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Image: Ford

Buyers without the necessary cash (or need) to get into a Bronco next year will have an alternative choice — possibly one with a similar name.

While Ford’s upcoming compact unibody ute, underpinned by the same platform used by the 2020 Escape, has carried the “baby Bronco” moniker ever since Ford revealed the model’s development, the automaker might actually bestow a similar name on the retro-themed vehicle.

According to U.S. trademark applications uncovered by Auto Verdict, Ford aims to reserve the “Bronco Scout” and “Scout” names for use on motor vehicles. It’s no guarantee that either name will appear on a Ford vehicle, but it’s a good indication that they might.

Ford’s midsize, Ranger-derived Bronco appears next year, likely with a sky-high price ceiling that many buyers will be all too willing to pay. For drivers who just want a whiff of that model’s aura, there’s the baby Bronco. While Ford has issued a teaser image of the model, a leaked photo from a dealer meeting shows us a model quite far removed, style-wise, from the new Escape revealed earlier this month.

The newly urbanized Escape’s alter ego dons an upright, squared-off body with circular headlights and grille that (presumably) apes the larger Bronco. Ford believes its one-vehicle-with-two-identities gambit will pay off in the hotly contested compact CUV segment.

It’s odd that Ford’s after the Scout name, as it isn’t a historical nameplate for the automaker. It is for International Harvester, of course, but that company, or what remains of it, has no interest in building passenger cars anymore. And the name still rides high in the minds of rough-and-tumble utility vehicle fans.

By seeking a trademark for Bronco Scout and Scout, Ford has added fuel to rumors that the automaker wants to turn the Bronco nameplate into something of a sub-brand.

[Image: Ford]

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38 Comments on “Ford’s Scouting for a Second Bronco Name...”

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    Ford’s Scouting for a Second Bronco Name:
    Because that worked oh so very well the first time.

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    Foal. Doesn’t Ford require just about every name to start with an ‘e’ or ‘f’ now?

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    Please don’t screw over another historic automotive name with the intention of profiting from yet another vehicle that is completely embarrassing to be seen in, and makes no attempt to be a worthy successor.

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      Additionally if it is correct that Ford intends to create an off-road sub brand then its only a matter of time before GM goes back into the game, help us all at the crap they will throw at the wall. Where are you Lutz?

      GM already ruined the chance of creating a Blazer sub-brand which would have been perfect, so now what?

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        “so now what?”

        Maybe “TRAILblazer” will be the SUV and “Blazer” will be the CUV.

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        I believe GM still owns the Hummer Brand name. As I recall its attempts to offload it in 2008 didnt work out.

        Seems like a good time to resurrect the name, perhaps with vehicles that dont scream “d’bag”. Something Wrangler sized, perhaps a compact, midsized and a 3 row CUV in addition to a pickup. Roadmap already laid out there.

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          Not sure what screamed d’bag about an actual off-road vehicle, buying unibody fantasy land “off-roaders” seems to be much more d’bag than BoF off-roaders with off-roading gear.

          Don’t crap on the Hummer brand with crossovers, they already embarrassed the Blazer name.

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      Oh good lord, they’re just names for crying out loud. And just because you find something embarrassing to be seen in, which makes no sense, doesn’t mean others do.

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        ^^This, I thought we were all so happy that Ford went back to using names, do we now care what names they use? I for one am happy that Ford is making “an upright, squared-off body” CUV that they can call it “Edsel” and “Little Eddy” for all I care. Just please put some fun back into crossovers

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    “Hackett, you’re fired!”

    I know, wishful thinking.

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    Bronco Buck. Since you’ll need a lot of them to buy one and Ford will make a lot of them selling one.

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    Just bring back the Excursion name already, on a vehicle one-third the size of the original.

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      “This time without the fire and explosions”

      Pinto would be a great choice, but they will never bring back that name while potential customers are alive who still might remember the issues the original Pinto had.

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    I had thought the logical name for a smaller version of a Bronco-type vehicle would be Maverick. It’s a heritage name without too much baggage that works well for an SUV. Pinto would as well, but that’s certainly not a marketable name anymore.

    I have never understood why manufacturers see the need for new models to be somewhat connected to other model names in the line up. More often than not, the model fails or eventually becomes the standalone name it should have been in the first place. Just off the top of my head, I can think of Gran Torino Elite, Camry Solara, Corolla Tercel, Corolla Matrix, Somerset Regal, Cutlass Calais.

    Adding the roman numeral II is an even worse idea, but one that Ford has embraced in the past with Bronco II, LTD II and Mustang II. At least the latter was not a separate model from the original. Chevy tried this with Citation II without even bothering to make any changes.

    Car names don’t have to be complicated, but they have to better than that a corporate committee ultimately compromises on.

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    *Throws dart at map of US Southwest*

    Yuma! We’re calling it the Yuma, everybody.

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    “Bronco” for the boys…”Bimbo” for the gals…

    at least they’d take a hard look at one.

    could be Niche. Royalty checks to your Friendly Buickman

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    Well Hackett has just asked his execs to read the collected works of Immanuel Kant. That follows the entire collected works of Encyclopedia Britanica and Internet for Dummies Expanded 1997 Edition. Ford is heading for the clouds.

    I like the idea of Scout for a name – after 3 years in our rust belt 40-45 years ago, you couldn’t tell one from a Bronco at 20 paces. Both had bodies built to lesser standards than a yard snowblower – bent tin is too fine a description of those old “trucks”. Pulled through body mounts from the chassis and you were just a 60 mph jaunt into a stiff headwind from having your first lesson in paragliding.

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    How about the Bubba? I bet that’s one of the most common (nick)names of the vehicle’s drivers

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    Maybe Bronquito? (Small Bronco in spanish)

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    Yeah it won’t make it to market as a Scout. Navistar has been regularly renewing the trademark and will defend it. Honda tried to use it for what became the Pilot but Navistar prevailed. Scout Light Line distributors is licensed by Navistar to use the Scout name and sell reproduction parts using the name including Scout badges made from original tooling.

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    They could use the Bronco as a branding model range with Bronco Flagship no added offshoot combo name. Baby Bronco could have endless combination of names: Bronco Urban Cross, Bronco Cross Sport, Bronco UWC Urban Wagon Crossover, Bronco STX , Bronco Trail sport, Bronco Adventure Cross or Sport. The flagship Bronco will standalone as a Bronco with Trim designation or 2dr 4r.

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    CaseIH is still using the Scout name for a utility vehicle (apparently a rebranded ClubCar, sez the Internet), and I’m thinking it’s very unlikely that they’d allow Ford to use it for anything with wheels.

    I’d put five bucks on a scheme like what Adamwadley1978 suggests. It’s what they’re doing with the Transit [Connect] (and FCA is doing with the Promaster [City]).

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