QOTD: Invisible Car Perfection?

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
qotd invisible car perfection

Since TTAC has been invisible to most of the internet since Thursday, we thought it’d be an appropriate time to ask: what’s your idea of an “invisible car”?

Some are bought on purpose. The private dicks (I’ve always wanted to work that into a post) and investigators of the world are said to intentionally select vehicles that blend into the background. The ninth-gen Impala, produced for an interminable 10 years, is a stereotypical choice, especially in a muted color.

There is also something to be said for piloting a minivan (doesn’t seem to matter the color, make, or model). Whether it’s thanks to people’s eyes glazing over the instant they see one or thinking a minivan driver already has enough on their plate in the form of squawking offspring, those boxes-on-wheels generally do not elicit a second or indeed even first glance from most constabulary. Not that I’ve ever taken advantage of that behaviour. No, sir.

Others take great pains to make their cars look plain-jane when they’re actually hairy-chested beasts that would give a Hellcat a fright at the dragstrip. Google “sleeper hot rod” and one will find images of staid Mercury Marquis wagons (the small ones, natch) stuffed with V8 power. They’re invisible only until the driver puts their right foot down.

What your pick for the Greyest of Them All? Oh, and hats off to Subaru for skewering the phenomenon of automobiles-as-appliances back in 2011.

[Images: Subaru/YouTube]

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  • Jh26036 Jh26036 on Mar 01, 2018

    If I had to go incognito, probably a Subaru Outback around here.

  • Chiefmonkey Chiefmonkey on Apr 27, 2018

    Every time I see a Subaru commercial, I think, there's one more reason I don't drive that car! Their commercials are among the worst in the business.

  • Kcflyer Ford expects to lose 3 BILLION DOLLARS on their EV business this year. That's on top of the 3 BILLION DOLLARS they lost over the last two years. So they will just "charge" it to the profitable albeit unreliable ICE vehicle division :)
  • 3SpeedAutomatic Ford is near #1 in recalls in North America. Another numb-nut in the C-Suite is an attempt to avoid responsibility.Instead of spending money on another layer of mis-management, how about spending the money on the vehicles!!"STOP THE HURT""STOP THE PAIN""I DON"T WANT MY CAR SPENDING MORE TIME AT THE DEALERSHIP AGAIN"
  • Another So the United States invaded and killed Kaddaffi just so Fiat could buy Chrysler. And now Peugeot is buying out Fiat. Soon will China buy out Peugeot? Did the US not care about their critical industry that they willingly give it away even if a nice neat little war is needed to do so?
  • Dale Houston At home on a Level 2 charger. Charging at home is EVs secret weapon, for those who can charge at home. I still have to visit a gas staton roughly monthly for one or the other of our Mazdas and that process sucks.I have not used a Supercharger in over a year, but will this summer when I am taking a road trip. It's been fine, but slower than pumping gas. Best to time it with meals.I have not used an off-brand commercial charger yet.
  • SCE to AUX I charge at home 99% of the time, on a Level 2 charger I installed myself in 2012 for my Leaf. My house is 1967, 150-Amp service, gas dryer and furnace; everything else is electric with no problems. I switched from gas HW to electric HW last year, when my 18-year-old tank finally failed.I charge at a for-pay station maybe a couple times a year.I don't travel more than an hour each way in my Ioniq 1 EV, so I don't deal much with public chargers. Despite a big electric rate increase this year, my car remains ridiculously cheap to operate.