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Ford has been pretty clear that it wants to offer the Bronco in an array of flavors catering to numerous customer types. While the Bronco Sport name has been reserved for its smaller sibling (an interesting decision straight out of the Mitsubishi and Nissan playbook), it was assumed the Blue Oval would eventually provide us with a hardcore variant of the larger model. The mere existence of the Baja-blasting Bronco R seemed to suggest that Ford was already considering the possibility, while the Ranger Raptor filled us with hope that the company would put those plans into action.

It may have already. Reports have surfaced that a Ford engineer updated their LinkedIn profile to include they were now an “EDS Systems Engineer” for the “2021 Bronco” and “2023 Bronco Raptor.”

According to screenshots of the profile shared on the Bronco6G forums, the anonymous employee is a nearly 30-year veteran who recently changed roles. While one would think a longtime staffer wouldn’t slip up like that, stranger things have happened. There’s also a chance Ford allowed this to leak to happen intentionally just to stir up buzz, since this doesn’t technically qualify as a confirmation (and a provides leeway for denial). After all, it could have been entirely fabricated by the original poster for a cheap laugh.

Speculations aside, the 2023 model year matches earlier rumors that the vehicle wouldn’t be ready until the normal Bronco had a few seasons to itself. Ford has nothing to say on the matter, and the actual profile has since scrubbed any mention of the Raptor from existence. That could mean Bronco6G had other, more nefarious, reasons for maintaining the employee’s anonymity, but the outlet has a pretty good record for releasing Bronco information that ultimately turns out to be dead-on.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

[Image: Ford Motor Co.]

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6 Comments on “New Ford Bronco Raptor Evidence Surfaces on LinkedIn?...”

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    Hey, Apple does the “accidental employee slip” all the time to create buzz.

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    “We’ll just have to wait and see.”

    …and wait …and wait :(

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    I suspected the reason why Ford did not release a Ranger Raptor was because they were saving that for the Bronco. This would confirm that theory. Personally, I’d rather see a Ranger Raptor.

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    Yawn. With Fords customer satisfaction plummeting it shouldn’t be too long and you’ll be able to get a Ford Blazer…err…Bronco for 30-50% off.

    Although the the two Bronco mall crawlers will also be riddled with quality issues so even at a discount it will be overpriced.

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    Hey EBFlex I enjoyed your post. I for one also hope Ford learned valuable lessons from the 2020 Explorer. Having to transport the vehicles from a heavily retooled Chicago plant to Dearborn to fix them.

    I feel as if Ford knows this is their one shot to get it right. If they don’t then they may have serious problems.

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