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I am tickled you-know-what to see our pink mailbox at [email protected] flow over with seas of pink. We have so much that we make this weekend a pink twofer, with pink oodles to spare.

I bet reader russty1 did not take that picture of Connie Kreski on a pink Shelby GT 500, ca. 1969.himself. If he did, well, time will have taken its toll on Connie and Shelby by now. Good that we have another one from the glorious days of 69.

Here she is again. Nice NACA ducts!

For the history buffs, russty1 ritess: “Playboy gave its ’playmate of the year’ a car, and for a while they were all pink. In 1969 they gave Connie Kreski a pink Shelby GT 500.”

In formerly beautiful Destin FL, reader IsThisMyAlias (not his real name) bagged two pinkos.  “The Bronco, or perhaps, Chevy Blazer, (4X4s are not my forte) was an out of state tourist at a beach house for spring break.”

“But the Mustang is a local, I’ve seen her driving around a couple times.”

Writes pink hunter Robert Danziger from a tony neighborhood where BS used to live when he still had money: “Here’s the pink Lamborghini Espada that comes out to every single Manhasset NY Concours D’Elegance.  The lady in the picture is the owner.  She’s as nice as can be, and this is just a fantastic car in a fantastic color.  It always draws a crowd.” The lady is in the dark. Must be that General Imaging GEDSC camera that was used to capture her and the pink Espada.

TTAC’s Detroit reporter Ronnie Schreiber must be color blind, apart from being into zaftig. He calls this a “Full size Barbie with a pink Vette.” That’s RED, Ronnie. RED.

Now THAT’S pink! See, you can do it.

This utterly disgusting picture, submitted by Rick, taken at the Walmart parking lot in Columbia , Missouri,  is another example of what NOT to send when TTAC says: Hunt the pinkies! Send pictures of pink cars (cars, I say) to [email protected]. Please enclose your TTAC screen name for proper credit. If you forget it, we’ll publish your pinkies under your full name.

And may the pink be with us.

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    Felis Concolor

    I cannot find words to describe my joy at seeing that pink GT 500. It makes me long to see Ford offer a factory pink paint job for today’s top of the line Mustangs.

    That Lamborghini is also a joy to behold – and darnit, where is that pink and grey Pantera I occasionally see photographs of from time to time?

    The matching pink engine covers perfect the Corvette’s look. I’ll guess Skipper gets stuck with a pink Rav4.

    That lower photograph needs a lot of ‘shoppery; we want more car in the frame!

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    Here is the story about the pink Espada from the NY Times, a couple of years ago:

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    Something hilarious about a very phallic muscle car in pink with a woman perched on the hood…

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    “…time will have taken its toll on Connie…by now.” Unfortunately, it did. According to Wikipedia, Connie Kreski died in 1995 of a blocked carotid artery

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    Sorry for the typo. Of course I know what pink is. It’s my favorite flavor.

    I had a pic of some models standing by the pink Barbie Vette, but they didn’t have Katy’s kurves. Also, Katy wrenches her own cars. Besides I figured you’d dig her corset.

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    I wonder if anyone ever told Connie that she’d left her high beams on?

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    If you want to see LOTS of Pink Cars, take a peek at I organise an annual Pink Car Rally to raise funds for the Little Princess Trust, a charity which gives ‘real hair’ wigs to children throughout the UK, who lose their hair, primarily through cancer treatment. We have just completed a John O’Groats to Land’s End rally, which took us from the northermost point to the southernmost point of Britain. We also have a Facebook page. We LOVE our pink cars!!

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