Junkyard Find: 2005 Saab 9-2X Linear

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 2005 saab 9 2x linear
Weird examples of badge engineering! Who doesn’t love them? Bad people, that’s who, and so I do my best to find such vehicles while I’m exploring car graveyards. The badge-engineering world includes Isuzus badged as Hondas, Hondas badged as Isuzus, Mitsubishis badged as Dodges, Dodges badged as Mitsubishis, Chevrolets badged as Saabs, and — of course — Subarus badged as Saabs. Here’s an example of the notorious Saabaru, found in the Subiest region of the United States: Denver, Colorado.
Even though Coloradans love Saabs nearly as much as they love Subarus, the 9-2X has been tough for me to find in my local junkyards. Prior to today’s Junkyard Find, I’d documented just this lone silver 9-2X Linear, and that was two years ago. I’ve seen a few others, but they were WRX-based Aero models and had been stripped clean (presumably by Subaru fanatics) before I got there.
While the 9-2X Aero was a Saabized (Saabified? Saab-o-lated?) Subaru WRX, complete with wild turbocharged engine, the 9-2X Linear was just an ordinary Impreza hatchback with a somewhat nicer interior and a different grille. Still, this 2.5-liter boxer four made 165 horses, so these cars aren’t punitively slow.
You could get this car with a manual transmission, but… nope.
The Impreza got more vet’s-waiting-room-style interior materials, while the 9-2X had a more Swedish-influenced look inside.
Why did it end up here? Maybe a head gasket, maybe just lots of miles and low resale value for Saabs (and “Saabs”) these days.
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  • Lisa Webb Lisa Webb on Sep 05, 2022

    I own this car, it is my transportation. As I am looking to sell to buy a car higher for my back I'm finding out much more about it. Help me please. Do I sell it or hang onto it. So much excitement over ones at junkyard's. I bought 5 yrs ago for $3,100. Had new water pump & I have put in new Cat con, sensor. Just wondering if I should hang onto it. I live Reno Tahoe, good snow car. Help car guys please!

  • Scott Scott on Feb 25, 2023


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