QOTD: The One That Got Away?

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
qotd the one that got away

Surfing around the Twitter machine the other day, I saw a reference to the late, not-so-great Pontiac Aztek. It occurred to me that despite working in the service trenches at a Pontiac store for a summer, and despite once working alongside someone who owned an Aztek, I’m not sure I’ve ever driven one.

Which got me thinking – what normal, attainable car have I not driven? The same question applies to high-end (but not unobtanium) metal.

After all, I’ve driven a lot of cars, and not just because of this job. I spent a good chunk of my teens and 20s working various dealership service roles – from porter to greeter to service advisor – meaning that even before I fell ass-backwards into auto journalism, I had a chance to drive a variety of vehicles, even if on many occasions I never got out of second gear.

I mean, I even drove a Fiero once during my time at the Pontiac store.

There’s a whole bunch of older cars I’d love to have driven but never did. I don’t think I’ve ever piloted a Honda Element (pun intended). I can’t recall ever driving one of the retro T-Birds, or a Chrysler Crossfire. Heck, I’ve never driven a Dodge Viper on road, although I have on track and at Chrysler’s proving grounds in Michigan.

I’m not even sure I’ve driven a Porsche 911.

I ask you, B&B, what car would you like to have driven that you haven’t yet? I suspect many of you have driven a lot of cool and/or interesting stuff, whether it was a car you owned, or just test-drove, or something a neighbor or friend had and let you take a turn with.

For the purposes of this exercise, let’s keep it to relatively obtainable cars. High-end, six-figure cars are fine, but let’s avoid the exotics that even us journalists don’t often get a shot at (except those at the buffs). Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, that kind of thing. As for me, I’ve driven a Rolls just once, a Ferrari once, a Bentley a couple times, and a Lambo never.

Even better than focusing on ‘Vettes and Vipers, let’s hear from those of you who wanted to drive an Aztek or Element or PT Cruiser or HHR and never did.

Have at it, folks.

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  • Dividebytube Dividebytube on Jul 23, 2020

    Mainstream models? I've never driven a Mazda or a Subaru and only drove one Toyota sedan. Only Dodge/Chrysler I've driven was a rental or a borrow from my sister-in-law. I've never driven a F150, Dodge Ram, and only a short test drive in an old Silverado. No Porsche either, or Mercedes or Audi or Lexus or Acura. I've driven BMWs and, by extension, several MINIs. I fell in love with the MINI handling but not the constant quality and reliability issues. I grew up as GM guy but now would only buy the Corvette. Another car I've never driven but only ridden in. I would like to test drive a Tesla before I buy one.

  • Stevied Stevied on Jul 27, 2020

    Peugeot 505. Dealer did the eyeball test on me and wouldn't let me do a test drive because it was "drizzling". So I blew the budget on three Saab 900 instead. The good ole days, being a buyer for the company fleet and the prez saying "we need to standout, be different, get something other than those boring Fords and Chevys you normally buy". Next quarter bought the first Toyota and from that day we never bought any other brand.

  • InCogKneeToe BUILD It and they will come.By Build It, I mean a Vehicle that the Customer Wants and it works for them. It could be called Chevette for all that that matters. The Mach E's success isn't because it totes the Mustang on it.Just build what people want, the next Caravan/Taurus/Beetle/Maverick (truck).
  • YellowDuck Wait...how do you make a mid-engine crossover? Or even a 4-door coupe? Me not get.
  • 28-Cars-Later Thanks Corey. The head stud job on NOrthSTAR-T was $3K *years ago* as it involves an engine pull so rear wheel arch rust in and of itself isn't a show stopper. I'll be sure to check out the trunk as it may start to add up on deferred maintenance. Supposedly this was garaged so the underneath the rockers etc. should be decent but if those are shot its not gonna work.
  • Mark 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, G4NG engine with connecting rod bearing issues. Engine needs to be replaced, but Hyundai is denying warranty claim. I have all maintenance records from mile zero. It has been in Hyundai Service department 5 time in 4 months. They added the knock sensor and software update to let you know the engine is about to blow up. They kicked the can down the road doing patch work until the car was past the 120k extended extended warranty. I have that documentation too. So how can I join the class action law suit or find a Lawyer that handles these types of issues?
  • Wolfwagen Always loved the late 70s and very early 80s Scout II and Terras.This resurrection will be nothing like those. SINO - Scout in Name Only