With CT6-V Sold Out, Cadillac Poised to Drop a Second V8 Shoe

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
with ct6 v sold out cadillac poised to drop a second v8 shoe

We’ve hinted at this before, but now there’s order guides and pricing to share. While Cadillac’s CT6 flagship sedan will soon be without a home, General Motors hasn’t said anything about dropping the model. Once Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly shuts off the lights, GM would like to source its full-size sedan from some other place, be it China or another U.S. factory.

In the interim, there’s a new engine poised to appear beneath the sedan’s hood.

According to CarsDirect, the brand will soon offer buyers the chance to spring for a detuned version of the twin-turbo Blackwing V8 — a 4.2-liter unit reserved the limited-run CT6-V. That model, boasting 550 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque, sold out within minutes back in January.

While those 275 CT6-Vs will be thin on the ground, you’re likely to see more V8 CT6s once the milder Blackwing comes online. The new engine, CarsDirect claims, generates 500 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque. That’s a significant upgrade from the current top-end engine — a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 making 404 hp and 400 lb-ft.

While powerful, the mass-market Blackwing won’t come cheap. Offered in the soon-to-come Platinum 4.2 trim, the 10-speed, all-wheel-drive sedan will sell for $96,790 after destination, order guides say. That’s a climb from the CT6-V’s price, and $9,000 more than a 3.0TT AWD Platinum model.

A Cadillac sedan creeping close to the six-figure mark may seem excessive, but for those remaining ultra-lux-yet-mainstream sedan buyers, it may represent a bargain. The CT6 Platinum 4.2 undercuts the BMW 750i xDrive my more than four grand, and its power output tops that of other German rivals.

Just how many V8 versions of the CT6 GM plans to build is unknown, given the model’s hazy future and the fact that the clock’s winding down on Detroit-Hamtramck.

[Image: General Motors]

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  • Spartan Spartan on Feb 21, 2019

    The hate for Cadillac and GM at large is alarming. Even this site is guilty of it and it annoys me to no end. Whatever will you do when you continue to buy foreign automakers cars and GM finally goes under? Will you finally be happy?

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    • Art Vandelay Art Vandelay on Feb 22, 2019

      "Whatever will you do when you continue to buy foreign automakers cars and GM finally goes under? Will you finally be happy?" Hopefully I'll pay a little less on my tax bill. Honestly the only GM Vehicles I ever owned that didn't disappoint were gen 1 Saturns. They just ran and ran and it was hard to be disappointed for what they cost.

  • BklynPete BklynPete on Feb 23, 2019

    Cadillac is beyond stupid in how they've messed this up. I can still help them save their misbegotten asses. Here's how to salvage and amortize the wasteful CT6 investment: - Rename it without some awful alphanumeric crap. Seville wouldn't be bad. Seachange, Seabiscuit or Catalyst would be better. Consult Marianne Moore from the Great Beyond if you have to. - Redo the front end to look more like a 77-79 DeVille. - A base 3.6 for $65K, with fleet option baked in at a similar price point. - AWD only $3K option. - Be real and price the BlackWing at $75-$80K, you greedy bastards. That'll keep the assembly lines profitably going for the next 3-4 years. - Read Lexus' 1990-1994 LS 400 marketing strategy, copy & paste. Signed, The idiot from Brooklyn you didn't hire because Melanie said I had no luxury goods background. Laugh now, you dolts.

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  • Ja-GTI So, seems like you have to own a house before you can own a BEV.
  • Kwik_Shift Good thing for fossil fuels to keep the EVs going.
  • Carlson Fan Meh, never cared for this car because I was never a big fan of the Gen 1 Camaro. The Gen 1 Firebird looked better inside and out and you could get it with the 400.The Gen 2 for my eyes was peak Camaro as far as styling w/those sexy split bumpers! They should have modeled the 6th Gen after that.