Cadillac Reveals Celestiq Show Car

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
cadillac reveals celestiq show car

Cadillac has officially thrown the covers off the Celestiq. They're still calling it a 'show car' for now, though anyone blessed with the gift of sight can see the design direction in which the brand is headed.

It's also headed up the ladder in price. Way up.

As reported after the teaser photos surfaced last week, Cadillac plans to have the Celestiq serve as a moonshot halo car for the brand - one which could cost in excess of $300,000. Designers said they 'took influence' from early Cadillac sedans such as pre-war V16 coaches and the hand-built '57 Eldorado Brougham. Even if the production vehicle is slightly watered down from this concept (they all generally are, to a degree), there's little doubt this thing should have plenty of road presence. Its familial resemblance to the Lyriq SUV is clear.

Other than saying it'll (obviously) be built on the Ultium platform, GM is mum on details such as power output and battery capacity. With aspirations of taking on the likes of Maybach and Rolls, you can bet Cadillac will deploying every single electric horsepower they can muster.

Cadillac has said the Celestiq will be hand-built at GM’s Global Tech Center in Michigan following an $81 million investment in the facility. Prior to the customer's vehicle being assembled, there will be an opportunity for a "creative collaboration” between customers and the brand - think Audi Exclusive and the like.

Should the interior of the Celestiq production car retain broad strokes from these images of the show car, it'll be the most luxurious Caddy in recent memory. There are boasts of a Suspended Particle Device technology in the glass roof allowing for quad zones of variable lighting, more screen-inches than your favorite drive-in theatre, and next-gen driving aids under the Ultra Cruise banner.

We (and the B&B) have already ruminated about the notion of Cadillac slinging a $300,000 halo car, so we'll spare you a repeat of those thoughts. Feel free to expand on 'em in our snazzy new comment section.

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  • Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen on Jul 27, 2022

    I guess if Jeep can do a Grand Poobah Cherokee for LR money maybe cadillac can build a strivers car for RR money. how many have to be built, seeing as they dont expect to break even (gawd forbid profit)

  • MarkC MarkC on Aug 11, 2022

    Hahaha well though through response! Progres ;0)

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