Amid Emissions Clampdown, Brits Face Reduced Access to 34 MPG Mazda

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
amid emissions clampdown brits face reduced access to 34 mpg mazda

The roadster news just keeps getting worse for British drivers. As hyper-stringent Euro 6 emission standards come into effect in the new year, drivers in the UK will have a harder time getting their hands on a vehicle we all know and love on this side of the Atlantic.

That vehicle is the Mazda MX-5. Available with a standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder on this side of the pond, Brits can have theirs in two flavors: 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter. Come 2020, the automaker will do its best to dissuade buyers from choosing the larger mill.

Auto Express, following a report in the Financial Times that claimed Mazda will seek to reduce 2.0L sales by 20 percent, drew an admission from the automaker.

“We take a number of factors into consideration — not just the CO2 targets but also customer trends, pricing and currency exchange rates. But it is fair to say, yes, that there will be reduced supply of the 2.0-litre MX-5 in 2020,” a Mazda UK spokesman said.

The fallout for dealers will be a predicted reduction in volume of 13 percent, the publication claims. A greater percentage of remaining MX-5 sales will be of a lower-margin vehicle.

The earlier report stated that Mazda chose to cut back on 2.0L MX-5 sales in order to meet fleetwide emission standards, which impact small, lightweight sports cars in a similar manner as CAFE punishes small cars in the United States. While a 2.0-liter UK-market MX-5 returns a combined 34 mpg, compared to the 37.3 mpg delivered by the wimpier 1.5-liter variant, there’s enough different in CO2 output to earn the larger mill a black mark.

The news comes not long after the MX-5’s cousin, the Fiat 124 Spider, was discontinued in the UK market, spelling less choice for drivers in the birthplace of the Lotus Elan.

As automakers scramble to adjust their lineups to meet Euro 6 standards, expect to hear more stories like this. Is it any wonder why European car builders are rushing so quickly into electric vehicle development? Such models offset the emissions of ICE-powered offerings like the MX-5. Mazda, of course, does not yet sell a single EV or plug-hybrid.

Interestingly, the lowly but fun Mazda 2, which appears before UK buyers without a Toyota badge, welcomes a mild-hybrid variant to the British market for 2020. Everywhere, it’s getting more expensive for automakers to offer consumers a cheap subcompact hatchback.

[Image: Mazda]

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  • MBella MBella on Dec 19, 2019

    Hopefully now that the UK is leaving the Eco fascists of the EU, they will be able to fix emissions rules to where they work, and don't create this low displacement stupidity.

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    • Conundrum Conundrum on Dec 20, 2019

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  • PeriSoft PeriSoft on Dec 19, 2019

    I feel like it might be a bit of a leap from, "Lucas had a bad reputation in the '60s and '70s" to, "I hate and ignore everyone born within these borders".

  • Tassos The EQS is the best looking BEV, better than even the only Tesla I would ever consider (the S) and more luxurious inside etc etcThe self driving features will come in handy when I'm 110 and my eyesight and reaction times start to suffer.But that's four decades away, and only Tim recommends 40 year old "used cars"
  • Tassos "Baby, Baby light my fire!""Oh God please give me a Kia Forte" --Janis Joplin
  • Tassos The fugly looks of any Subaru, and especially the non-sporty non-elegant, fugly, low-rent looks and interior of the WRX are alone a sufficient turnoff to never want to own one.One can be a 100% car enthusiast but ALSO demand a beautiful AND luxurious vehicle one can be truly proud of and which makes one very happy every time one drives it.The above is obviously totally foreign to Subaru Designers and managers.
  • Thehyundaigarage Am I the only one that sees a Peugeot 508?
  • Lou_BC I realized it wasn't EV's burning by the absence of the usual suspects.