GMC Acadia Live On The Floor

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
gmc acadia live on the floor

2011 was the best sales year yet for the Acadia. No explanations were offered for this surprising statistic, but GMC was happy to talk about the “class-leading fuel economy”, center airbag, and LED headlamps…

The 288-hp direct-injection V6 which debuted in the Traverse continues here in the Acadia, matched to a revised transmission. The “ColorTouch” audio system is standard. The Denali, which reportedly accounts for about one in three Acadias sold, adds a full raft of luxury items to go with its eye-wateringly noveau appearance package

Photography courtesy Matt Fink

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  • Jenkins190 Jenkins190 on Feb 08, 2012

    Exterior (and much of the interior) looks just like my 08 SLT except that HUGE snout. Holy s*** that looks awful. It's way too long and I throws off the proportions of the whole front half. Perhaps most won't notice and I hope not because I think it's a great car. 55k on mine and no troubles.

  • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Feb 09, 2012

    That center airbag looks like an angry Pillsbury Doughboy!

  • ToolGuy Did the stylist also design that waste receptacle? Some of the contours look similar.
  • Corey Lewis Looks lousy, in the worst generic way.
  • ToolGuy Plot twist: Tesla will change the connector design.
  • MaintenanceCosts TX 550h+ will go on the test-drive list for our next car. I'm sure it won't be as nice to drive as an X5 PHEV, but it will also likely be $15k cheaper for comparable equipment and have more cargo space.
  • 2ACL If I'm going to battle 30-year-old BMW problems, then the car had better be representative of their greatest hits. I hear the M42 is a decent motor, but it just doesn't personify BMW excellence of the period. Also did some digging in the seller's other posts to try and determine the transmission type. . ."Test drive was magnificent, for an automatic, it eventually gets up to speed." Free-revving four + four-speed slushbox = definite pass.