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Arcimoto, makers of fun, utility vehicles for commuters and fleets, announced NASDAQ’s approval today. The company can now list its shares of common stock on The NASDAQ Global Market, a positive growth sign.

A Eugene, Oregon manufacturer of affordable three-wheeled electric vehicles (EVs), Arcimoto looks to change the world. Their Fun Utility Vehicles (FUVs) can be preordered in California, Oregon, Washington, and Florida. Arcimoto also offers two other models, with the Deliverator for last-mile delivery, and the emergency response Rapid Responder. All three cost less than gas-powered vehicles while promoting their lower environmental impact.

“Arcimoto’s rise speaks volumes about the urgency of our mission, and the importance of creating a sustainable transportation system as soon as possible,” said Mark Frohnmayer, Arcimoto Founder and CEO. “Arcimoto is building products to solve this global problem. We believe the move to The Nasdaq Global Market will make Arcimoto more accessible to investors around the world.”

Starting at $17,900, the FUV has a 75 MPH top speed, and a 100-mile city range. The FUV has a 29-foot turning circle. Plug it into any 110- or 220-volt outlet. Arcimoto backs it with a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty. The FUV is positioned as an alternative to owning a car. There are only four options, including four half-door sets, locking rear storage, a phone mount, and a cup holder. Its heated seats and handgrips are no doubt welcome on chilly days in the Pacific Northwest.

Our relative proximity to Arcimoto’s Oregon headquarters makes it entirely possible to test drive, or ride as the case may be, an FUV in the near future. We’ll be waiting for the opportunity to see if it’s as much fun as they say it is.

[Images: Arcimoto]

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22 Comments on “Arcimoto FUVs a NASDAQ Addition...”

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    Not sure what “a four half-door sets” is, but given the rainy weather that predominates in much of Washington, full doors would be a necessity. Not everything is driven only during the day, when it’s comfy warm out.
    The paint is nice and shiny, though, and the wheels look good.

    There is a maxim to invest only in what you understand. We’ll see how many people understand why some EVs tend to be… markedly unusual… interpretations on what transportation devices should be.

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    75mph…sounds exciting…kids don’t try this at home…

    • 0 avatar

      “75mph…sounds exciting…kids don’t try this at home…”

      You could go for something safer. This only goes 68mph. /s

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    But where do you put your golf clubs?

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    “An alternative to a car is how the FUV is position.”

    Tim Healey’s newest hire is killing it – American English I mean.

    Imagine how bad that sentence must have been before the current Managing Editor Edited it. (Now imagine how much better this website could be if it were Managed.)

    • 0 avatar

      Exactly. How hard is to use active tense versus passive?

      I mean, it took me all of 10 seconds to write “The FUV is being positioned as an alternative to cars”. It isn’t rocket science.

      I don’t think anyone’s editing this author’s copy at all.

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      Don’t forget – America is a nation of immigrants. And what do you know about him? May be he is not a human but a program written by Indian engineers.

      • 0 avatar

        Inside Looking Out,

        “May be he is not a human but a program written by Indian engineers.”

        Would that be the same Indian who called me and told me he was a Microsoft Technician and that there was a virus on my Windows computer? I ran the poor sap in circles for at least half an hour and then hung up on him.

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    I think I saw one of these a couple days ago. Only for a few seconds, I was driving by it, wasn’t sure what I was seeing. I’m about 50 miles from Eugene, so that’s probably what it was.

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    The maneuverability of a car and the safety of a motorcycle. Sounds awesome.

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    Looks like an open version of the car the robot kid’s mom drove in “A.I.”

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    I’m just waiting for one of these companies to do the obvious: spec racing series.

    • 0 avatar

      Maybe they could run it inside a Walmart? The “Handicapped” cart series. The lawn and garden curve leading to the women’s wear straightaway… I’d watch it if they did that.

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    NHTSA and IIHS Side Impact Rating. 10 out of 5. Super wowee excellent.

    Actually zero, no testing required, just lool at it, and thus not registrable for public use on roads. What alternative to a car/SUV is this? None whatsoever.

    But marketing manure speak is alive and well: “Arcimoto’s rise speaks volumes about the urgency of our mission”. Urgent all right, to try and make back the investors er, investment, before anyone catches on how incredibly useless this is for anything but chasing golf balls. At 75 mph on heated seats. Keerist on a Krutch.

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    First time I saw this vehicle was in Sci-fi movies from 1980s.

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    It looks like a cross between a power wheelchair and some sort of sci-fi insect. Let me take out a life insurances policy on you if you are thinking of driving this thing at 75 mph in heavy traffic;-)

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    Jeff S

    I’ll pass on this vehicle. I wait till these are used and cheap and then get one and put a mowing deck on one–make a great riding lawnmower.

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    $18k for a really fast golf cart? Hard pass.

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    I’d be absolutely open to this, if we could get the value proposition higher, or cost much lower. Either it needs to offer a ton more range, full doors(as others have noted)…or, it needs to drop by about 10k(before incentives).

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