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Despite Toyota claiming that the 86 will stick around for a while, everything points to the car being on its last legs. Fortunately, this is usually the point where a manufacturer starts rolling out special editions to retake the public’s interest. Normally, these cars aren’t much to write home about, but every so often one crops up, grabs you by the eyeballs, and never lets go.

Over the next few months, Toyota plans to sell the 86 British Green Limited in Japan and we’re more than a little miffed it isn’t coming our way.

While we doubt sending this particular Toyota to North America would help the 86’s sales in the region, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a more appetizing variant. Granted, this author has spot so soft for dark green paint and gold wheels that it could only be compared to a lover’s whisper. But Toyota is offering more than just a basic exterior upgrade. 

Like the 86 TRD Special Edition, the 86 British Green Limited receives upgraded Brembo brakes and a sport suspension with Sachs dampers. While it doesn’t appear to receive the TRD’s performance exhaust system, Toyota did give it a raised spoiler, the aforementioned lightweight 17-inch wheels, and a new underbody cover.

Sadly, the 86’s powertrain continues to go untouched. While we continue to believe the model’s 2.0-liter flat-four engine — rated for 205 horsepower and 156 pound-feet of torque — provides sufficient driving enjoyment, many criticise the car for being underpowered.

Inside the limited edition 86, the automaker has seen fit to replace the standard seats with handsome, two-tone Alcantara jobs with matching stitching throughout. Even the special badging is color coordinated. However, a few things are missing. The green 86 forgoes the faux-chrome trim pieces for black plastic and is missing the U.S. model’s standard touch screen — though that’s due to the Japanese market not offering the central display as standard equipment.

Toyota doesn’t appear to have any intention of selling the model in the United States. A shame, as this is one of the more interesting variants of the 86. North America always seems to go ignored when it comes to limited-edition vehicles that do more than impose black cladding in an attempt to recapture the visual magic of the Buick GNX. We like a menacing car as much as the next person, but we need more.

Converted from yen, Toyota Japan wants just a hair under $30,000, which would probably make the vehicle a non-starter in the U.S. without some improvements made to the engine.

Meanwhile, Japanese buyers have until May 31st to make up their mind. After that, Toyota plans to put the 86 British Green Limited to bed.

[Images: Toyota]

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19 Comments on “Toyota 86 British Green Limited: Another Japan-only Special Edition...”

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    I would buy ANYTHING Toyota painted that color green. Even a Yaris. Even an e-Bike.

  • avatar
    MRF 95 T-Bird

    Most any car in British racing green is fine by me. BRG on a BRZ!
    Radio delete? A friend of mine has a BRZ the stereo in it is a Pioneer.

    • 0 avatar

      Looks to be lighter than traditional BRG, although BRG was typically whatever the paint crew happened to mix on any given day. Also hard to compare an old, single stage paint with modern base/clear (often with at least some fine flake).

  • avatar

    I’m sure it looks better in person. They used to have a color that was pretty close – Evergreen Mica. We owned two Previas in that color. Is this going to be a non-metallic color?

  • avatar
    Arthur Dailey

    My C-3 Corvette was ‘dark green’ (with some gold flake) and a ‘buckskin’ interior.

    The least popular colour choices for that year/model, as just over 4% were ordered that year in that exterior colour. And there was a choice of 6 interior colours. Believe that there were only 3 that MY colour in all of Ontario.

    British racing green with a tan interior is a choice that transcends eras.

  • avatar

    if any wheels needed to be black…

  • avatar
    Jeff S

    Really sharp looking in this color combination with the tan seat inserts.

  • avatar

    I’m so tired of silver, grey, grey silver, and silver-grey. I had a green Jeep Cherokee, two green SAABs (yea Malatite Green), a green Cadillac (Chromatint > green with color shift to grey-a surprisingly expensive paint) and my current car is Emerald Green, which color shifts to black, but in bright sun is a metallic BRG.

    The Ace of Base Jetta is a light blue. My much missed e46 was Oriental Blue Metallic.

    Literally any color that is a color, and not some variant of white-grey-black. Lots of cars have colors, but you have to custom order them, as the Sales Manager cars all will be grey….

  • avatar

    It’a a simple conservation law. If you put a 1976 Civic in Caroline Yellow together with a 2017 Civic in Modern Steel Metallic they cancel each other out.

  • avatar

    If the photos are accurate, that’s not British Racing Green. BRG is darker and not metallic. It’s also a color that won’t become annoying over time. Tan interiors are attractive but two-tone seats are as tasteless as a sport coat with contrasting lapels. It appears they had to good sense to leave the top of the dash dark to prevent reflections.

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    I don’t think I have ever seen the site expend so much energy and create so much coverage of a soon-to-be orphan as it has on this car.

    Also, it’s quite amusing to see TTAC staffers, who take a decidedly conservative bent politically, wagging their fingers at the free market, which has said in no uncertain terms that the car is underpowered, and telling the free market that it is wrong and TTAC is right.

    I guess that we just don’t know what’s best for us.

    • 0 avatar

      Hey, what do we know? We’re only car enthusiasts who, like the rest of the buying public, are staying away from the underpowered 86 in droves. This car begs for an adequate engine which, sadly, Toyota is either unable or unwilling to offer.

  • avatar


    (That message intended for any manufacturer who is listening.)

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