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Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
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Hey there! We start this week with some TTAC news.

You may remember that about a year, year and a half ago we changed our content strategy. We spent less time on news and more on longer posts that included more opinion and analysis. Without getting into specifics, the change was neither a success nor failure from the business side -- traffic held fairly steady for most of the time. From a content standpoint, I think there were times when it worked really well -- you got some really, really good analysis you wouldn't get elsewhere, as just one example -- but it also was tough letting some news stories slide since they seemed too "minor" for our new approach.

Now we have this sharp new look and we're looking to take advantage of it. So that means more content and some new features.

We'll be diving back into the news -- expect more news content on a daily basis. We're also going to add a few things. To wit:

  • There will be a used car of the day post every day. We'll be surfing our parent company's forums to bring you an interesting used car each day for your perusal.
  • We'll have a QOTD every day as opposed to "whenever one of us thinks of something good".
  • We'll have a weekly EV news recap.
  • We'll have a weekly video post, where we highlight a trending video related to the car world and this particular corner of it. We'll try to avoid, as much as possible, "clickbaity" types of content.
  • We'll still have traditional car reviews, but we'll also have some short-take reviews on cars that don't quite need a full review but have some interesting features that need highlighting.

Our current regular features -- Junkyard Find, Rare Rides, Abandoned History, Buy/Drive/Burn, TTAC Rewind, and Tech Tips -- will remain, though the frequency of some of those features will change. TTAC Throwback is on temporary hiatus while author Bryan Davis focuses on some other projects, but we hope it will return either later this year or after the new year.

We'll still also have op-eds, rants, feature stories, and the like.

In case you're curious, the staff roster isn't changing at this time. You'll be seeing familiar bylines going forward.

One last note -- we're still figuring out the when of some of these things. It will take a few weeks, probably, for us to settle into a groove concerning when each feature will appear. That said, Junkyard Find will still lead off our week, Tech Tips will remain on Fridays, and TTAC Rewind will remain a weekend feature.

Strap in -- starting Tuesday, Nov. 1, there's going to be a lot more TTAC in your life.

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  • Inside Looking Out I used True car once in 2014 and got a great deal. The difference is that you do nothing but dealers call you. No haggling but you can get the same deal browsing inventories on dealers websites. It just matter of convenience, Rich people delegate job to someone else because time costs more.
  • Jeff S Adam on Rare Classic Cars has a new purchase a 1968 LTD Brougham just over 9k original miles. He really finds some gems.
  • Jeff S @Lou_BC--Diamonds are not really rare DeBeers dominates the diamond market and created the market with advertising starting in the 1930s thru the 40s. Before that time diamonds were for the most part considered for the wealthy and diamond wedding rings were not that common. Go back 100 years and most women wore wedding bands made of gold, silver, or other metals. DeBeers dominating the diamond market also controls the supply of diamonds keeping the prices higher by restricting supply. Sound familiar? Oil companies have learned to restrict supply of oil as well.
  • Statikboy So they named it after the worst cracker."Perhaps that’s why the autonomous dream appeals to so many - they’ve never experienced satisfaction, or even fun, whilst operating a motorcar.""This 2022 Mazda CX-30 Turbo, for example, can certainly handle the drudgery of the daily commute with aplomb but can make a detour on a twisty two-lane a bit more enjoyable."While the autonomous dream doesn't appeal to me at all, I think the reason that it does appeal to so many is because it theoretically has the potential to make the drudgery of the daily commute a bit more enjoyable.
  • Jeff S Arthur and I might be in the minority but we miss cars like this. We will never see cars like this again and it is what it is. I did like driving my mothers 72 Sedan Deville and her 84 Chrysler 5th Avenue with leather interior and Boise Dolby stereo along with some of the other luxury cars I drove from this era. At least I got to experience them and if I want more I can always read Corey's well written articles and watch Adam on Rare Classic Cars.