Neat Tool Gives Side-By-Side Dimension Comparison for Almost Any New Car

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague
neat tool gives side by side dimension comparison for almost any new car

If you spend anywhere near the amount of time we do Googling the interior and exterior dimensions of new vehicles, you’ve probably realized that there isn’t a great solution for comparing two models side-by-side. There’s good news, though, because exists. 

Carsized lets users choose two late model (very late – most cars only have a few model years available) vehicles and compare their exterior dimensions. The setup is super useful for people like us, but for normal people, the tool can help inform buying decisions and gives a visual representation of the changes between two generations of the same vehicle.

There are plenty of ads and you’ll need to do the metric to imperial measurements, but those tasks are a small hassle compared to flipping between two browser tabs to see two cars. It’s also a great way to view the way cars have grown over the years, but again, there aren’t huge numbers of model years available. 

Notable comparisons include the 2008-2012  Honda Accord and the 2013-2017 Honda Accord (the site lists different model years). The older car is shorter than its successor, but the new car is wider and almost nine centimeters longer. The tool offers several generations of the Volkswagen Golf, so we can compare a model from the early 1980s to today’s Mark 8. Surprisingly, the old car is nearly as tall as the new model, but the latest variant is longer and more spacious inside. 

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  • Randy in rocklin Randy in rocklin 5 days ago

    Nice to see my 87 Supra Turbo and my 04 Spyder in the lineup.

  • Stuki Moi Stuki Moi 2 days ago

    Excessive width is the ultimate destroyer of "drivers-car-ness" for all road bound vehicles. At least anywhere outside of Gulf countries and German Autobahns. Heck, excessive with is even the destroyer of enthusiast interest in F1.

  • Da Coyote Caddy Daddy wins.
  • MaintenanceCosts I'm over here drooling, but I'm about to spend exactly this much on interior furnishings, and I really need four seats in a toy car.
  • CaddyDaddy The best one would be one that is I can order as an "Option Delete".
  • Ajla I've been happy with both uConnect and the circa 2018 Kia system. That said both seem to be moving towards Superscreen Hell within the next model cycle.
  • Arthur Dailey The vehicle pictured is not 'The Batmobile'. Adam West drove the only true Batmobile. To paraphrase what Adam West said on The Big Bang Theory, "I did not have to say I am Batman, when I walked in to a room everyone knew who I was, including Julie Newmar".