen by me parked outside a restaurant in a section of gentrified Oak Cliff in Dallas Tx. The picture doesn’t do justice to just how big those color matching wheels are.”

PS: Frau Schmitto-san, our in-house specialist for the graphic arts, calls the color “cherry pink, an American pink.”:

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8 Comments on “Shoot The Pink: Elise Does Dallas...”

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    I remember when Kreindler slammed Gawker for loading up the front pages of their blogs with meaningless photo galleries.

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    Kosher Polack

    Hey now, to be fair, galleries often have more than one picture.

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    I can stand the paint job, but those wheels are just awful. They’re probably incredibly heavy, which on a car like this is retarded

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    Colin may be more offended by the misspelling of his name.


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    Run rabbit run

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    I would drive that car.

    Assuming that the color on my monitor is representative of it in real life…

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    If this is anything close to real life, this looks like that anodized aluminum pink finish on vintage aluminum cups and such from probably the 50’s and yet, still available today.

    An interesting color to say the least, the car itself, not so much.

    At least it’s a way better color that flat finished pink 250Z up further in the posts thread for the day.

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      Haven’t seen those, but cheap mountain bike parts in this color of anodized aluminum were pretty common in the mid-nineties. One of those things that teaches you how silly fashion can be.

      Aside from the ridiculous and dysfunctional wheels, I don’t mind this car/color combo for a female driver. A serious sports car like an Elise can pull it off. She’s no poseur if she drives it competently and enjoys it.

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