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Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
qotd searching for inspiration

We’ve all had time to think about Ford’s “ Mustang-inspired” electric crossover, a vehicle which seems ready to adopt styling cues — if not whole swaths of real estate — from its pony car stablemate. Imagine an other automaker grafting a close facsimile of the stem and stern of a storied sports car onto a high-riding, four-door CUV. Seems laughable, no?

Well, this exact scenario seems to be what Ford has planned for a vehicle it needs to be successful. If the final product ends up turning heads and not stomachs, can you see the company’s rivals attempting the same?

This is where you get to play Automotive God, albeit in a minor way. Assuming the entire concept of a Mustang-inspired crossover doesn’t leave you green with nausea, which other automaker would you want to see pursue this cynical gambit?

When Chevrolet debuted its reborn Blazer to weak applause, there was no doubt that the midsize crossover drew some of its design inspiration from the faltering, but nonetheless famous, Camaro. Its platform was snatched from beneath the decidedly non-sports-car-like GMC Acadia. Like the upcoming Ford EV and its design muse, there’s no DNA shared between Blazer and Camaro.

Fiat Chrysler, whose product plans are as hazy and capricious as the dinner itinerary of a wealthy socialite, could probably clean up with a CUV modelled after the aging but beastly Challenger/Charger, but it doesn’t have to. It already has access to those bird-flipping engines, and the likes of the Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee benefit greatly from it. No need to change the lineup.

But maybe we’re thinking too contemporarily? Famous sports cars there are many, but how many are still in production? There’s no rule that a new crossover can’t borrow the visage, the marrow, the essence of sports cars long past. Sure, it would be an odd thing to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s verboten.

What say you? Is the Mustang-inspired crossover a Ford too far, or is there another family-friendly tribute (not Tribute) you’d like to see born? Don’t hesitate to offer powertrain details.

[Image: Ford]

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  • EBFlex EBFlex on Oct 29, 2019

    Ford is so lost. This furniture guy needs to go ASAP. Mark Fields should have never been let go.

  • Akear Akear on Oct 30, 2019

    I afraid this vehicle will flop just like the Bolt. Ford is producing a vehicle that nobody has asked for. At least when it fails maybe Detroit will finally stop pursuing this unrealistic all electric vehicle future. It is simply not going to happen. Besides the last people that are going to buy electric vehicles are muscle car and truck customers.

    • Vulpine Vulpine on Oct 30, 2019

      @akear: This model appears to be notably different from the Bolt. The Bolt's problem is that it was built as a city car first, with no aspirations towards sportiness or family comfort for road trips. Nearly everyone who has bought one has labeled it as a 'daily driver' and not mentioned 'fun'. Some few have attempted long runs in the Bolt and while it can manage a decent distance on a single charge, the recharging network is somewhat lacking in inter-city placement and charging speed--topping out at roughly 50kW per hour, meaning a partial charge would take nearly an hour at best and a full charge possibly up to 3-4 hours per stop. The small size of the battery (relatively speaking) would expect to see faster charging but even with a high-speed charger available, the car's own circuits limit that rate to less than 50kWh. As yet, we know almost nothing about the Ford model and we really can't use Ford's previous product as a reference--except as a starting point and no more. Considering this is meant to be Mustang-based and is advertised as a "performance" CUV, I expect range to be longer and the handling more 'fun' than the Bolt. I also expect it will carry a larger battery than the Bolt.

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  • Probert Really needed more front and rear overhang.
  • Varezhka Autozam AZ-1 or a Toyota Sports 800.
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