Ford Follows Suit, Slashes Mach-E Prices

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

You knew this was going to happen, right? After the crew at Tesla significantly cut its prices, talking heads began wondering how long it would take for others to follow suit. Answer: Not long.

Prices have dropped across all trims of the Mach-E range, all the way from base Select up to zooty GT Extended Range models. At the lower end, Select RWD and Select eAWD (both with standard range batteries) have had their tags chopped by $900 and $600, respectively. These aren’t huge drops – those have been reserved for snazzier trims. The least expensive Mach-E is now $45,995 exclusive of fees and freight.

Stepping to the next-rung Premium trim, however, next a $3,980 and $3,680 discount for RWD and eAWD models when equipped with the standard range battery. This brings the prices to $50,995 and $53,995 – meaning the delta between rear- and all-wheel drive is now three large across the board. Also, anyone choosing to pop for the Extended Range battery in either the Select or Premium will see the cost of that option fall by sixteen hundred bucks to 7,000 clams.

Customers anteing up for a California Route 1 will find a gobsmacking $5,580 reduction, bringing that model a hair under 58 grand. Those selecting the top-tier GT Extended Range will save even more cheddar, with a total of $5,900 off their purchase, causing that trim’s Monroney to settle at $63,995.

Ford says existing customers who have a pending delivery will automatically receive the adjusted price. As for shoppers who had a sale date after January 1st of this year and are already behind the wheel of their Mach-E, someone from the Blue Oval is supposed to reach out directly.

Further to the Glass House goal of squashing its EV competition, Ford is citing new supply chains as the reason it can now crank up production of the Mach-E. This will ‘reduce customer wait times’ whilst also offering the company ‘streamlined costs’, the latter of which is being partially credited for these new price cuts.

Ever since Elon & Co. announced their own sticker adjustments earlier this year, speculation was rife that other manufacturers would follow suit. Think any other will? We do. As for anyone crying into their granola about paying too much for an electric car, well, there’s often always a price for being an early adopter of technology. Those of us who buy a new Xbox when it comes out or trades our iPhone for the latest model can attest to that. This is similar – but on a helluva bigger scale in terms of cost.

[Image: Ford]

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Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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    That’s close enough for government work!

  • Doc423 Said some automakers were slow to adopt the technology of Smartphone Mirroring, too bad they aren't slower adopting the EV technology, rather than cramming it down our throats.
  • NotMyCircusNotMyMonkeys i was only here for torchinsky
  • Tane94 Workhorse probably will be added to the heap of failed EV companies.
  • Freddie Instead of taking the day off, how about an article on the connection between Black Americans and the auto industry and car culture? Having done zero research, two topics pop into my head: Chrysler designer/executive Ralph Gilles, and the famous (infamous?) "Green Book".
  • Tane94 Either Elio Motors or Aptera Motors.