Hyundai to Electrify Its Genesis Lineup?

Jason R. Sakurai
by Jason R. Sakurai
hyundai to electrify its genesis lineup

Hyundai Motor Company has trademarked an electric version of every Genesis model in their lineup, according to

In Korea, the automaker filed trademarks for G70e, G80e, GV70e, GV80e, and GV90e, which would lead Genesis fans to conclude that there’s going to be plug and play variants at a future date to be determined. If Korean trademarks are time-sensitive as they are in the U.S., it would give Hyundai three years to use it or lose it. At that point, they would need to file once again to retain the trademarks.

As we reported on Tuesday, President Biden is planning on using an executive order to replace 645,000 vehicles in the federal fleet with EVs. The question is whether this mandate will define what is American made by American workers, as foreign automakers have manufacturing and assembly plants in the U.S., and one, Stellantis, formerly FCA, is owned by a foreign company.

When you see a procession of large, black SUVs looking officious in the streets of Washington, D.C., will they all be GM, Ford, or Dodge products, or will this include vehicles like the Genesis if they’re assembled in the U.S., with at least 50 percent of their parts produced in America? With as many units as there are in the fleet, this could get political very quickly.

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  • Ajla Ajla on Jan 28, 2021

    Full electric vehicles work best when they are on a dedicated platform so unless Hyundai had an engineering breakthrough I expect these will be PHEV. Maybe an outside chance at being a conventional hybrid.

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    • Ajla Ajla on Jan 29, 2021

      @bd2 We'll see if that works out to a 300+ mile rating on the EPA cycle. The longest range Taycan right now is rated only for 227 miles. I'm also interested in what range/performance the *converted* ICE platforms would offer.

  • El scotto El scotto on Jan 28, 2021

    Gents, look at VW & Toyota's percentage of EV/hybrids in their lineups. Any company saying they're going to 100% EV will fail miserably. VW & Toyota sell the people what they want. Any other nonsense is corporate wishful thinking or lazy press releases. You decide.

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    • Bd2 Bd2 on Jan 29, 2021

      ICE remaining the dominant powertrain has a limited shelf life by govt. dictate. Europe, China, Korea, Japan and parts of the US (California) are phasing out ICE. If automakers want to continue to sell in those markets, they will have to offer electrics or other alternatives.

  • John H Last week after 83 days, dealership said mine needs new engine now. They found metal in oil. Potential 8 to 9 month wait.
  • Dukeisduke An aunt and uncle of mine traded their '70 T-Bird (Beakbird) for a brand-new dark metallic green '75 LTD two-door, fully loaded. My uncle hated seat belts, so the first time I saw the car (it was so new that the '75 models had just landed at the dealerships) he proudly showed me how he'd pulled the front seat belts all the way out of their retractors, and cut the webbing with a razor blade(!).Just a year later, they traded it in for a new '76 Cadillac Coupe de Ville (they had owned a couple of Imperials in the '60s), and I imagine the Cadillac dealer took a chunk out to the trade-in, to get the front seat belts replaced.
  • CaddyDaddy Lease fodder that in 6 years will be on the 3rd owner in a poverty bound aspirational individual's backyard in a sub par neighborhood sinking into the dirt. The lending bank will not even want to repossess and take possession of this boat anchor of a toxic waste dump. This proves that EVs are not even close to being ready for prime time (let's not even talk about electrical infrastructure). EVs only exist in wildly expensive virtue signaling status-mobiles. FAIL! I know this is a Hybrid, but it's a Merc., so it will quickly die after the warranty. Show me a practical EV for the masses and I'll listen. At this time, Hybrids are about the way to go for most needing basic transportation.
  • Jeanbaptiste The bubble free dash on the R32!
  • Dukeisduke A seven-year-old Cadillac, and a front-wheel-drive one at that? Maybe instead title this series "Overpriced User Car Review"?