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GM’s snazziest brand may have vacated the Big Apple in a New York minute, but that doesn’t mean they’re taking a break on research and development. It’s been 15 years since the marque appended the consonant “V” onto trunklids of its fastest sedans, so the company is rolling out a new trim to mark the occasion.

The 2019 ATS-V and CTS-V will be endowed with a limited run of these Pedestal Editions. While Pedestal may not have the same gravitas as Talisman, these new whips do a dandy job of cranking the wick to eleven.

Car spotters take note: these cars will be slathered in an all-new exterior color called Bronze Sand Metallic, accented with black chrome trim and grille. Those V-Series light-alloy wheels look the business, from behind which peek a set of red Brembo-branded brake calipers. Its front lip, rear spoiler, and a couple of other exterior items are hewn from carbon fiber.

GM added more than just a few strips of leather to the interior of these Pedestal cars, choosing to bolt a pair of Recaro seats to give both driver and front-seat passenger a pedestal of their own (hey, I’m at an age where I am allowed to make Dad jokes). The bronze theme continues inside, with that hue threaded through the dash and door trim.

Taking a page from Corvette’s playbook, a fully-integrated Performance Data Recorder video-data system is on board, complete with driver analysis software that can tell you just how much of a bus ride you could’ve taken to that last apex. A rear-camera mirror appears only on the CTS-V, presumably thanks to the lack of hardware for such a device on its little brother.

Cadillac built the first V in 2004 using the CTS and its “Art & Science” styling, a look that was quite remarkable at the time. Looking ahead, Cadillac says it will release a CT6-V sedan sometime in 2019. That car will allegedly make somewhere in the neighborhood of 550 horsepower thanks to the Blackwing twin-turbo V8.

In total, 300 Pedestal Editions will be built for a trio of markets – America, Canada, and the Middle East. Company reps say final allocation for each region is unclear right now. Prepare to shell out $77,090 for the ATS-V and $102,590 CTS-V Pedestal Editions. That sum will also next buyers two days worth of classes and instruction at Cadillac’s V-Performance Academy in Spring Mountain.

[Image: General Motors]

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33 Comments on “End of the Line: Cadillac Introduces 2019 V-Series Pedestal Editions...”

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    Pedo-what edition?

    Terrible name, limited edition (thank goodness it is) or not.

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    While Pedestal may not have the same gravitas as Talisman…

    How about before the XTS dies give us a V-Talisman edition with the V powertrain (twin turbo 6 and AWD) plus button-tuffed interior, leather or optional velour. ;-)

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    Bronze Sand Metallic? Looks more like Army Olive Drab.

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    “That car will allegedly make somewhere in the neighborhood of 550 horsepower”

    So 90 less than the current CTS-V? And at very likely a higher price? Sign me up!

    What’s with Cadillac and the decreasing power numbers lately?

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    Fine powerplant, but wheels from a $400 jalopy.

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    All of this is fine, but how long do I have to wait to buy a Cadillac WITHOUT awful capacitive-touch buttons and fingerprint-covered piano black consoles?

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    Middle-Aged (Ex-Miata) Man

    Are they sporty? Sure… but in no way do these vehicles appear befitting of a (purported) luxury nameplate.

    • 0 avatar

      Really??? What does?? a Mercedes 230?, or maybe the mb minivan? BMW? these Caddys will eat them for lunch! Dont like the color? Buy a differnt color! Dont like the car? STFU and go to a site where fawn over every MB and BMW you want. And yes i’ve owned all 3 makes and next to my Caddy i have a BMW 330xi as a daily driver. The Caddy is for weekends.

      • 0 avatar
        Middle-Aged (Ex-Miata) Man

        I can think of no better validation for my statement than your blustering response to same.

        • 0 avatar

          It’s a commentary on the type of person who would’ve bought a new de Ville in 1988 and a wonderful piece of performance art. I hope.

          • 0 avatar

            LOL!!! Almost spot on, I would have bought a Brougham in 1988 not a Deville. However i do own an 88 Deville I bought it because i am the second owner and the previous owner took such good care of it that i coulndt pass on it with 64,000 original miles. I like many here know that Cadillac has lost it’s way and chasing the germans is 60% stupid and hasnt worked that well marketwise. The answer has been in their face since the Escalade debued. I just get tired of hearing comments about how Cadillac is not a luxury car(it still is in my eyes)and how comments come from german car lovers. I have a 330xi and i love the car, i bought it for it’s capabilities not for it’s name and after 4 years of ownershop…..i get a bit tired of the stiff ride(not tired enough to get rid of it)but enough to miss the blvd cruiser ride that only Cadillac(and other GM cars can provide)The bimmer is an exciting safe at high speed car to drive and mine has been pretty reliable(honestly any older GM car is more reliable in the sence that less goes wrong) i’m getting older and so can appreciate the comforts that Caddys provide.

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    Drew Cadillac

    These scooped and spoilered “Cadillacs” are gaudy-looking track-performance vehicles, not classy looking luxury cars that the Cadillac brand is all about. All they need now is the big bird decal on the hood, a la the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am circa 1980. What an embarrassment to the brand.

    And for those who say “But what about the Germans?” – what about the Germans? Cadillac has spent nearly 4 decades trying to imitate the Germans instead of trying to be itself, and lost its way as well as market position. Steve Carlisle says that the brand will no longer copy or compare itself to the Germans, but will instead market itself for what it is, GM’s premier luxury brand. Finally!

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    If it’s brown, flush it.

    leading from behind doesn’t work, Cadillac found out the hard way, squandering BILLIONS on cars that no one really wants

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    LOL. M5 money for a CTS-V isn’t going to happen. These will have huge discounts. As much of a rocket as a CTS-V is, the new M5 is in another league (thank you AWD). 2.8 to 60, 10.9 through the quarter at 129mph vs 3.8/12.0/121mph. Under 3 and 11 seconds is stupendously fast for a bigish luxury sedan.

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    Hmmm. After spending two days each with the ATS v and the CTS v….

    You could drive the ATS as a DD, especially in a dull grey. Fast and stealthy.

    The CTS V is just overwhelming. The LT4 provides mind boggling power, and to be honest, the car needs AWD. You can snap them loose at any speed…any speed with RWD only.

    If you view the CTS as a four door Corvette – take the friends and fam, then it makes sense. If you view it as a Cadillac, nope. Also, the interior is NOT that of a six figure car. It was a lot of fun to drive for two days, but I don’t see it at the price expected…..

    I am mostly sure the marketers at GM are smarter than I am, but I thought both V cars were about 10-20k over priced (normal versions). The handling is world class-the chassis set ups are amazing, when the LT4 supercharger spins up, all musclecar dreams are fulfilled. Even the blown six in the ATS can toss the hammer pretty well. The ATS-V feels better than current BMW and dare I say, equal to Porsche.

    Maybe they sell to collectors, and there are enough of them to run a limited production bit ?

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    The CTS-V is the only model from that brand I would be interested in. That said, if I were given one of these the first thing I would do is a vinyl wrap and some not black/dark wheels.

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    My CTS-V is 6 weeks old now and not even broken in yet. The LT4 has a 1500 mi break-in period. It feels luxurious and quiet when I want it to be and a crazy, grin inducing beast when the road is wide open. I skipped the carbon fiber package as the rear spoiler looks tacked on and out of place and does little to nothing to improve performance. Besides that, I like to fly under the radar (as much as possible at least). Is the interior worthy of a 100k car? Probably not but I paid 79k for mine and I like it just fine.

    As for these special editions, meh. That color is horrible and I like a nice brown. Maybe it’ll be better in person. They should have made it a nice dark green IMO. I was never a fan of black wheels either but these look great (when they’re clean at least) against my white V, on this brown (er, bronze) not so much. They’re actually a dark charcoal though it’s hard to tell from the pics.

    I’ve never been much of a GM fan but I needed something to replace my totaled SS and I like the Caddy better than another Charger (I had 2). They got this one right.

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