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Mazda has filed the term “MX-30” with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). While the filing incorporates broad automotive usage (including parts), the MX prefix has historically been applied to Mazda’s two-doored vehicles (including the MX-5 Miata). However, we’re urging you not to get your panties in a bunch and take a moment to seriously consider the odds.

You might be envisioning a return of the MX-6 or MX-3 coupe, but the fact that there is a 30 tacked onto the end could be indicative of ties to the new CX-30 — a crossover. 

We’re hoping this will turn out to be a car, but the Mazda3 already fills most gaps a hypothetical MX-30 coupe would occupy. While a two-door variant would be exciting, traditional coupes aren’t money makers anymore. There’s little incentive for Mazda to climb out on a limb for something that will undoubtedly have limited market appeal. Besides, even if it did, there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t be part of the Mazda3 lineup.

Speculating more realistically, this will probably end up being a sexy concept vehicle or one of those crossover “coupes” with sloping backs premium manufacturers go gaga for — especially since Mazda is hoping to become one of them by gradually making its way upmarket. There’s also a chance Mazda just wanted the name and has no intention of turning it into a fully fledged product. Filed in march of this year, the document likewise stipulates the term could be used for any number of components and not just a model name. It still seems like a vehicle title to us but, hey, you never know.

As is always the case with patent filings, the automaker hasn’t said anything to steer us toward any conclusions and can’t make any comments on such matters. That probably won’t change until the time to make a product announcement comes.


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