QOTD: Prepare(d) for Launch?

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
qotd prepare d for launch

Not since Toyota’s American brass debuted the new Venza from their own driveways at the height of the coronavirus lockdown has a new vehicle galvanized the public’s attention like this.

Discourse? There isn’t any, other than about this singular product. At this very moment your kids are probably watching other kids talk about it on their TikTok machines, or whatever it is they play with when they’re not tattooing images of Elon Musk on their necks and going vegan to fight hate. I’m no parent, and it shows.

If you’ve just arrived from a secluded cave in which you were held captive by a family of bears, free of any and all media except for nightly live-action stage plays (about bears), we should inform you that the Ford Bronco will, at long last, reveal itself tonight. Everyone, including your relieved family members, are aware of this. Ford worked overtime to generate as much buzz as possible, earning this date in history the moniker “ B-Day” at the very online TTAC World Headquarters. Of course, it’s entirely possible you couldn’t care less about another SUV appearing in an already crowded segment, but don’t worry — you’ll still be able to participate in today’s QOTD.

Many vehicles came before the Bronco II— er, 2.0, and some of them might have been more to your liking. Not everyone’s built wild, after all.

Scan those memory banks, plumb those recollections, and try to think of a moment when you were legitimately excited, maybe even giddy with anticipation, over an imminent vehicle launch. Perhaps it was the ’99 Mercury Cougar. Perhaps it was something else.

And perhaps you were left wanting more. Much more.

But we’re not here today to talk specifically about vehicles that drove a thrill up your leg through pre-unveil teasing, then burst your balloon when the spotlight hit sheet metal. We want to know only about that first part.

What model was it?

[Image: Ford Motor Company]

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  • 18726543 18726543 on Jul 13, 2020

    When I was 16 (in 1998) I bought my first car, a 1987 Camaro IROC-Z. I drove it through high school and it was the entire reason I found my way into the hobby. My dad didn't do it and neither did anyone else in my family. Once I was through mechanic school and working full time at the Acura/Nissan dealership (~2002), I sold the IROC and bought a 1998 Z28. It was way more powerful and much more fun! About 2 years later, vague renderings of the soon-to-be 5th generation Camaro started to surface and I was really excited! I was very sure I'd be first in line to buy one! Well, fast-forward to 2009 and I was 3 years into my engineering degree when the thing finally came out. I was a broke-as-a-joke college student so I had no real aspirations to buy one, but in truth when I finally saw the thing in person I wasn't even slightly interested in it. In my opinion each refresh has been an improvement, but I still don't find them appealing.

  • Ryanwm80 Ryanwm80 on Jul 14, 2020

    Either the 1998 Volkswagen Beetle or the 2000 Ford Thunderbird. But I'd rather have that seriously sexy Sable - far better looking than nearly every new car today.

  • Abqhudson Passenger seating in recent accords has been unacceptable with my 5’2” wife forced to look at the dash while sitting in the hole provided.
  • ToolGuy Real Subarus are green and coated with dust from at least three different National Parks (Gateway Arch doesn't count).
  • ToolGuy Good for them.(And their customers. $2500 first-year subscription on top of the system cost? That ain't me)
  • ToolGuy T E L L U R I D E is not on this list(I can keep my poster on the wall)
  • ToolGuy My impression is that Honda has been coasting on its reputation for awhile now.(To Honda's credit, they aren't standing on the Self Destruct button like Toyota seems to be)