End of the Line: Cadillac Introduces 2019 V-Series Pedestal Editions

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
end of the line cadillac introduces 2019 v series pedestal editions

GM’s snazziest brand may have vacated the Big Apple in a New York minute, but that doesn’t mean they’re taking a break on research and development. It’s been 15 years since the marque appended the consonant “V” onto trunklids of its fastest sedans, so the company is rolling out a new trim to mark the occasion.

The 2019 ATS-V and CTS-V will be endowed with a limited run of these Pedestal Editions. While Pedestal may not have the same gravitas as Talisman, these new whips do a dandy job of cranking the wick to eleven.

Car spotters take note: these cars will be slathered in an all-new exterior color called Bronze Sand Metallic, accented with black chrome trim and grille. Those V-Series light-alloy wheels look the business, from behind which peek a set of red Brembo-branded brake calipers. Its front lip, rear spoiler, and a couple of other exterior items are hewn from carbon fiber.

GM added more than just a few strips of leather to the interior of these Pedestal cars, choosing to bolt a pair of Recaro seats to give both driver and front-seat passenger a pedestal of their own (hey, I’m at an age where I am allowed to make Dad jokes). The bronze theme continues inside, with that hue threaded through the dash and door trim.

Taking a page from Corvette’s playbook, a fully-integrated Performance Data Recorder video-data system is on board, complete with driver analysis software that can tell you just how much of a bus ride you could’ve taken to that last apex. A rear-camera mirror appears only on the CTS-V, presumably thanks to the lack of hardware for such a device on its little brother.

Cadillac built the first V in 2004 using the CTS and its “Art & Science” styling, a look that was quite remarkable at the time. Looking ahead, Cadillac says it will release a CT6-V sedan sometime in 2019. That car will allegedly make somewhere in the neighborhood of 550 horsepower thanks to the Blackwing twin-turbo V8.

In total, 300 Pedestal Editions will be built for a trio of markets – America, Canada, and the Middle East. Company reps say final allocation for each region is unclear right now. Prepare to shell out $77,090 for the ATS-V and $102,590 CTS-V Pedestal Editions. That sum will also next buyers two days worth of classes and instruction at Cadillac’s V-Performance Academy in Spring Mountain.

[Image: General Motors]

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  • Flipper35 Flipper35 on Oct 26, 2018

    The CTS-V is the only model from that brand I would be interested in. That said, if I were given one of these the first thing I would do is a vinyl wrap and some not black/dark wheels.

  • Pb35 Pb35 on Oct 26, 2018

    My CTS-V is 6 weeks old now and not even broken in yet. The LT4 has a 1500 mi break-in period. It feels luxurious and quiet when I want it to be and a crazy, grin inducing beast when the road is wide open. I skipped the carbon fiber package as the rear spoiler looks tacked on and out of place and does little to nothing to improve performance. Besides that, I like to fly under the radar (as much as possible at least). Is the interior worthy of a 100k car? Probably not but I paid 79k for mine and I like it just fine. As for these special editions, meh. That color is horrible and I like a nice brown. Maybe it'll be better in person. They should have made it a nice dark green IMO. I was never a fan of black wheels either but these look great (when they're clean at least) against my white V, on this brown (er, bronze) not so much. They're actually a dark charcoal though it's hard to tell from the pics. I've never been much of a GM fan but I needed something to replace my totaled SS and I like the Caddy better than another Charger (I had 2). They got this one right.

  • Theflyersfan It's the mother of all "ifs" - if Mazda gets the small rotary/hybrid combo going, I can see them using that in the next MX-5. Can they keep it under 2500 lbs and somewhat affordable? Not sure...this is why I don't run a car company! But if they want to replace it around 2025, and it's 2023 now, they need to get started very soon with some rumors and leaks to keep us going. But with the rest of their lineup going greener in next generations, and Mazda selling under 10,000 MX-5s per year, how does it really impact any average emissions and fuel economy ratings? If they can keep tweaking the Skyactiv-G engine for better fuel economy and fewer emissions, they should be able to get the NE generation using gasoline before being forced to go EV or hybrid with the NF. The mission of the MX-5 is light, affordable, open air fun and it's their halo car. And while I agree that EVs are going to be a much larger part of the future, the "all things by 2035 or 2040 or so on" edicts have "kick the can down the road" written in massive font size 1,000 written all over them. We'll be on gas for a while longer - just continue to eke more mpg out of what we have.All that being said, if they were to put the turbo Skyactiv-G engine in the MX-5 for 2024 and make it a Mazdaspeed model, I'd put a deposit on it right now. I love mine, but if it gets bumped up from 181hp to 250-275hp, it would be a flat out riot to drive.
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  • Tassos extinct. It is a mickey mouse vehicle -toy that was always extinct for me. Its current interior room is fit only for small females. No wonder it is very popular with chicks. An Adult male can fit in, but can';t comfortably stretch on a longer trip, not to mention the non-existing trunk. The stupid car does not even have room for a young couple and their weekend luggage. So, it's JUST A TOY. When you grow up, you want something much more than a DAMNED TOY. Zoom-zoom?
  • Theflyersfan I need to find the numbers but I remember reading that when back in 2020 when global lockdowns took hold, Mazda had the best sales year in years on the MX-5 given people wanted to drive something fun, top down, and get outdoors given everything indoors was closed. I daily my 2022 MX-5 RF GT and in 11 months, have just broken 15,000 miles. It's been out east twice, all over parts of the Midwest, and does my daily commute. All to the tune of 34-35 mpg in mixed driving, compliments at stoplights and getting gas (the Soul Red looks so good on that car), and with excellent winter tires, got me through the light snow and moderate ice on my way into work this morning. I'm able to fit two carry-on size bags, one large backpack, and some odds and ends in trunk. One of the few things I wish I could change is interior storage. Why Mazda couldn't carve out door pockets or install nets is beyond me. The center cubby can only hold so much. The stereotype of this being a chick car, a sorority car, etc., died a long time ago. It is a track car, one you can have serious fun in, one you can take on trips, cheap to fuel (even with wanting 93 octane) and insure, and still looks good. If you love to drive, and are at a stage where you can live with this as a daily, don't mind renting something larger if you need it, and know how to drive a stick and want some fun, get one. New, used, whatever. And I'll add my future predictions in the new MX-5 posting.
  • FreedMike It shouldn't be offered in the color shown in that picture, for starters. Make them all Soul Red. I would say there should be two: a "classic" Miata with conventional power, and an EV version. Imagine a Miata with 300 lb/ft of instant torque. I'd be interested.