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We’ve driven the Ford Mustang Mach-E and liked it. But one of our beefs was the price — it ain’t cheap.

Well, come Monday, it will be even less cheap.

One of our partner forums has obtained information suggesting that Ford will raise the price next week. How much is uncertain, though Ford did tell the forum that it planned on releasing news on the subject next week.

This follows price cuts back in September — cuts of up to $3,000 on some trims.

Furthermore, the Mach-E GT configurator goes live on the 28th, and the public will get pricing info on that model then. Dealers will get the pricing info on that trim on Monday.

Perhaps that’s the news Ford refers to? Or maybe it’s a price increase across the board, as a dealer quote from the forum story implies? We’ll be spending our weekend waiting with bated breath.

[Image: Ford]

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23 Comments on “Report: Ford Mustang Mach-E Price Hike Set for Monday...”

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    schmitt trigger

    I wonder if this is somehow related with the microchip shortages.
    Since supply will be tight, simple economic laws indicate that the price should raise.

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    Seems like they’re learning from the Tesla model of small price adjustments in real time depending on the supply situation. The more traditional practice was to deal with this by setting the price high and then adjusting the available incentives.

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    So even less worth it. Got it. They lowered the price because it was not competitive with the Tesla Mach Es. So nothing has changed and yet the price is going up. Got it

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    Jeff S

    Maybe there selling more of these than Ford planned and they decided to raise the price. If Ford raises the price too much and the dealers decided to mark the Mack E up from MSRP then it might not sell as well and Ford can blame the consumer for not buying enough Mach Es. Discontinue the Mach E and then say there is no demand for EVs. Maybe Ford needs to wait to raise the price and advertise Mach E more to give it a chance. Ford should be making enough profit on F series trucks, suvs, and crossovers that they should be able to afford not to raise the price of Mach Es.

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      ^This. Seems like simple supply and demand. Last I heard, the Mach-E was outselling the Model Y. Don’t know if that’s enough to qualify as a hit, but probably enough to justify the price increase.

      Personally, I’d stick with Tesla due to the Supercharger network, but I appear to be in the minority on that one.

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    Jeff S

    I think if Mach E is a sales hit they should hold off on price increases till they establish themselves as an EV brand. Too many price increases and too much of a price increase can kill sales. Tesla can get by with the price increases because they have an established reputation as the premier EV manufacturer. Ford is the newcomer to this field. Tesla, GM, and Ford will soon have VW as a EV competitor and eventually the Chinese.

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    This thing is inferior to Tesla yet they raise the price. Great strategy.

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      Ford is supply constrained due to the semiconductor shortage, and sales have been up. At least that’s how the sales guy at my local Ford lot explained a nearly empty parking lot.

      So, Ford can likely raise prices while still selling every Mach-E they can make. Raising the price reduces the number of buyers — but selling fewer cars is OK if they have fewer cars to sell.

      BTW, I saw my first Mach-E in the wild today. It’s a nice looking car!

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    I find the whole EV thing to be antithetical to the musclecar image.
    A green Mustang owner? Not the ones I have seen. Maybe the world is
    changing faster than I realize.

    Why in the hell can’t they make an electric car sound like a v8?
    Speakers and amps and computers are CHEAP.

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      When you’re getting crushed back into the seat in a car capable of 0-60 in around 3 seconds or less, you don’t notice the lack of V8/12 sound. The motors on some performance EVs put out some good sound of their own. Almost sort of a jet engine sound or maybe star wars tie-fighter. Especially cars with triple or quad motors. Because they’re relatively quiet, you can also have fun without drawing a lot of attention.

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      Hard acceleration in an EV is disconcerting in the same way pulling Gs in an airplane is.

      If you’re not prepared, your organs shift around a bit.

      There’s a reason most Tesla owners stay in “Chill” mode most of the time — the thing is so fast it can be physically uncomfortable.

      A noisy old-school V8 delivers sound and fury, but it’s all bark and no bite — I have yet to drive one which can deliver the sheer amount of force s Tesla drivetrain can.

      There’s a reason most Tesla drivers keep their cal in “Chill” mode, and that reason is that accelerating can be physically uncomfortable. But it’s there when you want it.

      I won’t miss the sound and fury of a V8.

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        “I won’t miss the sound and fury of a V8.”

        Why are you on a car enthusiast forum then? EV’s may zip, but they provide me with zero enjoyment. Certainly, nothing like my C7 7M.

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          @luke42: “in the same way pulling Gs in an airplane is.”

          Interesting observation. I happen to like aerobatics too.

          I like the sound of all types of cars and motors. I love V-12s, V-8s, flatheads, and gas turbines. I’m actually a really good ICE motor mechanic. But, I do like the instantaneous response and quickness of an EV. I like the better performance over and sound difference. On my aviation side, I like the sound of gas engine planes, but I still prefer a jet for the increased performance. I’m not going to say that I want to stay with props because I like the sound. EVs are sort of the jets to ICEs propeller-driven. Wright Cyclones are amazing aircraft engines and sound wonderful, but give me a jet any day over one of those beasts. But, I’m sure there were those back in the day that complained about jet engines the same way some complain about EVs now.

          As a collector, I’ll still have ICE vehicles, but my favorite for performance is an EV.

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    I’m surprised they didn’t get any flak with the name Mach-E. My father, who was Jewish, would not have approved.

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    They will use the price increase as an excuse for dwindling sales. Right now, Mach-E is not even outselling the hapless Bolt.

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    Jeff S

    I saw a dark grey one this morning and it was ok but nothing to get excited about. The Cadillac Lyriq looks better for about the same amount of money and yes I know that the Lyriq is not out yet but I would have to see the Lyriq in person. The Mach E is not polarizing but it is not something to get excited about. For the 50k or more they are charging for the Mach E there are other vehicles that I would rather buy.

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      They’re not really playing in the same price territory. The base Lyriq is almost exactly the same price as the fully loaded Mach-E GT; the base Mach-E is $15k cheaper than any Lyriq. The Model Y is in the middle.

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