QOTD: Best of Show?

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

Exactly one week ago, we asked you what your eyes and ears desired to see appear at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Since the 2019 soirée is the last to be held in the frigid month of January, we hoped the event would go out with a bang. And, well, if not a bang, then at least a solid thump.

There was plenty of metal on display — some of it new, some of it little more than reheated leftovers sourced the back of the corporate fridge. What turned your crank?

Count me amongst the few people bleating on the internet who is not eager to skewer the new Toyota Supra. Sure, it shares more than a few parts with German BMWs, but any action by a company to imbue the landscape with a sports coupe rather than yet another milquetoast front-drive crossover is fine by me.

All you readers (thanks, both of you) know I’m your resident Truck Guy, so seeing Ram smash through the 1,000 lb-ft barrier like a fullback through tissue paper was quite gratifying. Sure, it would’ve been nice had they launched the thing through a plate glass window like Bob Lutz did with the OG GC back in the day, but I’m not complaining. We’ll have a First Drive story for you in the weeks ahead.

That’s not to mention the Shelby GT500, Ford’s entry into the 700 hp club, being dropped from a virtual helicopter. Even if we’re all headed towards a future of at least the internal combustion engine is getting one hell of a send-off.

What’s your pick from the show?

[Image: Ford]

Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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  • Turbo_awd Turbo_awd on Jan 21, 2019

    While not "best of show", necessarily, I think the S209 was the biggest "unprecedented" or most "change in direction" announcement - first "S" model of the STI in the US. Bigger/faster Mustang - sure, 700+ hp is cool, but it's not like it was unexpected. If not this GT500, then the next version? 1000 lb-ft was just a matter of time in the towing wars. The Supra would have been interesting 10 years ago. In 2019, it feels like the "Z4 Super Bee" or something.. You get the engine + drivetrain, but not that many of the other nice bits. Is there anything here you couldn't get in the Z4M coupe 10 years ago, other than a bit more refined / repackaged?

  • Mr.EpMini9 Mr.EpMini9 on Jan 21, 2019

    Definitely the Toyota Supra. After so many tired years of rumors and endless concepts, I had given hope on it. But seeing it now revealed, I'm a true believer that it would succeed in the market. Congrats to Toyota!

  • Tenrten Tenrten on Jan 21, 2019

    GT500 yes Supra no

  • Frankfan42 Frankfan42 on Jan 22, 2019

    GT500 is drool worthy for sure. Supra was impressive. BUT- for ME the most awesome car was one nobody seemed to notice- and it was rigt in plain sight- Cadillac Blackwing, gorgeous in an understated yet powerful presence. GM sold out of these in minutes when they were for sale. 550hp and looking really good with subtle and understated factory mods. The car was just THERE. Has anybody on any auto site even mentioned it- or the new 4.2 twin turbo v-8 right behind it? It was locked, so people couldn't get into it, but it amazed me that folks would walk right by this to look at the CTS and the ATS not to mention the ever popular Escalade.