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2021 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack Shaker Widebody. Image: FCA

The next Dodge Challenger will have a bit more junk in the trunk, at least in terms of available wide-body options.

The wide-body option will be available on the R/T Scat Pack Shaker and T/A 392 versions of the next Challenger. Currently it’s only available on the R/T Scat Pack and SRT Hellcat/Hellcat Redeye models.

As a refresher, the wide-body setup adds 3.5 inches of width to the car, allowing for 20-inch by 11-inch wheels that wear 305/35 Pirelli tires. Other changes include adaptive dampers.

Current wide-body cars run slightly quicker times at the drag strip than their narrower brethren.

Other changes for the overall Challenger lineup include 20-inch wheels as standard for V6 models with all-wheel drive, new instrument badging for Hellcats, and new accents for the Hellcat Redeye and Super Stock. A memory feature for the driver’s seating position is now available across the board.

The R/T Scat Pack Shaker with widebody will start at $47,690 while the T/A 392 widebody will cost $49,090 to start. Neither price includes destination.

Orders for the former are now open, with deliveries set for early next year. For the latter, orders should open by the end of this year, with cars arriving in the spring of next year.

[Image: FCA]

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17 Comments on “2021 Dodge Challenger to Get More Wide-Booty Bodies...”

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    Yep drag out the Bush Administration platform longer and longer, product planning be damned.

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      There’s absolutely no volume growth in these segments so spending money on a “new” Charger/Challenger/300 would be a massive waste of funds. Barring a major shift in consumer preference these cars are just going to roll on relatively unchanged until fuel economy or safety regulations kill them off.

      For the future of the Dodge brand in general it will depend on if Stellantis wants to rebadge Peugeots, Citroens, and Opels as Dodges or if they want to sell them under their own marque.

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        I feel like if they did act though to create a new model perhaps with the guiding hand of Peugeot, that they could possibly maintain their own brand identity. If they wait much longer they’re going to sell Peugeot cars and have nothing for their customer base.

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          The plan back in 2017 was to move most of the unibody RWD-based things to the Giorgio platform (and switch the 300 to FWD), but I’m guessing they ran the numbers and realized they would get punched in the teeth going to the fancy platform while the Lacrosse/Impala crashing & burning scared them away from their 300 ideas.

          In general Alfa is an anvil around the neck of the new company. Any cash spent on that brand goes straight into the furnace. They would be better off putting it in mothballs but I’m sure the Italian wing will force a few new models out.

          I could see Stellantis working on a new RWD platform that can underpin both GV80 & Grand Cherokee style CUVs as well as an actually new Charger/Challenger. I think their biggest problem for the new stuff is how hard they need to go into BEVs. Despite the memes FCA and PSA do have an okay PHEV program and those can fit on ICE platforms but full-EVs generally require a dedicated architecture to not be useless.

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            The European side of Cialis/Dilaudid/Omeprazole will go heavy EV leaving the Chrysler side relatively unchanged. When the EV venture blows up in their face, they will use Chrysler -specifically Jeep- as a profit center to subsidize the huge loss (the same way GM and to a lesser extent Ford used their truck lines to subsidize their EV boondoggles). This is why Jerry Dias had such a hard on for FCA in contract negotiations, he knows they need the established product and assembly as a profit center now and don’t have 18 months to shut it down and move it to Mexico. Of course in a few years when LX is beyond deprecated and FCA abandons Canada, it won’t be Jerry’s problem at that point; Boomer logic and all.

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            Are you a wizard? Great post +1

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      LX can never die, only the actors who play him.

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      The tooling is paid for, and this is a low-volume, high price tag car with just enough market to sell every one. It, the Charger, and the 300 are all well sorted out and terrific long distance road cars – just take a long drive in a 300, and you’ll know how comfortable full size RWD American cars can be on the interstates.

      You would be a lousy auto executive if you discontinued a model that still makes money, just because it’s not the latest and greatest – with bugs still to be worked out. The Challenger, like the Charger, with big V8 engines and RWD, are what passes for halo cars for FCA in North America, and simply have too much value for the company to give up.

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        Nobody’s saying cancel it willy nilly, just plan for the future with a replacement. There’s no plan.

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          Yeah the plan got thrown out the window when the alfa platform was too pricey. Then they got distracted with Stellantis. Plus the much needed new Jeep rollout went slower then intially planned.

          Given Americans love of AWD, it would seem a new AWD/RWD platform for the LX triplets and Opal or DS would make sense. It should also be expandable for a Journey replacement and maybe another cross over.

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    A few years back, I treated myself to a Challenger 5.7 Hemi rental car for several days when vacationing on the West Coast.

    Man, I loved that car. I wanted to drive it home. Teased myself by going to the dealership, and spent time on the Mopar web site “building” my proposed car.

    In the real world, if the French are involved…no way in hell am I buying one. I don’t even tease myself about that any more. Things were bad enough with the Italians in charge. The French will destroy anything of value at Mopar.

    It’s a cryin’ shame.

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      FCA motto: Dodge testing. RAM into production.

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      It’s easy to find excuses NOT to buy something, but if you want one there are plenty of babied examples going back 10+ years now. Buy someone else’s baby and it’s like getting a new car. They are great cars actually, I had one and it was not just fun and fast but also very well built.

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    Jarred Fitzgerald

    The next Dodge Challenger looks amazing! Well, if I were to have one, it would only be appropriate for me to shop awesome chrome wheels for it. I’ve been lurking in 4WheelOnline, and quite frankly, their selections of R/T wheels are great.

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    Supposedly there has been a production commitment until 2024! At this rate it will still be in production when I’m looking for another ride in 2025.

    I also find it hilarious that the Charger/Challenger will outlast the current Camaro which has only been in production on it’s current platform since 2016. (And is rumored to be dead by 2023.)

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      Heck, one of the 300’s first comparison tests was against *the Bonneville*.

      Think of all the RWD platforms and names that GM has offered that have lived and died since 2004 (Sigma, Zeta, Alpha, Omega). And, that’s not even counting the large Epsilon sedans that are no longer with us. The amount of money GM set on fire to compete in these segments compared to ChryslerCo has got to be staggering. Even if you don’t like the vehicles, from a business case perspective the LX is one of the best automotive platforms ever.

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