Volkswagen Raided Again Over Diesel Emissions Scandal

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
volkswagen raided again over diesel emissions scandal

German prosecutors raided Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg headquarters on Tuesday, continuing their prolonged quest to bust the automaker over a diesel emission scandal that has been more or less settled in the United States since 2017.

Germany must want to do an incredibly thorough job of investigating the automaker — it’s difficult to imagine raiding the same offices over and over being all that fun, especially after VW formally confessed its malfeasance in other parts of the world. However, according to Reuters, prosecutors might be looking for something different this time around. Volkswagen has said it is still cooperating with authorities, but described its latest surprise encounter with them as unfounded.

From Reuters:

Volkswagen said the raids were linked to an investigation into diesel cars with engine type EA 288, a successor model to the EA 189 which was at the heart of the test cheating scandal.

The carmaker said it had itself disclosed the issue at the center of the new investigation — which is targeting individual employees — to the relevant registration authorities.

In simulations, vehicles with the EA 288 engine did not indicate a failure of the diesel filter, while still complying with emissions limits, Volkswagen said, adding the engine did not have an illegal defeat device.

Considering the scope of the company’s diesel-related screw-up, we don’t want to give them the benefit of the doubt. VW’s story changes all the time depending on which country you’re in. The automaker recently told a British courtroom overseeing a civil suit that the defeat device designed to fool regulators — installed in millions of vehicles — was actually software intended to update cars to be compliant with EU emission laws, not to breach testing protocols.

But Germany has really been dragging its feet on this. Many have criticized the country for being soft on the automaker, though the real issue seems to be how slowly it’s moving. Action is still being taken, just at a snail’s pace. German prosecutors have been eyeballing (and raiding) high-ranking executives that fled the company after the company was exposed for ages — charging some with acts that could require some real jail time.

Former VW head Martin Winterkorn was charged with fraud in April, an accusation that could end in a ten-year sentence if he’s convicted. Still, he’s far from the only VW Group staffer under the microscope of justice; the latest raid saw prosecutors leaving with more corporate documents that could serve as ammunition in the courtroom.

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  • Conundrum Conundrum on Dec 04, 2019

    The EA288 was the new diesel just introduced into the US for the 2015 model year. My memory, which may be faulty, recalls that few of these were actually sold in the US and sat at dockside awaiting late EPA approval even before the big scandal began in September that year. But they were found to be fiddled with as well. The series were being sold in Europe though for some time. VW can't keep its story straight between countries, as you say. Must be some nefarious advantage to it for VW because the EU is governed by one type approval standard, so why they should hand out different excuses in different countries in that Union is beyond my ken. If it's been found to be bad in one place, it's bad everywhere. Remember the $1.29 intake airflow straightener that cured all ills that Europeans were offered as the cure for all ills just after the begining of the scandal? Well, that was a piece of arcane BS if there ever was one, I must say. What an outfit.

  • ToddAtlasF1 ToddAtlasF1 on Dec 04, 2019

    Angela Merkel said that Germany must oppose strong speech or they will lose their free society. Either she doesn't know what words mean, or she is a typical Marxist lying to end freedom. If you want to force everyone into trying to replace the cars of 2019 with the cars of 1905, you're going to have to break a few eggs.

  • Zipper69 How much of a bite of the market has the BRONCO taken?The "old technology" of the Cherokee can't compete...
  • JMII So this pretty much confirms the long standing rumor that the C8 platform was designed for hybrid AWD support. If this is even faster then the current Z06 it will be a true rocket ship. GM was already hinting that even more impressive C8 was coming, most assume a turbo ZR1 but an e-assist AWD package seems more like... and apparently it will be called E-Ray.
  • Tassos the announcement is unnecessarily verbose, aka full of it. Most 'justifications" for the shutdown are shameless lies.
  • Jwee I can post images...?????
  • Jwee @Bobby D'OppoThere is no element of the reported plan that involves taking people's carsSeems like you missed the Southpark reference: comment was humor (or humour if you prefer). The city council is not literally taking people's cars, but seems like they wouldn't mind a drop in car ownership. More cyclists! Less pollution! More public transport! A £70 fine per violation! Surely if they came out and said "we are going to take your car", they would get a very stern letter written to them in the strongest language possible, or perhaps even called a bunch of rotters. I am all for good transport networks, but this is just a terrible plan. Visit Amsterdam, and study how to manage traffic skillfully in a dense, medieval city, with no traffic cameras whatsoever, with first rate public transport, where pedestrians, bikes, boats and cars coexist.