Junkyard Find: 1984 Dodge 600 Landau Coupe With Five-speed Manual Transmission

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 1984 dodge 600 landau coupe with five speed manual transmission

Once Lee Iacocca’s front-wheel-drive K-cars brought Chrysler back from near-death and into profitability, the platform became the basis of a sprawling family of K-related relatives. One of the earliest spinoffs was the E Platform, a lengthened K that gave us the Chrysler E-Class/New Yorker, the Plymouth Caravelle, and the Dodge 600. Just to confuse matters, the Dodge 600 coupe remained a true K, sibling to the Dodge Aries.

That’s what we’ve got here, and this Denver 600 coupe has some stories to tell.

Five-speed manual transmissions still seemed sort of racy in 1984. Because the slushboxization of the American car-buying public was well along by the middle 1980s, very few Detroit cars with luxury pretensions came from the factory with three-pedal setups; this is the first Chrysler E-Body I’ve seen with a five-speed.

Someone must have wanted that hard-to-find (well, not really hard-to-find) transmission and didn’t want to remove the engine, because this ingenious engine-support rig holds the engine in place. Maybe a junkyard visitor brought it along and then, its job done, left it behind. Maybe the car’s final owner pulled the transmission with the idea of fixing it, and then life intervened (in the form of a tow truck from U-Pull-&-Pay) and hauled away the car, engine-support bar and all.

Cheap but effective.

Although Chrysler hoped to snatch some sales away from European marques with the 600 coupe, the front end looks lifted straight from the incredibly non-Euro-looking (and pre-Iaccocan) Mirada.

We’ve got a no-holds-barred Whorehouse Red Velour™ interior here, and it still looks very clean at age 35.

I don’t know if Dodge still called the padded part-roof treatment a Landau by 1984, but that’s what this is.

I found a bunch of realtor-related paperwork from the 1980s inside, so I think the car may have died or been parked at a very young age.

Looks like a mere 72,922 miles on the clock.

Commitment? Pfft, that went out with the hula hoop!

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  • FreedMike Ford "Powershudder" DCT? Hard pass...with extreme prejudice. The only people who liked these were the class-action lawyers. With a manual, it'd be a different story.
  • Cprescott I blow on a pinwheel....
  • Jkross22 Looks good in and out, but pricing is nonsensical. Anyone spending in the low to upper 40s and wanting something like this would be better off in a Stelvio and anyone wanting a small, fun SUV would be better off in a Q3, X1 or even X3. All hover around that price.Dodge is getting high off its own supply.
  • Parkave231 If I were employed at Grand River, I'd be very worried right now...
  • ScarecrowRepair I can grok everything but 20 TV monitors. What earthly purpose do they serve? If the entire skin were screens, it could change like a chameleon. But they are just square blobs scattered all over. The rear ones can send messages to tailgators. The others?At least the two fake NOS bottles are car related. If it had cattle horns up front, at least that would relate to historical car bling.Makes me wonder how many other mods are just as useless, and how well any of them are done.