By on November 22, 2021

Rivian is planning on adding a feature to its online configurator that estimates the time of delivery of the customer’s vehicle.

It’s mild news, to be sure, but it’s the week of Thanksgiving.

And hey, ask any Ford Bronco buyer if they’d have appreciated this feature and I bet the answer would be a resounding yes.

The estimator should be online by year’s end.

[Image: Rivian]

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8 Comments on “Rivian to Add Delivery Time Estimator to Configurator...”

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    SCE to AUX

    Tesla has a delivery estimator, too, but the dates keep pushing out for some (cheaper) models, sometimes even after customers have committed.

    One of the local Kia dealers is down to 7 new cars in stock. People must be fighting over new inventory like wild dogs.

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      Yeah, I can confirm that. I checked just this morning and could get a Model 3 Performance next month, a long-range in January, and the standard range was Oct of 22. I think those times will go down once Berlin gets up to speed.

      I’m starting to look again since I might not be able to work off-site as much as I do now. I’m getting an idea as to what I might pick up in sort of a hurry if I need to. As much as I criticize Tesla and other companies’ auto-steer products, I think they’re fine for stop-and-go traffic and want one of those systems for that purpose. So, that’s one thing I’m looking for. I won’t pay for Tesla’s city streets autosteer though. BTW, Tesla does seem to be testing the waters with the auto-steer terminology. Highway autosteer and city autosteer – or something to that effect. I’m guessing that’s the direction they’ll go if they have to stop using the other misleading terms.

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    Are this estimators have “Infinity” value or NaN? Note that natural numbers form a countable infinity but do not include infinity itself.

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    Last time I looked the cheaper Tesla models were quoting June 2022 delivery dates.

    I have a hybrid Ford Maverick on order. Put the order in with the dealer in October. No one has any idea when it will actually show up but 5-6 months was the rough suggestion. I’m thinking I’ll be lucky to see it by June. Thus the lead times for the cheapest Ford and the cheapest Tesla are roughly in alignment at the moment.

    Now if you haven’t already ordered your hybrid Maverick you are out of luck because Ford shut down orders for 2022 model year hybrids on November 15th. They aren’t intending to take 2023 model year orders until early summer. Crazy times.

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    Master Baiter

    I would consider ordering a car sight unseen from an established brand, but not from a startup like Tesla or Rivian. I would want to inspect and drive the actual car I’m paying for in that case.

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      SCE to AUX

      Tesla’s hardly a startup, having built nearly 2 million cars to date. ;)

      But I agree with you. My in-person test drive of a Model 3 both attracted me and repelled me, and I ultimately walked away.

      Important detail: As a 6’6″ driver, an in-person test drive is essential to be sure I can even fit in the vehicle. With any vehicle, I start by researching the numbers for headroom and legroom, front and back. Many seemingly ‘big’ vehicles are surprisingly small inside.

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    Curious when they’ll add this. Mrs. Astigmatism went all google-eyed over the R1T when she saw it online a month ago – an electric truck that she can rack her surfboard on top of, throw her wetsuit in the back of, etc. Based on what I’ve been reading on the Rivian forums it looks like folks are resigned to mid-2023 delivery dates for new orders.

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