Junkyard Find: 1979 Ford Courier

We took a look at a Mitsubishi small pickup with Dodge badges last month, and now it's the turn of a Mazda small pickup with Ford badges. I spotted this Courier at a self-service boneyard in Carson City, Nevada, last month.

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Junkyard Find: 1952 Hudson Wasp Four-Door Sedan

The American Motors Corporation was formed by the merger of Nash-Kelvinator and the Hudson Motor Car Company in 1954. The Hudson brand went away after 1957, which means cars bearing the name of the founder of Hudson's Department Store are tough to find in junkyards today. I managed the feat on a recent trip to a Northern California car graveyard, and here's the car.

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Junkyard Find: 1976 Chevrolet G20 Chevy Van

The third-generation GM G-Series van was introduced as a 1971 model, and it stayed in production in essentially the same form through 1996. Early examples of this long-lived design are tough to find these days, so I was happy to find this '76 in a North Carolina self-service yard a couple of months back.

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  • James Hendricks The depreciation on the Turbo S is going to be epic!
  • VoGhost Key phrase: "The EV market has grown." Yup, EV sales are up yet again, contrary to what nearly every article on the topic has been claiming. It's almost as if the press gets 30% of ad revenues from oil companies and legacy ICE OEMs.
  • Leonard Ostrander Daniel J, you are making the assertion. It's up to you to produce the evidence.
  • VoGhost I remember all those years when the brilliant TTAC commenters told me over and over how easy it was for legacy automakers to switch to making EVs, and that Tesla was due to be crushed by them in just a few months.
  • D "smaller vehicles" - sorry, that's way too much common sense! Americans won't go along because clever marketing convinced us our egos need big@ss trucks, which give auto manufacturers the profit margin they want, and everybody feels vulnerable now unless they too have a huge vehicle. Lower speed limits could help, but no politician wants to push that losing policy. We'll just go on building more lanes and driving faster and faster behind our vehicle's tinted privacy glass. Visions of Slim Pickens riding a big black jacked up truck out of a B-52.