By on September 29, 2021

Chevrolet’s Corvette Z06 will be revealed in full on October 26. In advance of that, the brand has put out the first official image.

This follows a teaser video from July.

What we can see from the image is a new wheel design and larger air intakes, along with different body work. The larger intakes feed what everyone thinks will be a street version of the 5.5-liter flat-plane crank V8 from the racing Corvette. Motor Authority thinks it will make 625 horsepower and 485 lb-ft of torque in street application and mate to an 8-speed automatic transmission, possibly a dual-clutch.

No manual appears to be on offer. Sad, but not unexpected given that the “base” car doesn’t have one, either.

The redline is reported at 9,000 rpm.

Other mechanicals include a wider stance to accommodate 345 mm wide rear tires. Prototypes spotted in the wild have had 275 mm fronts, and some were shod with Michelin Sport Cup 2 R tires, according to MA.

Inside, there might be different steering-wheel buttons for Z06-specific drive modes, some carbon fiber trim and/or accents, and a racetrack layout for the gauges.

As we said, the full monty comes to light Oct. 26.

[Image: Chevrolet]

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17 Comments on “2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Shown, Specs to Come...”

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    I remember when Lotus introduced a flat plane crank in the Esprit. People complained because it didn’t sound like a V8.

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    Here in Atlanta market, in a 100 mile radius, there are only 11 new Vettes available for sale according to Auto Trader. 9 at MSRP and 2 at way above MSRP.

    According to same source, there are 42 2021 Vettes available for sale in the same selling area. And those used Vettes have very few miles and are selling for much higher than MSRP.

    Clearly, a large number of Vettes now are being bought by car flippers or dealers. Buy and try to make a quick profit.

    Very sad. Vette is an aspirational vehicle for a life of hard work. I paid for mine in cash, but now it has become a tool in hands of those looking to make few bucks while real motivated buyers have to wait a year to get theirs.

    No different than what is happening with homes that are being bought by vulture investors and then rented instead of allowing our young to buy them.

    The future for our country is cloudy.

    • 0 avatar

      “No different than what is happening with homes that are being bought by vulture investors and then rented instead of allowing our young to buy them.”

      You should see what’s coming to light here in Hawaii. I can’t remember the percentage, but it was over 50% of the shiny new apartment spaces being built in Honolulu are not being bought/rented by locals or even vacationers. They’re being scooped up by foreign investment companies. This is allowing the already astronomical housing prices here (over 1,000,000 if you need central air, 3+ bedrooms, and 1500+ sq/ft) to climb higher and higher in all segments of the real estate market. Whats worse is that they’re not even renting them out! They’re just sitting vacant, driving up rental prices as well.

      Wanna funny toilet read? Google Hawaii’s rail project and it’s turmoil.

      This is an absolutely beautiful, corrupt, craphole to live in. It’s truly disturbing to know that a state that has so much tourism money is always operating in the red… even before COVID. Homlessness rivals or exceeds San Francisco, cost of living is the same way, and people are trapped. Yet, they keep voting for these same people over and over again.

      • 0 avatar
        el scotto

        @CoastieLenn Sir, we’re in the middle of another housing/vehicle bubble. Once the chip thing gets sorted out, production will get back to normal. Housing is a whole other story. Well-paying jobs go to the larger cities. I live and work in the D.C. burbs as a contractor. GF has an MBA and a masters in hospital administration. I could get a job in a much cheaper area, my GF can’t. We’ll bite the bullet and buy a D.C. condo for the price of a beachside condo/house on the intercontinental in a place where palm (Palmetto) trees grow. I’m not the only one in this situation. Most of the guys I work with who can move to a cheaper to live areas are like me. They’d love to go but their wives or girlfriends are like; no, there are no jobs for me.

    • 0 avatar

      Cloudy with a 50% chance of thunderstorm.

    • 0 avatar
      el scotto

      Buddy of mine is pushing 30 and bought a 427 Corvette for his commuter car. He was driving an Evo. To most people Corvette ownership has a (and I’m being generous) split. 80% gray hair, more than two rings, gold necklace, gold bracelet frequently heard at coffee and cars going “don’t touch the car!!!” The other 20% throw their lunchbox/briefcase/purse in the other seat and slog off to work. The 80% aren’t “aspirational”, they’re a parody. How many corvette owners are on their 1st wife and 1st of not grandchildren, but children? Not many. They do appeal to those who mistakenly believe that race-cars have fenders.

      • 0 avatar

        “gray hair”
        “1st of not grandchildren, but children?”

        Is it a failure of some sort in your mind if someone can’t afford a certain car until they are older? What’s the age where someone should just give up and buy an Encore?

        • 0 avatar
          el scotto

          @ajla, Sir, working backwards. Buying an Encore at any age is giving up. It is by no means a failure in mind if someone can’t buy a car until they are older. The “can’t” involves doing many responsible things other than buying a look at me car/truck. Braces, sports camps, maxing out 529s, contributing the max to your 401K, making extra house payments are part of that can’t. I’m a geophysicist who got in my career field at the same time computers were booting off floppy disks. I got lucky and had some great jobs along the way. I’ve also been well-compensated to go to places that suck. So no, it’s not a failure. Bragging about your vehicle and the lost cost of money is in my opinion a failure. It’s a vehicle, you lose money on it. There are some things that hold their values fairly well like guns (hand/long), Jeeps, Harleys and Corvettes. Corvettes even have a U-shaped depreciation curve. Having, or not having money in and of itself is not a failure. Bragging about money, paying cash when the money could have been used elsewhere or how much something cost is a failure. My apologies for going off a bit and apologies if my tone was wrong.

      • 0 avatar

        elscotto – that’s a pretty outdated stereotype. Sports cars with two seats are toys – and while reasonably affordable, they are not cheap. So yeah, don’t expect too many 35 year olds with kids to be owners. 911’s do sell to a lower average age but they, too have the same issues. The stereotype that does seem to hold is the vast majority of owners (if you follow the Vette forums) are very conservative white men that don’t know the difference between fascism and socialism. I’m thrilled to not be one of those guys.

        I bought mine at 50 before I had any grey hair, and have zero gold jewelry. I look forward to seeing the C8 Zo6 and hope the flat plane engine is powering it. I won’t be a customer however as I believe sports cars should offer three pedals.

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      waiting all year for a retirement present would just make me appreciate it more

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    That sucker will be fast…. In the Gulf States, 345s on the streets may even make some sort of sense….

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    I feel bad for the C7 Z06. It’s going to be the Halloween 6 of that badge.

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    Flat plane? Whatever. Those forged wheels are the reason to want it.

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    When does the Fleetside model become available?

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