QOTD: Waiting on Perfection?

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
qotd waiting on perfection

God knows we’ve talked up crossovers ad nauseum. Not in the same uniformly derisive manner as certain twenty-something bloggers, mind you, but the topic certainly has staying power — and with good reason. The thing about these (mostly) non-canyon-carving family boxes is that they insert themselves so easily into so many people’s lives, ticking a great number of boxes on a regular family’s list of must-haves. Hence the sales, the popularity, and the press.

So copious is the choice awaiting a would-be crossover buyer, he or she might become overwhelmed with indecision, ultimately requiring the intervention of medication and therapy. For others, the thought of bringing any one of these things home might leave a bad taste in their mouth. And for a certain few, the crossover of their dreams just hasn’t arrived yet. The love affair they didn’t think could happen awaits just over the horizon.

Maybe not a love affair for all things unibody, FWD, and cargo-friendly, for sure, but for a vehicle belonging to this overly broad segment that remains out of reach for American consumers. Perhaps its doesn’t yet exist anywhere in the world — just in the fertile imaginations of those who demand something different.

Something funky, avante-garde, and almost guaranteed to sell in numbers low enough to make the whole project a pointless money waster for any automaker dumb enough to attempt it. Then again, models with enough volume could affordably spawn variants aimed at a fairly narrow slice of the public, should the automaker choose to be generous.

Overseas, European buyers will soon have access to a drop-top Volkswagen compact CUV, affording drivers the open-air experience they were tacitly promised when the targa-like T-Roc concept appeared several years back. Americans haven’t known such oddball enjoyment since the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet bit the dust. And look at all of that vodka cooler-swallowing cargo space! (Zima? Mineral water?)

Maybe GMC was on to something when its debuted the Envoy XUV all those years ago. Perhaps Subaru’s Baja was a kooky idea you’d like to see replicated on a two-box crossover you’d otherwise pass over. Or maybe, just maybe, these attempts at filling a need that barely existed do not go far enough.

Tell us about the high-riding, unibody vehicle of your dreams. Who’ll build it, and how wild will it get?

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  • Darex Darex on Sep 14, 2019

    I kind of already have it: 2018 MINI Countryman S All4 with manual transmission. Perfect size for me. Very refined road manners, good steering feel, agile, and has had bulletproof reliable, so far, with 31,000 miles in.

  • Jeff S Jeff S on Sep 14, 2019

    A true compact extended cab pickup with a 3 or 4 cylinder engine and a 6 speed manual. This could be based on a compact or subcompact car or crossover platform. Price starting at below 19k for a base model. Keep it as simple as possible with nothing more than what is required by law except add air conditioning as standard. No wifi, no power windows, no power locks, no power seats, with just a base stereo with USB ports. Make the bed not any shorter than 5 feet long. Oh and offer rear seat delete

  • Dusterdude @El scotto , I'm aware of the history, I have been in the "working world" for close to 40 years with many of them being in automotive. We have to look at situation in the "big picture". Did UAW make concessions in past ? - yes. Do they deserve an increase now ? -yes . Is their pay increase reasonable given their current compensation package ? Not at all ! By the way - are the automotive CEO's overpaid - definitely! (That is the case in many industries, and a separate topic). As the auto industry slowly but surely moves to EV's , the "big 3" will need to be producing top quality competitive vehicles or they will not survive.
  • Art_Vandelay “We skipped it because we didn’t think anyone would want to steal these things”-Hyundai
  • El scotto Huge lumbering SUV? Check. Unknown name soon to be made popular by Tiktok ilk? Check. Scads of these showing up in school drop-off lines? Check. The only real over/under is if these will have as much cachet as Land Rovers themselves? A bespoken item had to be new at one time. Bonus "accepted by the right kind of people" points if EBFlex or Tassos disapproves.
  • El scotto No, "brothers and sisters" are the core strength of the union. So you'll take less money and less benefits because "my company really needs helped out"? The UAW already did that with two-tier employees and concessions on their last contract.The Big 3 have never, ever locked out the UAW. The Big 3 have agreed to every collective bargaining agreement since WWII. Neither side will change.
  • El scotto Never mind that that F-1 is a bigger circus than EBFlex and Tassos shopping together for their new BDSM outfits and personal lubricants. Also, the F1 rumor mill churns more than EBFlex's mind choosing a new Sharpie to make his next "Free Candy" sign for his white Ram work van. GM will spend a year or two learning how things work in F1. By the third or fourth year GM will have a competitive "F-1 LS" engine. After they win a race or two Ferrari will protest to highest F-1 authorities. Something not mentioned: Will GM get tens of millions of dollars from F-1? Ferrari gets 30 million a year as a participation trophy.