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Ford debuted a new concept in Shanghai today, one that might hint at the vehicle that will be filling in for the Fusion (Mondeo in Europe) as the automaker continues removing all traces of the sedan from its lineup. While the Evos is intended to become the manufacturer’s default midsize for the Chinese market, it seems to possess many of the aspects promised on the long-awaited Fusion Active — the presumed successor of the venerable Fusion sedan.

Though the car itself resembles something closer to the Mach-E or perhaps a lowered version of the Chevrolet Blazer. The Evos’ general shape exists somewhere between a crossover and a traditional passenger car, much like the Subaru Outback the Fusion Active has been assumed to be targeting. But it’s not a perfect fit and Ford is keeping many of the details to itself, making it very clear that the concept will be the blueprint for future models and not necessarily a snapshot of something that’s production-ready. 

It’s also less wagon-like than we would have expected. We had been operating under the impression that the Fusion Active would be akin to the Focus Active, which designers repeatedly showed as a lifted version of the standard five-door. But the Evos’ silhouette being more sedan than wagon doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be functionally different or a poor rival for something like the Outback. Customers have been happily sacrificing rear headspace for style for years — take every single even-numbered model from the BMW X Series, for example.

But Ford isn’t willing to commit to much with just the concept on display. The manufacturer has said it has nothing to share in terms of which powertrains any Evos offspring might enjoy and couldn’t commit to any markets other than China, adding that it was specifically designed with that market in mind.

That means it will be heavy on the touch screens and connectivity.

But we’ve been able to glean from the interior images that it’s likely not a battery-electric vehicle, as they don’t typically have much use for things like tachometers. The rest of the interior seems to be embracing every modern trend imaginable, with the dashboard almost entirely taken up by touch screens (43 inches worth using Ford Sync 2.0). Physical buttons appear to be in short supply and there’s brightly colored accenting just about everywhere Ford couldn’t apply more ambient lighting.

The model itself is supposed to receive the automaker’s BlueCruise advanced driving suite, however, it’s currently limited to pre-approved sections of roadway in the United States and Canada. We’ve not heard anything about Ford having done the necessary mapping for China. But the Ford Virtual Personal Assistant should work regardless of the locale to help customers interface with the vehicle’s infotainment system and allow drivers to further customize the vehicle to their own personal taste. In fact, it has multiple driving modes that include the VPA making seat adjustments and tweaking interior lighting to suit the driver’s mood.

With the pandemic delaying all sorts of projects, it could be a while before we see the Evos transmogrified into a production vehicle. But we (and just about everyone else) still think it’s a vehicle to watch since it already looks like something Ford could easily slot into its existing lineup in several markets. Changan Ford estimates production could begin before the end of 2021, with the global office saying this is just the beginning.

“At Ford, our purpose is to help build a better world where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams. That’s as true today as it was when the company was founded nearly 118 years ago,” said Jim Farley, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company. “We are working together with our partners to deliver a superior and distinctive branded experience for our customers in China and around the world, and continue delivering on the ‘Best of Ford, Best of China’ commitment. Moving forward, we will still deliver great new products globally plus develop valuable, always-on relationships that grow and evolve over time.”

[Images: Ford Motor Co.]

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11 Comments on “Ford Evos: Blueprint for the Fusion Active?...”

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    SCE to AUX

    I like the shape of it, but adding a few buttons on the inside wouldn’t kill the designers.

    Hard to believe it won’t get an electric drivetrain at some point. Almost every new vehicle today seems to consider that option.

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    I can see something like this doing well in the states.

    Crossover ‘coupes’ or SUV ‘coupes’ have been successful in the luxury market – certainly would expect more downmarket options. Probably brand it as a Lincoln if they want to sell it tomorrow.

    Exterior design wise, it even looks like the current greatest hits from former Ford partners – blur your eyes a little, and the whole front plus grille looks similar to what Mazda is doing. From the side, the rear C-Pillar looks like what Volvo has been doing with their split two tone roofs on the XC-40.

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    I might possibly consider some future Lincoln variant depending on what they would do with it. As a MKZ owner though for now they’ve got nothing for me. I remain surprised that Acura can still find a business case for the TLX, and Cadillac is still throwing two sedans at the wall, but Lincoln just quit. Not everyone wants a Corsair.

    Hell even just reheating the old platform with a re-style and an interior update comparable to what the Nautilus got would probably be good enough, it would certainly be far more interesting than the miserably dull Lexus ES.

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    “ Moving forward, we will still deliver great new products globally plus develop valuable, always-on relationships that grow and evolve over time.”

    Ack. Ford is doomed.

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    “Though the car itself resembles something closer to the Mach-E …”

    I always thought that the MachE should have been called Fusion. The MachE should be an electric version of the Mustang, instead of the current piece of garbage.

    It will be interesting to see what Ford does when the Government jacks the price of gas over 5 dollars a gallon.

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    I have a good five years left on my Fusion. My next vehicle will be one engineered and designed in the States, not a rebadged product from China. The Toyota Camry is engineered and designed by Americans with 65% US content. This will be my next car. I now have an excuse to buy a superior vehicle from either Nissan or Ford. I gave Ford and GM a chance and they blew it. You can only take patriotism so far. These carmakers simply offer nothing I desire.

    With the exception of the F-150 and Mustang, Ford has little to offer.

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    Ford hasn’t built a sedan since it discontinued the Crown Victoria. Everything they called a sedan since has been a four door coupe. There’s still a market for a 120 inch wheelbase, V-8, RWD 4-door sedan.

    It’s being filled by the crew cab F150. People on tighter budgets who would like a midsize or compact sedan have no place to go except to I-4 or V-6 CUVs, and those are FWD wagons with less interior space than similar sized wagons made 30-40 years ago.

    • 0 avatar

      “People on tighter budgets who would like a midsize or compact sedan have no place to go except to I-4 or V-6 CUVs…” Actually, they have quite a few alternatives–a Toyota Camry or Corolla, a Honda Accord or Civic, a Nissan Altima or Sentra, Mazda, Subaru, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia… If the American makers don’t want their business, quite a few others will gladly step up. It’s like it was in the 1970s: GM, Ford and Chrysler felt they had no competition, so they put out a lot of lousy cars–and found out too late that the American car buyer wasn’t as loyal as they thought.

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