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This picture of a pink Mini was sent from Shanghai by longterm TTAC correspondent Daveinchina.

When I saw the picture, my eyes fixated my palm, palm accelerated in the direction of my forehead and smacked it so loud that Frau Schmitto-san came running from the other room, inquiring (to the best of her Japanese abilities :) “Are you alright?”

It dawned my smarting head that many months ago, I had called a hunt for pink cars. I asked to send the take of the hunt to [email protected]. Nothing arrived, so I declared the hunt a dud.

The dud was I: I had forgotten to enter  [email protected] in my Outlook.

Today, I did. A wave of pink pics rushed into my computer. For which I send outrageously belated thanks.

Bob Fulkerson sent this fuzzy picture to [email protected]. He says it is a “Metro Kitty and Nini Powers.”

TTAC’s fashion correspondent Cameron Miquelon set this picture of a pink taxi. Where Cameron lives, they use it to transport victims of Poison Ivy.

I have many more. Eventually, they will run out – eventually. To prevent this from happening, please send pictures of pink Calamine Cars to [email protected]. I guarantee, the account is connected to my Outlook now. Please enclose your TTAC screen name for proper credit.

May the pink be with us.

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12 Comments on “Shoot The Pink: Hunt The Calamine Car...”

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    Felis Concolor

    Wow, that combination really looks good on the “Mini which isn’t.” Nice bit of additional contrast with the grey strip on the front fender.

    Keep ’em coming!

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    el scotto

    In fairness, it looks like the cab has a couple of breast cancer awareness ribbons on it. Supporting a good cause and the color makes it stand out as a commercial vehicle.

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      There is also a super-patriot wrapped cab in Louisville owned by the same company; think stars and stripes and bald eagles. I think that one’s to support the troops.

      But yes, this one I shot was wrapped for breast cancer awareness. That said, it was pink; it just had to be shot! :)

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    This column reminds me of the pink Ford Aspire Jack Baruth once sold .The comments on that piece were get out the popcorn worthy and I don’t think the guy who complained over the use of a certain word ever posted again !

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    Darn it!!

    I dont have a picture but i JUST saw a Paris Hilton wannabe cutie here at the beaches in Florida get into a pepto bismol PINK early Audi TT coupe.

    Talk about killing the resale value!!!

    I miss Mary K Caddies.

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    Both Nicki Minaj and Paris Hilton have pink Continentals. Nicki has the newer one.

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    Protolanguage (damn you iPhone autocorrect it’s Peptol) Bismol: “It coats. It soothes. It relieves.” lt’s the pink liquid that turns your poo black.

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    Reminds me of a university prof of mine who married at a latter age whose wife brought to their union a pink (or as she called it ‘cherise’) 63 Olds 88. When it finally died, he wheeled and dealed, coaxed cajoled and broke the bank to buy her a 1989 DeVille (this was 1995) in a deep burgundy with burgundy velour interior. She of course hated it-wrong color. Monday morning he lamented his predicament of an empty bank account, and now had a dead Oldsmobile and an unwanted Caddie, what to do? He asked me for advice, being the only car-guy he knew. I told him to tow the Olds down to the Orange county flea market and put a high price on it and wait for a 20 year old wanting to build a low rider to snap it up. Second I told him to call his local Mary Kay Kommando and see if any of the sisters had a pink car they wanted to unload. He made enough money to buy a Mary Kay Kaddie and then sold the first Cadillac; in the end he divested himself of two unwanted cars and was better than 5 grand ahead.

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    Custom pink with pink interior modern (C-5 or C-6) Corvette Convertible witnessed in Bowling Green, KY yesterday 08-19-12. Unfortunately it was being driving the opposite way as we were going so no pictures. Unknown whether it was local or in town to visit the Corvette Museum.

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    I don’t mind that pink Mini at all. I think it’s a lot more interesting and palatable than yet another black windowed, black wheeled, matte black paint (looks cheap to me), me-too mobile that’s currently all the rage.

    I saw a pale pink Cadillac SRX yesterday that was a bit too pale as if they weren’t quite committed to having a pink car. Is that the new Mary Kay look?

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    I’ve seen Pink lambo’s, pink jaguars, pink Cadillacs, heck any car you can think of I’ve seen here in pink in Shanghai.

    Sadly it gets a bit hard to take pictures as frequently I’m in a taxi when I see them or they pass me too quickly.

    But I will definitely keep sending them in as the opportunity presents itself.

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