Kia Wins Wards 'Best Interior' Award For EV6

Tyler Anderson
by Tyler Anderson
kia wins wards best interior award for ev6

Kia’s continual improvements are getting noticed by Wards Auto.

Kia has announced in a press release that its latest electric vehicle was named a winner of the prestigious Wards 10 Best Interiors & UX awards. This is the latest accolade received by the automaker as it continues to expand its ‘Plan S’ phase which revolves around its commitment to EVs.

As a reminder, this is what the interior of the EV6 looks like:

The folks over at Wards Auto consider factors such as design, material quality, fit-and-finish of said materials, ergonomics, and value. For the first time, they are throwing interface controls into the mix. This includes infotainment systems, their usability, the display itself, and contributing controls.

2022 marks the first year that the 10 Best Interiors and 10 Best UX awards is now one award, setting a higher standard for automakers to bear.

As for Kia, it can’t be more proud. “The EV6’s modern, bold design elements and interior solutions thoughtfully integrated with intuitive technology reinforce Kia’s future-forward vision for electric vehicles,” said Steven Center, COO and EVP of Kia America.

They have moved more than 10,000 units since the EV6 went on sale in the US earlier this year. This latest accolade is a testament to Kia’s continually evolving brand perception as it works hard to no longer be perceived as a bargain-basement brand with a 10-year warranty.

Case in point? The EV6’s cousin, the Hyundai Ioniq 5, qualified as a finalist for the same award but wasn’t considered a winner. On the other hand, their sister luxury brand, represented by the Genesis GV70, is taking home a 10 Best award.

You can read about the other winners on the list here.

[Images: Kia]

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  • Syke Syke on Jul 06, 2022

    My sister is seriously looking at one of these when it’s time to trade in the C-class (soon). Given their Sorento has been very good, my excellent experience with Kia’s, and they have one of the really good dealers in the Philadelphia area, it’s their current first choice.

  • Art Vandelay Art Vandelay on Aug 29, 2022

    It is funny that this is likely better offroad than a Chevy Blazer lol.

  • Jeff_M Black wheels? Forget it.
  • Fred There is always going to bumps in the road (pun intended) with such a major shift in autos. I'm sure the change from horse to cars wasn't all that smooth either.
  • Arthur Dailey Wouldn't buy a German vehicle with this many miles. However if/when buying a used vehicle, the presence of Weathguard floormats is probably indicative of a conscientious owner. And the care/maintenance of the previous owner(s) is often more important regarding reliability than is the make/model.
  • EBFlex I hope the automakers stand firm. They have been more than generous with their offers.
  • Ajla Nice Mustang.