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Hertz will custom wrap a rental vehicle to mark an occasion or celebration, a program that appears to be available throughout their system in locations across the U.S.


We have no idea exactly how custom their wraps are, as Hertz shows several examples on a dedicated microsite. It will, however, allow you to tailor a personalized message for a themed anniversary, engagement, bachelor party, trip to Las Vegas, or several other occasions, including moving.


The information Hertz provided was vague, so we’re not sure whether this is a promotion that they’re planning to initiate when or if they get sufficient interest from the motoring public, or if it is already in place, and they have certain vehicles earmarked as wrap recipients that are fairly common throughout their rental fleet.


It would seem to make sense and be more cost-effective if Hertz standardized the number of wraps they offer, and the vehicles you could rent that are wrapped. In this manner, they could have two dozen or more themes, all of which fit a Chevy Tahoe or Ram Promaster van for example, and simply print out the personalized message on the existing wraps, sent to a rental location from their corporate office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, or a few vendors from around the country, to cut shipping costs and time.

From the images we were able to obtain from Hertz, the coverage of these wraps appears large enough that they’re not just a couple of stickers on the doors and maybe the windows. They show front and rear views that are also wrapped, which would indicate they are doing full wraps. This would mean they either needed to train their existing staff at all or many rental locations how to install wraps, or it’s being done on a contract basis by outside companies who perform these installations on a regular basis. Either way, it’s not easy and requires a certain amount of skill and manual dexterity to wrangle and install large sections of printed vinyl onto the vehicle’s surface.

Oh, and there was no mention of what it costs either.

[Images: Hertz]

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20 Comments on “Hertz Offers Custom Vehicle Wraps on Rentals...”

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    Norman Stansfield

    Wonder what the charge is if you wrap your rental to celebrate Hertz not going out of business.

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    Gardiner Westbound


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    hold on, let me close the pop-up videos…..

    Okay so Mrs. Sammich has priced out custom wraps for her job. She says the cost of the wrap itself isn’t that bad (an average SUV is around $300). But the real cost is in the labor to install it. Plus the wrap will need to be removed after the event. There will be a residue left that requires more than a run thru the cheapo airport car wash. The portal is interesting in that there’s no launch city, like say Las Vegas, where they are trying this first. There’s also no choice of vehicle. Different vehicles require different templates. You’ll probably only be able to get this on a Tahoe. But it still requires time and talent to install. And what locations? Vegas? Sure. How about a city branch in Manhattan? I just don’s see that this was well thought out before launching the microsite at all.

    We now return you to a Lexus pop-up ad…..

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      Well if they do enough of them no reason to properly clean them between applications. Just yank off the old, though that isn’t going to be particularly quick either, and slap on the new. I also expect that they will be slapped on haphazardly, even if done by a pro, since it isn’t intended to be on there long term.

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    Just when you think you’ve seen it all!

    I’d hate to be a buyer of a car that’s had a few wraps installed and removed — I hope they throw in a paint correction as part of the deal!

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    This is the dumbest idea since ladies’ shoes with live fish in the heels.

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    Hertz can die

    Die a horrible death

    Will never ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER rent from Hertz

    If my choice was walking two miles in fire ants ore renting from Hertz, I’m jogging across fire ants.

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    This is stupid!

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    Anybody remember Beetle Boards? An outfit that paid you to have your VW done over with adverts?

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      Yup, a local radio station was the big customer around here. I remember they ran ads in the automotive section of the classified looking for people willing to have their Bug done. It was apparently paint since part of the contract included a new paint job at the end.

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    CKNSLS Sierra SLT

    There has been two stories in our local paper about how one couple who rents through Hertz had two bills mailed to them many months after their rental that said they returned the car with a cracked windshield. While the couple was insistent that they didn’t crack it. Unfortunately-I have heard too many stories like this to rent through Hertz.

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    This seems like a terrible idea, but if I’ve learned anything during my nearly 50 years on this planet people are stupid and separating them from their money is often easier then you might expect.

    Also I am not buying that Lexus no matter how many times the ad appears on TTAC.

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    Didn’t Nazareth record a song about this company?

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    Appears to be a logistics nightmare. Probably developed by an MBA Marketing Major trying to prove his worth to the company.

    Customer support at most rental car pickup locations appear to be a challenge. This will only complicate the situation.

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    I thought Hertz was bankrupt?

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    I’d be temped to get an excursion, wrapped in pink hearts, with the white heart having the text, “HYDROCARBONS”.

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