2022 New York Auto Show Week: Chrysler Goes With the (Air)Flow

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
2022 new york auto show week chrysler goes with the air flow

Another day, another teaser. Thankfully, this will all be over by tomorrow’s happy hour.

This time, it’s Chrysler. Which is showing the Airflow Concept.

If you’re scratching your head, thinking you’re experiencing some deja vu, since Chrysler showed the Airflow Concept at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, don’t worry, you aren’t crazy. Nor are you being gaslit. Chrysler did indeed show an Airflow Concept there, but the one slated to be seen in New York tomorrow will look different.

Either way, the concept is supposed to preview an EV that is scheduled to launch in 2025, with Chrysler promising its lineup will be all-electric by 2028.

The teaser shot is above, with the CES car shown below for reference. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

[Images: Chrysler/Stellantis]

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  • Eaststand Eaststand on Apr 13, 2022

    lol thats a Citroen DS7 with a 90s style face

  • Bagelwolf Bagelwolf on Apr 13, 2022

    "...with Chrysler promising its lineup will be all-electric by 2028." "All-electric"... I think they meant "nonexistent".

  • Bd2 Other way around.Giorgetto Giugiaro penned the Pony Coupe during the early 1970s and later used its wedge shape as the basis for the M1 and then the DMC-12.The 3G Supra was just one of many Japanese coupes to adopt the wedge shape (actually was one of the later ones).The Mitsubishi Starion, Nissan 300ZX, etc.
  • Tassos I also want one of the idiots who support the ban to explain to me how it will work.Suppose sometime (2035 or later) you cannot buy a new ICE vehicle in the UK.Q1: Will this lead to a ICE fleet resembling that of CUBA, with 100 year old '56 Chevys eventually? (in that case, just calculate the horrible extra pollution due to keeping 100 year old cars on the road)Q2: Will people be able to buy PARTS for their old cars FOREVER?Q3: Will people be allowed to jump across the Channel and buy a nice ICE in France, Germany (who makes the best cars anyway), or any place else that still sells them, and then use it in the UK?
  • Tassos Bans are ridiculous and undemocratic and smell of Middle Ages and the Inquisition. Even 2035 is hardly any better than 2030.The ALMIGHTY CONSUMER should decide, not... CARB, preferably WITHOUT the Government messing with the playing field.And if the usual clueless idiots read this and offer the tired "But Government subsidizes the oil industry too", will they EVER learn that those MINISCULE (compared to the TRILLIONS of $ size of this industry) subsidies were designed to help the SMALL Oil producers defend themselves against the "Big Oil" multinationals. Ask ANY major Oil co CEO and he will gladly tell you that you can take those tiny subsidies and shove them.
  • Dusterdude The suppliers can ask for concessions, but I wouldn’t hold my breath . With the UAW they are ultimately bound to negotiate with them. However, with suppliers , they could always find another supplier ( which in some cases would be difficult, but not impossible)
  • AMcA Phoenix. Awful. The roads are huge and wide, with dedicated lanes for turning, always. Requires no attention to what you're doing. The roads are idiot proofed, so all the idiots drive - they have no choice, because everything is so spread out.