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Every once in a while, a car surfaces from the vast internet that truly deserves the title of “obscure.” It happened previously with a beautiful Gordon Keeble, and now Rare Rides is proud to present another very obscure British two-door.

It’s a Midas Gold, obviously.

Though the Midas entered production as a kit car in 1978, its roots lie further back in history with the Marcos brand (which Rare Rides covered previously). Marcos started building its Mini Marcos kit cars in 1965. The cash-strapped company was still building the same car in 1975, and needed assistance. Enter fiberglass company D&H Fiberglass Techniques. Marcos inked a deal with D&H to rework and manufacture a new version of the Mini Marcos.

By 1978 a revised coupe was ready, entering showrooms as the Midas. Like the Marcos, the Midas utilized a fiberglass body and Mini underpinnings. The first-generation model saw a host of updates for 1981 after slightly famous racing person Gordon Murray made some suggestions to D&H.

The company improved its Midas again in 1985. A visual rework added frogeye lamps, larger windows, and better aerodynamics thanks to additional input from Gordon Murray. The Midas now wore bodywork and parts based on the MG Metro. D&H then expanded the Midas range to include fully-finished vehicles after subjecting the Midas to Euro-standard crash testing. By the end of the Eighties, a convertible Midas joined the coupe in the lineup. Things at D&H were getting hot.


The factory in Northamptonshire burned down in March 1989. Production ground to a halt. Midas brand ownership changed hands in 1990, 1991, 2001, and 2003. The brand is presently owned by Alternative Cars Limited, which builds the traditional Gold convertible, as well as new models developed in the Nineties: Excelsior and Cortez. The Gold coupe’s moldings was sold off separately to the government of Berlin, Germany in 1990, and coupes were not produced after that time.

Today’s 1998 Midas Gold was built during the ownership of a Nottinghamshire company called GTM Cars. Their ownership saw additional development of the Gold, with a Hydragas suspension and optional hardtop added to the convertible. Offering a 998cc engine and manual transmission, the Gold also has a heater. This one is for sale right now in England, and asks $5,000.

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