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Porsche is asking its 1,300 suppliers to only use renewable energy as they manufacture Porsche parts, starting this month.

The German automaker is doing so in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

This change applies to any supplier awarded a contract for providing production material for new-vehicle projects. Suppliers who can’t or won’t comply will no longer be considered for Porsche contracts over the long term.

“Our battery cell suppliers have already had to use green energy since 2020. And now we are taking the next important step: we stipulate that our series suppliers also use only renewable energy to produce our components, to help reduce CO2-emissions even further. We recognise that we have a responsibility to ensure that supply chains are transparent and sustainable,” Uwe-Karsten Städter, member of the executive board for procurement at Porsche AG said in a statement.

It’s all part of a larger goal the company has set to be carbon dioxide neutral across the entire supply chain by 2030. As it stands now, the company’s supply chain is responsible for about 20 percent of the company’s total greenhouse-gas emissions, with it projected to rise to 40 percent as electrification becomes more prevalent.

“By using only renewable energy sources, our suppliers are following our example in our efforts to reach CO2-neutrality. We plan to have even more intensive talks with our partners in order to drive forward improvements in our sustainability. It is only by working together that we will be able to combat ongoing climate change,” said Städter.

Porsche is also trying to reduce emissions from its own plants — the company claims that production of the Taycan is carbon-neutral since 2019, for example, and that the same holds true for the 911 and 718 since 2020 and the plant that produces the Macan and Panamera since 2021.

It’s not as ambitious as having an EV Day, but Porsche, like everyone these days, is making claims about its ability to be green.

[Image: Porsche]

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10 Comments on “Porsche Asks For Suppliers to Go Green...”

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    Coming soon… “Inflation: The Movie”.

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    If just Porsche had such nonbelligerent ambitions in 1940…

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    Did they mention white privilege and gender identification? These are more urgent issues today than C02 emission.

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    I like it. Sheer brilliance. Tomorrow, I’m going to cut down my CO2 output by asking my neighbor to stop grilling and drive less. What a relief. I was afraid it might involve sacrifice on my part.

    What’s the big deal with CO2 anyway, Greta?

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      Ask them to euthanize their dog. An average dog uses resources enough to build a medium SUV
      “Dogs and cats are responsible for a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions caused by animal agriculture” – Forbes

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    You cannot survive in todays market without meeting the evolving demands of the conscious consumer…simply stuffing a battery in a CUV or a truck and rejoicing isn’t gonna cut it…

    Porsches revenue has tripled in the last decade so I think they have a pretty good grasp of the market.

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    I think I finally understand what the left means when they say renewable energy. Since solar panels produced by mining quartz, mixing and melting with coal and adding then several toxic chemicals have to be replaced every 20 years with money taken from taxpayers that’s the renewable part. Same story with wind turbines. In Buffalo harbor the wind turbines are being replaced this year with new ones. Even when its windy I have never seen more than 75 percent of the turbines operational. Now the old blades will “renew” local landfills and local taxpayers will “renew” the coffers of the billionaires who run these scams. Meanwhile, just a few miles away, the Niagara river hydroelectric station creates more power then all of western Ny needs or will ever need every day. So that power gets shipped hundreds of miles away to our political overlords who then destroy local farms and forest to build more unneeded and toxic “renewable” energy.

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    Well, they can ask…

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    Honestly, this is secretly brilliant.

    Porsche’s supplier probably already have a decent mix of renewable energy coming in. All they have to do is say “oh yeah that 30% of our powerbill that goes to Green Mountain energy or whatever, thats our scheduled Porsche Time”

    You get a nice PR statement without anyone having to make any sacrifices.

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