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2019 Lincoln Nautilus

On Friday, our intrepid Managing Ed brought us a yaffle of photos from the L.A. Auto Show, wearing out the soles of his shoes in the process. From Ascent to Wrangler, there was plenty of new metal on display in the City of Angels.

What caught your eye at the show?

You’ll be unsurprised to learn I found the Lincoln Nautilus to be extremely fetching, both from a marketing and aesthetic perspective. With a front end hewn from the brand’s new corporate mug and a model name (finally) befitting a chrome-plated badge, Lincoln’s effort is a solid one.

The Toyota FT-AC Concept held a bit of appeal as well, despite its Aztek-level of body cladding. Yes, I’m being serious and no, I’m not drunk at this hour of the morning. I think the vowelly-challenged FT-AC is a foreshadow of the next RAV4, the current generation of which has been on sale since 2013, which is a lifetime in the car biz.

What’s that? You think the design is too extreme for a RAV? I don’t, at least not anymore, given it will share showroom space with the extroverted C-HR and newly-aggro Camry. Love it or hate it, at least it’s interesting.

Whether you were soaking up the California sun and decided to drop $15 on a ticket to the show or simply browsed through all the pictures online, what reveal caught your eye (for better or worse) at this year’s L.A. Auto Show?

[Image: Forest Casey/The Truth About Cars]

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32 Comments on “QOTD: Which Model Wins Best in Show?...”

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    Since they didn’t show the Jeep Scrambler, there is no ‘winner’ for Best of Show. They’re all boring or bloated… In other words, ugly.

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    I’m not a crossover fan, but the Nautilus is a handsome vehicle. The Mazda 6 continues to be one the most attractive non-luxury sedans out there. I wish the refresh had included a shroud for that tablet on the dash, though. It’s not a deal breaker, but not my favorite way to do things either.

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    I’m glad the industry is finally acknowledging their models necessitate the need for periscopes to see out of,and just acknowledge they are submarines. Next can we see the Triton, Turtle, and U-48?

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    It never ceases to amuse me that Toyota’s idea of “adding excitement” to an otherwise boring vehicle is just to add some sort of body cladding. They did it to Lexus and now seem to be applying to the rest of the line-up.

    Maybe what the RAV4 needs is a new platform and not a hideous body kit.

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    There’s a new Camry on my street, and I’m struck by three awful stylistic details…
    1. the windshield doesn’t seem to fit the pillars at the top of the glass…the pillars get wider
    2. the back glass looks like it doesn’t belong in the c-pillar…weird lines there
    3. those vertical “vents” on the rear bumper cover are awful…first time I glanced at the car my first thought was “aw, that new Camry already got hit on the rear corner”

    I’m not much of a Lincoln fan, but I could see myself in the Nautilus…I do wonder if they will revive the Zephyr and Versailles names?!?

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      I saw a new Camry recently and those rear cut lines made it look broken. Almost seemed like the bumper was cracked. If they wanted it to appear more aggressive (for reasons unknown since its still a Camry) they should made those cut lines bigger and filled them with some (fake) grills to resemble a vent. This seems to be how Honda does styling now – everything is a vent or grill… the new Civic is covered in them!

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      Zephyr is almost a certainty for the next MKZ. Versailles…it didn’t have that good of a reception the first time around. Somebody mentioned Corsair as a possibility.

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    Okay, a new name and grill represent steps in the right direction for Lincoln. Having said that, how could this represent the best of the LA show? This is barely more than a typical annual product update. Have we become so superficial that names and lipstick on the pig are the biggest events worth noting? The Nautilus is an also ran in its category, and not much of substance has changed.

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    I vote for the Jeeps.
    I really look forward to the diesel and turbo.
    Colors, convertible changes, door look…everything look great.

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    JL Wrangler but only because I have a vague desire to jettison my (expensive to maintain and insure) sports cars and buy one.

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    It certainly isn’t the Lincoln Edge. Attaching an ugly new grille and a horrendous name change doesn’t even constitute space at the LA Auto Show let alone an entry into the best vehicle competition.

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    My top 5 list:

    1st – Polaris Slingshot
    2nd – Kia Stinger
    3rd – Nissan spokeswoman who got offended when I asked if that new car was the new Juke
    4th – Lincoln spokeswoman who knew that Lincoln sold something called an Aviator a few years ago
    5th – Jaguar XF wagon

    Bonus selection – I don’t like SUVs much, but I loved the Nissan Armada and liked the Buick Enclave.

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    SCE to AUX

    A True Believer seemed to think the Model 3 stole the show:


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    2019 KIA Sorento.

    Plenty of bang for the buck, especially when you can pick them up on the lightly used market and KIA is to bring a diesel to the US.

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    It still bugs me that Lincoln in its infinite wisdom dredged up Nautilus instead of bringing back the perfectly fine “Aviator” nameplate.

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      Perhaps the Aviator is already designated for the MKC when it gets a refresh.

      The Jeep has to be the most significant reveal. But, my favorite though might be the Mazda 6. I owned a Speed6 and loved that car, was hoping for AWD and maybe a manual trans, but will take what I can get.

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      The Aviator is the Lincoln equivalent of the Explorer, the Nautilus is the Lincoln equivalent of the Edge. Supposedly there’s a new Aviator in the pipeline, should come out with the all new Explorer.

      Rumor is that the new Explorer and Aviator will be Aluminum intensive like the Expedition and Navigator

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      Aviator will return in 2020 based on the Explorer which returns to RWD.

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