2017 Cadillac XT5 Revealed - The Longer, Lighter SRX

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

Cadillac’s first next-generation crossover will sport a longer and lighter chassis than the outgoing SRX, the company announced Monday.

The XT5, which will be shown first in Dubai, will be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show next week. The car will go on sale next year.

In addition to shaving nearly 300 pounds from the chassis, Cadillac announced that the car would be powered in the U.S. by the same 3.6-liter V-6 found in the ATS and CTS. Only a 2-liter turbocharged model will be available in China for the car’s first year. The XT5 will also sport an 8-speed automatic transmission and available all-wheel drive.

According to Cadillac, the XT5 will be built on GM’s new Chi platform that will eventually replace the Lambda ( Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave) and Theta ( Chevrolet Equinox, Chevrolet Captiva, GMC Terrain, Cadillac SRX) architectures. The wheelbase of the XT5 is 2-inches longer than the SRX, increasing rear legroom by 3.2 inches, while overall length stays roughly the same. XT5’s track is 1-inch wider and overall width is 2.5 inches wider than the outgoing SRX.

Cadillac’s new crossover will sport a BMW-style joystick shifter for the automatic transmission and a slightly revised Cue system, although it appears that touch controls for volume and infotainment will live on.

Cadillac also showed off a new leather-wrapped, wood-inlaid steering wheel that includes driver controls lower on the wheel, but the instrument cluster looks nearly identical to the new Camaro’s center display; a digital screen surrounded by tachometer and speedometer.

Photos released by Cadillac show two different grilles for the XT5. The one with more bars will be equipped as part of the Platinum trim package.

According to the manufacturer, the XT5 will sport adaptive cruise, lane keep assist, blind-spot monitoring and parking assistance. The XT5 may not support Super Cruise, at least initially. However, the system was developed, in part, on SRX models. Super Cruise has been confirmed for the 2017 Cadillac CT6. A spokesman from Cadillac did not comment on when Super Cruise may be available in the XT5.

The XT5 will sport 18-inch wheels as standard and 20-inch wheels will be available as an option. Models with the 20-inch wheels will have continuous damping control.

According to Cadillac, vehicles with all-wheel drive can shift 100 percent of available power from front to rear axles, and from side-to-side across the rear axle.

Cadillac didn’t announce pricing for the XT5 nor when the car would go on sale.

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole

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  • Derekson Derekson on Nov 10, 2015

    This thing looks like a winner. It looks way better and way more premium than the latest Lexus RX350, and has a similar V6 engine and similar interior space. Lexus has really opened the door for some competitors with the hideous and divisive styling on the latest models, and this Caddy just might be good enough to capitalize on that. Cadillac could really use a home run right now and I think this hits the mark.

    • RHD RHD on Nov 10, 2015

      It does nothing for me. The Cadillac engineers swung for the fences with all their might, but the bean counters bought their bat at Walmart... and it's a blooper to left, caught in front of the warning track for an out.

  • VenomV12 VenomV12 on Nov 10, 2015

    Those ghetto headlights they insist on continuing to use make this a non-starter for me, not to mention it looks like a slightly dressed up version of less models/brands, which it is I guess.

    • Derekson Derekson on Nov 12, 2015

      How is it a dressed up version of a lesser model/brand when it's the first vehicle released on this platform?

  • CKNSLS Sierra SLT Let me get this straight-It's OK for GM to make cars in China and ship them here-under a Buick name. But for the Chinese to directly do it is not OK.If the Big 3 had not a deserted sedans/low end of the market they wouldn't have anything to worry about.Yea...makes perfect sense.
  • Analoggrotto This must look great in your Tellurides
  • Dukeisduke Meanwhile in the EU, they're inviting Chinese manufacturers to build assembly plants there, especially in Italy. FIAT cut back production in Italy from one million vehicles a year, to 750,000, so the Italian government wants the Chinese plants for the jobs they'll create. They've contacted BYD about building a plant, but so far, BYD has only committed to building a plant in Hungary. A second plant in the EU will depend on demand for vehicles.
  • Dukeisduke Huh, that photo looks like a coupe.I wonder how many of the of the original Tesla Roadsters are still on the road? I haven't seen one in years.
  • Dukeisduke L. S. Swap. Do it.