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2016 Cadillac XT5

Cadillac will release later this week the first “official” looks at its replacement for the SRX — the XT5 — before unveiling the car first in Dubai, and then shortly after in Los Angeles. Autoblog first reported that the XT5 would be shown in Dubai.

The Dubai International Auto show will be held Nov. 10-14, and the Los Angeles Auto Show will be held Nov. 20-29 for the public, with a preview for media on Nov. 17.

The XT5 has already been extensively photographed in the wild before (See above. And go ahead, Google it if you want to see more, we’ll wait right here) so the reveals this week and in November may be a little anticlimactic.

Nonetheless, it’s worth looking into the Dubai reveal a little more as Cadillac positions itself further outside North America. The Middle East is the fastest growing region for Cadillac sales this year, according to the company.

In June, the company reported it had sold 533 cars, which is a 127 percent increase from June 2014. Overall sales in the Middle East are up 47 percent year-to-date.

Last month, Cadillac announced that it would delay its return to Europe until 2019 to focus on regions such as China and the Middle East.

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25 Comments on “Cadillac Will Give Us A Taste Of The XT5 This Week, Whole Meal in Dubai...”

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    Showing first in Dubai? Moving headquarters from Detroit to SoHo?

    We average Americans get the gist; Cadillac can’t shed any vestige of its traditional customer base fast enough. Why then should we show Cadillac any preference?

    Oh, right… purely for the vehicles’ own merit.
    I’m here all week.

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    I see absolutely nothing to desire here.
    It’ll probably have the same equipment and touchpad as the CT6…but none of that really matters cause Cadillac SUCKS at designing infotainment systems – and has sucked for some time.

    • 0 avatar

      Well, it’s not like I see anything particularly desirable about the SRX, but plenty of people do, to the tune of the ‘Rex outselling all Caddy sedans last month.

      Cadillac is relying on its ancient CUV more than Andy Dalton relies on A.J. Green.

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    The outgoing (and now very dated) SRX was competitive in this segment, and among the most competitive Cadillacs, which isn’t hard to achieve as even the premium Japanese and German CUVs are really nothing to write home about, especially at their respective price points.

    The CT5 should at least be able to keep this competitiveness alive, assuming Caddy has tastefully upgraded the interior in terms of materials and fit/finish, while keeping the ride composed and quiet.

    I’m not crazy about the exterior, but then again, most CUVs are relatively homely or benign in the exterior looks department, IMO.

    • 0 avatar

      GM probably really wishes they had rejected Johan’s massive investment plan into sedan platforms, and instead diverted at least 1/2 of that amount (or more) into fielding competitive premium CUVs, since that is where Audi’s, BMW’s, Mercede’s, Acura’s (especially), Lexus’ and even Porsche’s growth is now coming from.

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        They could have looked to Buick and the Enclave, or even acknowledged Cadillac Brand’s tempestuous relationship with the mighty Escalade, but then they might have to let facts into the room.

        I love sedans, but most people don’t, and I fear at some point the option is going to be just some variant of crossover. I once thought they should build the new Impala off the Lambda platform instead of Epsilon II so that it would be nice and wide and long and a whole lot more lovely than a stretched Pontiac G6/Saab 93. However, I realized that they would not only make less profit on every single car than on a Chevy Traverse, they would be losing a Chevy Traverse sale as well, since that plant is at capacity.

        • 0 avatar

          Fair points.

          It will be interesting to see how much of the 12 bln allocated to Cadillac per the 2020 JdN Plan will be used to develop CUVs and SUVs vs sedans and coupes.

      • 0 avatar
        sunridge place

        Oh cool,

        Deadweight knows how much $$$ is going into car vs crossover just like he knows the current profitability of global Cadillac.

        I assume you do know they have multiple crossovers coming right?

        Based on your statement above, I’m not so sure.

      • 0 avatar
        Mr. Orange

        Johan can be blamed for many things. Not having more CUVs to sell now isn’t one of then.

        If you want to blame someone for this, that person is Bob Ferguson the former head of Cadillac. He’s the one who green lit the CT6. The naming structure of CT and XT. Not plan for or notice the explosion in CUV sales. Gave the world the ELR. The tight backseated ATS with the undeserving drivers display.

    • 0 avatar

      Scratch everything I said.

      It’s hard to believe, but the new XT5, complete with idiotic NYC/Manhattan unveil by helicopter & Public School (a fashion house in New York City & Cadillac’s XT5 “partner”) tonight, reveals the XT5 to be a hideous pig of a vehicle, much uglier than the SRX it is replacing.

      Way to go – AGAIN – Crapillac (under JdN)…you fail so badly it is hard to believe.

      “t’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s a Cadillac?

      Don’t worry , New Yorkers, the city is not being attacked by a fleet of luxury cars. That vehicle zooming over the west side of Manhattan on Wednesday evening is actually part of a marketing stunt introducing Cadillac’s new XT5 luxury crossover.

      The XT5 — the first in a new series of Cadillac crossovers — was scheduled to be airlifted over an event space at Canoe Studios on Manhattan’s lower West Side beginning around 8:30 p.m, giving invited guests — including fashion journalists — a first glimpse of the vehicle. It’s part of an unorthodox launch plan that includes a partnership with up-and-coming fashion design firm Public School, which is creating a collection of designs that Cadillac says will be inspired by the crossover.
      Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus said the goal is to gain the attention of fashionistas, rather than cater to car buffs, auto journalists and other petrolheads. Because in his view, younger customers are less interested in the technical details of cars, and don’t read car magazines as often as they used to. But “they are very interested in fashion. They are very interested in design,” he said.”

      GAWD! WTF!!!

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    “In June, the company reported it had sold 533 cars, which is a 127 percent increase from June 2014. Overall sales in the Middle East are up 47 percent year-to-date.”

    How many of those as a percentage were Escalades? 75%? 90%?

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    That thing looks hideous and blatantly FWD. Works well for Lexus’ SUVs though.

  • avatar

    Put a fork in it.

  • avatar
    Austin Greene

    I wasn’t a fan of the current model’s preying mantis styling, but this new one looks like somebody pooped it into a toilet.

  • avatar

    Still no actual names yet. Big mistake. I’m glad Lincoln has finally come to it’s senses. The new Continental looks promising, and the Aviator is also coming back on the Everest platform. Should be interesting to see who’s sales pick up in the future.

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    Volt 230

    Isn’t there an X5 luxury SUV already from another manufacturer? Why confuse things even more? Makes no sense to me.

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    The current SRX is one of the top 10 selling imported vehicles in China (source: bestsellingcarsblog). This despite it being rather old and with IMO a hideously cheap plasti-chrome face that won’t age well. Worldwide, it’s most likely Cadillac’s overall best selling vehicle.

    This XT5, to my eyes, looks much better. I think it will do well, both here and abroad, and will be a relative hit for Cadillac which is badly needed. I think they’re bringing production back to the US from Mexico on this one, also, FWIW.

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    Now that the new Lexus RX looks like a prop vehicle from Mad Max (let’s see what the suburban moms think about THAT), perhaps a conservative XT5 is the way to go for Cadillac.

    Personally I just don’t understand what is going on with most luxury makes. Aside from Mercedes, they seem to have all lost the plot on styling.

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    OK, the usual Cadillac hate, and yes, this is not exactly radical, but have you seen the new Lexus RX? It’s acid-trip, mind-bendingly ugly.

    My perception of this segment is that buyers want a conservative design with a hint of sporty, not something that got left on the cutting room floor from “Akira” because it was too weird-looking to make it into the movie. I’m predicting market share loss for the RX model right now.

    Lexus gave its competitors here an opportunity, and I think Cadillac and Lincoln will be primed to capture some of what Toyota is potentially giving away. And I think Lincoln could be the bigger winner with the new MKX.

    • 0 avatar

      I’ve been balanced here.

      I do not like CUVs in general, but went so far as to proclaim the current SRX, even as aged as it is, as class competitive, with a good interior (it even has modern gauges!), a decent ride quality and hushed interior, and decent reliability – making it as good as German and Japanese small to midsize premium CUVs costing more.

      • 0 avatar

        Scratch that, Mike.

        It’s hard to believe, but the new XT5, complete with idiotic NYC/Manhattan unveil by helicopter & Public School (a fashion house in New York City & Cadillac’s XT5 “partner”) tonight, reveals the XT5 to be a hideous pig of a vehicle, much uglier than the SRX it is replacing.

        Way to go – AGAIN – Crapillac (under JdN)…you fail so badly it is hard to believe.

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    Timeless elegant international style destined for greatness and longevity. MOMA will shortly be on the blower to commandeer a copy to slip in a glass case for display in the main lobby.

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